Product Review: Toyfriend Zany Blue Waterproof Vibrator


Synopsis: A powerful, 100% waterproof compact clitoral vibrator.

The good folks at Toyfriends have introduced one of the cutiest line of pocket sized vibrators which we will call the Fabulous Four.  We were given the Pocket Toyfriend Zany Blue to try and I have to say “Zany” is the perfect name for this specific pocket sized toy.

The Pocket Toyfriend Zany Blue is a very strong bullet style vibrator.  It’s much larger than a bullet, but it packs a punch for only using a AAA battery.  The breakdown is as follows;
length-3 ¾” long x ¾” diameter. The top 2” is made of smooth silicone and bottom 1 ¾” is shiny ABS.  The whole line is waterproof and they all come with a 1 year warranty.

When we first tried the Zany, I was quite surprised by the very fast vibration mode that comes through when you turn it on.  I love that when I held it, the bottom part does not vibrate as much as the top 2”, so my hand didn’t go numb holding it in place.  The very tip of the design of the Zany mimics 2 little ticklers or ears and that really makes placing it quite fun!  So much fun that I had to pause every few seconds while we played with it, so I wouldn’t come too early.  Although, we did play with it multiple times, so I have to say that the Zany proved to be a successful addition to our toy chest, especially for travel.  I can’t wait for Toyfriend to send us the rest of the Fab Four!

Freddy Says: After so many years of using every sex toy known to humankind (and some that shouldn’t be known, quite frankly), it takes quite the device to get our motors running and fingers typing. Hence, we approach most new items cautiously, hoping that they’ll offer something unique, or at the very least improve upon a previous idea or design. The Toyfriend Zany, upon first glance, seemed, well, too simple. In fact, it sat in our pile of “to be reviewed” items for weeks before finally whipped out when we needed some waterproof fun and couldn’t locate our Jolie.

And all I can say is WHOA – did this little baby deliver! My wife needs extra power after all these years and the Toyfriend Zany certainly delivered the punch. It was so strong, in fact, that it worked effectively even when totally submerged! Heck, for the most part, just the two protruding ‘ears’ were sufficient to induce orgasm and we warn you that if you decide to introduce the Zany, proceed cautiously. It’s only go one speed and it’s definitely in the “warp factor.” The cute design means you can present the Zany without too much inhibition and I’d have to give this sex toy high marks all around.

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