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Product Review: Screaming O Studio Collection Mascara Vibrator

Synopsis: A discreet vibrator disguised as a mascara applicator.

Eddy’s Review: Screaming O is synonymous to cock rings as to Sally Hansen is to nail polish.  So when they released their product line called Studio Collection we were intrigued.  The whole PR had a retro feel with their girls donning on outfits straight out of the (now cancelled) TV series Pan Am.  The Studio Collection has 7 different products but they all carry the same theme throughout – makeup to travel with.  That’s right, you heard correctly – adult vibrators and enhancements disguised as make-up.

The first one we tried, was the Mascara Vibe.  The mascara design is about 4” long including the wand applicator, which is the main vibrator.  The vibrator tip is about 2” out of the 4”.  Once you take off the cap that encapsulates the wand, it truly looks like and can be held just like the real thing.  The wand has a slight flexibility, with the 1” tip coated with jelly nubs.  To turn on the vibe, you just push the bottom of the wand and it gives you the ability to choose 4 different multi-function vibes.  There is low, medium, high and multi-pulse.  It comes with 3 – AG-13 batteries which will last 80+ minutes and 3 extra replacement batteries.  The added bonus is that It is also waterproof.

When I first tried the Mascara vibe, it was a lot of fun trying out the 4 different vibrations and learning where to place it for the most desirable effect.  But when we brought it in to play together, we found that it was a fun little vibe.  I liked that it’s petite design enabled us to play with it in any position.  We used it with me on top and various styles of missionary.  It sure made for a good excuse to try different positions! Although it only uses 3 watch style batteries it gave off enough power to get my motor going.

Freddy Says: Imagine my surprise when my wife pulled this little wonder out while driving to a restaurant one evening. I was really fooled until she hit the button and showed it off, practically ruining my meal as all I could think about was getting home to give it a proper test drive. Alas, we barely made it beyond the parking lot before pulling over on Pacific Coast Highway for a solo run. Once home, we used it together and its small tip is perfect for hitting all the right spots on both of us while in making-love-mode. I have to hand it to the folks at Screaming O; from their humble beginnings in stretchy vibrating cock rings years back, this product signals their evolution into big time player in the adult industry.

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The right lingerie should boost your confidence – LA Times

The key to sexiness is simplicity and fit. And for spring, pick feminine muted hues in pale pinks, nudes and neutrals.

 LingerieOwner Jen Abercrombie straightens up racks at her lingerie shop, Panty Raid, in Los Feliz. (Christina House / Los Angeles Times / February 4, 2013)

By Heather John Fogarty

Visit the original LA times article here.

If you’re in the market for lingerie, you’re in good company.

The intimate apparel industry as a whole is on the rise, according to Marshal Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst at the NPD Group. “Sales in the women’s market started off slow in 2012 but started to gain momentum. All of a sudden, intimate apparel has become a very passionate category,” Cohen says. “Women have gone so long without purchasing … that it’s time to update their wardrobes.”

But selecting the right underpinnings can be a delicate matter. Let’s face it, some of the more elaborate examples of intimate apparel — I’m talking to you, Kiki de Montparnasse Enchante Garter Belt with Chantilly lace and ribbon garter clasps — require a level of dexterity and enthusiasm that I suspect exists mostly in counterintelligence interrogation circles.

And indeed, unless you look like Dita Von Teese, who recently launched her Von Follies pinup-inspired lingerie collection, the very idea of presenting oneself in a balconette bra, tap pants or thong delivers its own form of torture.

I recently did an informal poll of a couple dozen Los Angeles women in their 20s to 40s, and all but two of the women I asked buy their own lingerie. “The last lingerie set my husband bought me was from Paris,” confided one friend. “The tap pants were too small and cut off circulation in my thighs. I vaguely remember crying as I tried to squeeze into them.”

So what’s the best way to approach the purchase of lingerie?

Looking good starts with comfort, and a well-made bra will deliver that.

“I tell my students that whether it’s a sexy panty or a bra — it needs to be comfortable whether you’re wearing it for 10 minutes or all day long,” says Mary Jo Bruno, a Redondo Beach-based, lingerie designer who mentors fashion students at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Bruno’s designs sell at Neiman MarcusBergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. “Lingerie needs to make you feel good and look good.”

And sometimes the key to sexiness is simplicity.

“The word ‘lingerie’ often conjures something worn decoratively for a special occasion, confined to the bedroom, but I think lingerie is just what we wear under our clothes as the first layer of dressing,” says Jen Abercrombie, owner of Panty Raid on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. “Even basic pieces can be special, enhance a woman’s form, and become a personal expression of fashion and style.”

Thinking of intimates as basics rather than indulgences is a mind-set that fashion stylist Anna Roth Milner encourages her clients to consider.

“The right undergarments are necessities,” Milner says. “A lot of us forget, don’t know or ignore it. A good bra costs more than we think it should, but it does wonders for how we look and feel.”

So what does a good bra cost? Black is classic and versatile, and one of the most popular examples at Panty Raid is the Fortnight Demi Bra ($145), a flattering and beautifully constructed garment from Toronto.

Trends such as neons, prints and the requisite red remain strong, and few do it as seductively — or expensively — as Agent Provocateur of London, whose Melrose boutique features bras and briefs in sherbet-orange sheers (Brittne bra, $130), as well as the Ariel lace set in sugar pink and neon yellow that manages to be both shocking and demure (Ariel Bra, $250).

Or, as Agent Provocateur’s creative director Sarah Shotton puts it, “to be provocative yet always leave something to the imagination.”

The Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy” Collection is decidedly less coy, offering push-up bras in bright red and ultra pink that start at $55.

