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Eddy Freddy


This toy is very original and works great for the recipient; however, for the one who has to keep it on his/her tongue, well...
As Eddy and I continue our search for the perfect sex toy, we've come (yikes) to some fairly obvious conclusions regarding the vibrator. One, every woman seems to prefer something different and two, a great toy need not take you to the river and drop you in the water to gain a place in one's collection. The Pocket Rocket, while taking Eddy to the promised land practically every time you even mention it, didn't impress Jenne (at Clitical). The Hitachi Magic Wand, which is attached like a Siamese twin to the Webmistress at Hidden Self, is so powerful that it throws Eddy right off the edge of the bed whenever she turns it on. The Rabbit's great, but too big, the Bashful Blue's wondrous for penetration, but awkward for the clit, and so on. Still, even with their drawbacks, these toys are in our collection and fun to pull out whenever the mood strikes.

The perfect example of a toy sure to get a widely varied response is the TongueJoy. It's a tiny little vibrator that attaches to your tongue, powered by watch batteries, that adds just the right amount of stimulation to prepare the way for a really steamy climax.  This is a toy with many possibilities, but takes a great deal of practice to use (it actually had me thinking of piercing my tongue to make things easier) and doesn't provide quite the earth shattering payoff of other toys. And, at $40.00, it certainly isn't cheap. To use it, you attach the device to your tongue with an elastic band (they also make a version for pierced tongues), turn it on, and perform oral sex as you always should.

Our first occasion to use the TongueJoy fell on our 11th Anniversary, as the newest version had arrived only two days prior. To usher in the event, we prepared the evening by cooking a fabulous dinner for some friends, letting them lavish us with praises for forging a successful union, then promptly kicking them out the door once our libidos kicked in from all the wine and desserts. Our three year old off in dreamland, we assembled our new appendage and got down to business.

The first thing one should learn when trying this toy for the first time is to have some sort of light on. It's VERY tiny and has to be assembled to turn it on, so it helps that you see what you're doing until you become sufficiently practiced to do it in a dark room. Also, and even more importantly, try the elastic tongue bands to find the right size before you even begin foreplay. I just figured that the largest band was the right size and was WAY off. The toy constantly slipped off my tongue (remember, things can get pretty wet and slippery) and this caused me to have to remove the device from my mouth, disassemble it, find the right band, reassemble it, and start all over - twice. It's bad enough to have to leave a sexy woman at all, but to have to leave a sexy woman naked, with her legs spread while you fumble around with a sex toy is akin to walking away from a rib eye steak with a hungry mutt nearby. Talk about a mood killer.

Once we finally got everything straightened out, the toy proved a worthy purchase. It provides nice vibrations, is nimble, and is quite easy to manipulate. The polished chrome tip is smooth and subtle and I was amazed by the engineering of it all. Who would think of something like this? I spent a good 15-20 minutes putting it through its paces before moving on to something more, um, deeply penetrating. Eddy was sufficiently pleased with the performance, though the power was definitely NOT enough to bring her to climax. JJK Industries, the maker of the TongueJoy, does sell a battery pack to increase the vibrating power, as well as textured silicon sleeves and additional elastic bands. They also sell a version for pierced tongues (eliminating the need for the elastic bands), which we can definitely see enhancing its effectiveness. In the case of the battery pack, we passed as we felt the whole appeal of the TongueJoy was its tiny size. To have a wire hanging down from my mouth just isn't very appealing, to me anyway. Pierce my tongue to solve the elastic band slippage problem? Yikes, way too painful. We may still try the silicon sleeves, however.

In summation, once we get more comfortable with the TongueJoy, we can see it becoming an integral part of our sex rituals. It's definitely fun, discreet, and subtle. If you want something to shake the earth, go for a big vibe with big vibrations; but if you want to put a little joy into your sex life, it's on the tip of your tongue.

Interested in purchasing a TongueJoy? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store!

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