12 Tips to Pulling Off a Striptease Like a Pro


Is your stripping for him his ultimate fantasy? Is the Pope Catholic? I made all my male friends read the instructions that follow and asked, “If your girlfriend did this for you, would you be impressed?” “Impressed?!!” spluttered my friend Sean, “I’d be on my knees if a girl did this for me.” (To propose, by the way.) I enlisted the help of an expert on this one. The gorgeous Amy Bateman is a London-based dancer, stripper and teacher of both arts. She helped put together this idiot-proof stripping routine (and yes, she does get asked out a lot).


One thought on “12 Tips to Pulling Off a Striptease Like a Pro

  1. eddy

    The 12 step is a great way to get out of the box and the norm of your usual foreplay! It’s been a long time since I pranced around being sexy. I haven’t done that since I took pole dancing classes 5 years ago! I think I will be working this into our love life soon. It sure would be a great way to rev things up!

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