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Ida Pleasure Object
$169.00 from Lelo
Eddy Freddy


This cousin of the remarkable Lily hammers home the notion that great things come in small packages.

Synopsis: A tiny, rechargeable waterproof clitoral vibrator.

Freddy's Review: Being huge fans of the tiny Lily Pleasure Object, we were totally excited when the manufacturer (Lelo) contacted us to send its next level up product, called the Ida. Weeks passed, however, and no package found its way to our doorstep, so we'd just about given up hope (though we were plenty content with our Lily).

At last, 10 days ago, the postal carrier dropped off a small box containing our newest "best friend," and we couldn't wait to take it for a test run. To sum things up, the Ida delivered all of the great features of the Lily and then some, putting the two products virtually dead even in our favorites list. The Lily, on the one hand, has a feel and texture that is completely unique among all our goodies, while on the other, the Ida adds the benefits of water play and a slightly better shape for maximum clitoral stimulation. Luckily for us we have both, so the choice can be made instantaneously depending on our mood and desired place of pleasure.

The main reason I (Freddy) love both these objects are threefold; first, their size makes them great for use during oral sex and penetration with Eddy and, two, they're rechargeable, eliminating the need to keep batteries stowed away all over our house in case our toys need fresh power and, finally, they are almost completely silent compared to other vibes. And though there are other small vibes on the market and the lack of batteries may never justify the high price tags of the Ida and Lily in actual dollars saved, the quietness of these vibrators puts them into a whole new class of sex toys that have yet to be matched. We're still amazed at how much power these things crank out, and when you consider the extras, such as the (included) lovely storage boxes, international power cords, and sultry travel bags, no other sex products can dare compare.

In summation, we are now spoiled - rotten. We admit that we are probably the two luckiest folks on planet earth (at least, sexually) and that obtaining one or both of these products will set you back quite a bit of money. However, if you consider the quality that goes into each Ida (and Lily), as well as their amazing versatility, style, power, and extras, the extra dollars don't seem ill-spent. HIGHLY recommeded!

Eddy says: the only clitoral vibe that surpasses the Ida and Lily is the Eroscillator, but I can't take it into the shower with me, so the Ida gets the nod. I like the feel and texture of the Lily, but the waterproof Ida is more versatile.

If you are interested in purchasing an Ida (or Lily), click here or on the links above to go to our online store. Note: we will probably start carrying the Ida in late April.

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