But while color holds strong, the freshest trend for spring is the effortlessly feminine muted hues in pale pinks, nudes and neutrals, like Stella McCartney‘s blush balconette bra with recycled hardware and satin trim ($65).

“To me, the best lingerie is sexy, but you can wear it on a date, not just duck into the bathroom to put it on like a costume at the end of the evening,” says Abercrombie. “It’s a surprise to be unwrapped.”

Agent Provocateur, 7961 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 653-0229

Faire Frou Frou, 13017 Ventura Blvd., Studio City; (818) 783-4970

Kiki de Montparnasse, 8481 Melrose Place, Los Angeles; (323) 951-9545

Only Hearts, 1407 Montana Ave., Santa Monica; (310) 393-3088

Panty Raid, 1953 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 668-1888

G-Gasm Wisteria Breeze G-spot Vibrator

wisteriagSynopsis: A very basic g-spot stimulator.

Our Review: It’s difficult to argue against the toy that produced this infamous Cytheria squirting video, and costs only 20 bucks, so it was with great anticipation that we were moved to order one by a member of our message boards. Could this thing produce the geysers for us that we’d seen in vids across the porn universe?

Well, the answer to that one is complicated. We’re of the belief (and we have inside knowledge) that those 18 foot streams blasting out of women like fire hoses gone amok in adult videos are, in fact, porn performers peeing their bladders dry after ingesting massive amounts of water. Most women who ejaculate experience a far more subtle orgasm, usually resulting in a soft trickle of fluid (as is the case with us). In our journeys through g-spot orgasms, some sort of clitoral stimulation is usually required along with the pressure inside the vagina to produce the desired result.

In fact, after first achieving female ejaculation three years ago, we’ve practiced sufficiently to reach them using nothing more than a couple of well-placed fingers and basic clit vibe (such as the Layaspot or Pocket Rocket). For solo play, ejaculating is a simple rabbit vibe away (the Thumbelina is the tool of choice here). Basically, anything that can adequately press on the inner vaginal wall where the g-spot resides will do the trick and, since fingers get tired, toys like the Wisteria Breeze are indispensable.

Anyway, the G-Gasm Wisteria Breeze is an inexpensive, attractive, and functional tool that does the job and does it well. The head is about the size of a small egg or golf ball, which can be inserted easily and manipulated to put pressure on the entire area until the g-spot is located. As an added bonus, it contains a small vibrator in the shaft that is surprizingly powerful and it water resistant. In a pinch, the G-Gasm can be put into service as a competent clit stimulator in addition to its intended purpose.

In summation, the G-Gasm is a bargain at 20 bucks and we highly recommend it!

Interested in purchasing a G-Gasm? Click here to visit our online store.

Sex Positions 101: Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T.)

Type of sex position: Missionary.
Degree of difficulty: Beginner.

Use this coital alignment technique to get a good squeeze on your member and hit her clitoris at the same time.

This technique has gained a well-deserved reputation for its amazing clitoral stimulation. Keep your bodies close and enter her in an UP and DOWN motion to concentrate on her clitoris, NOT in and out.



Product Review: The Liberator BonBon

Synopsis: A saddle cushion with pocket for inserting one’s favorite vibrator or dildo.

Eddy’s Review: Over the years, we have noticed that there hasn’t been many products that assist customers with the next level of service which would work with the new toy they might have just purchased. The introduction of the BONBON by Liberator seems to fit the bill.

The BONBON is a unique saddle-shaped foam pillow with a slot on the top which enables the user to add a vibrator or dildo to create a “squeeze me” effect. The BONBON is 15” long, 12” wide and 9” high with the sides curving in so that the user feels as if they are cradling in a saddle. The top slot is 4” in length while the foam makes it flexible to put most dildos or vibrators to be inserted. As with all Liberator products, the foam is always covered by a zippered nylon layer. The BONBON comes in 8 yummy colors which are two toned and is covered with a micro suede zippered cover which makes it easy to wash.

When we first tried the BONBON we noticed that it looked a lot like the Sybian sex machine in shape but without the motor or cost. I tried out the BONBON with a dildo first. I decided to play with a Tantus “Acute” since it was flexible yet study. I liked the ability that I could shift my body to have the dildo hit me in the right spot, while also being able to squeeze the sides of the BONBON to really make my contractions really tight. Then we tried a vibrator; Fun Factory “Heartbreaker” to see how that worked. I really enjoyed the ability to move my body around with the flexibility of having a “hands free” play time with a clit vibrator. Playing with it alone was fun but it was extra fun putting on a show for Freddy as he could watch how I manipulate my body leaning forward and back to have the vibe hit the right spot!

Freddy say: Posting…

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Sex Weirdness – Bacon Condoms

Bacon condoms. Yes, that’s right.

By Jenn Harris
LA Times

How does the old saying go? If you love something so much, you should marry it. How about just bringing it straight into the bedroom?

If you’re a true bacon lover who longs to bring bacon between the sheets, without the grease, now you can.

J&D, the guys who brought you bacon shaving cream, have released bacon condoms. Each has an image of bacon on it all the way to the end. And if that’s not enough bacon love for you, the condoms are filled with J&D’s “baconlube,” a water-based meat-flavored personal lubricant.

The condoms are latex, made in America and, according to the product description, “have been rigorously tested to help ensure reliability and the utmost security.”

The condoms are sold in packs of three for $9.99 on Each pack comes in wrappers and a box that are both printed with images of bacon.

However, it seems supply simply couldn’t keep up with demand — the product is listed as out of stock on the website.

Only two questions remain: Why did it take so long to put a smoked meat-flavored contraceptive on the market? And what would be the consequences if they made a sriracha-flavored one?

Sex Positions 101: The LA Casting Chair

Type of Sex Positions: Uh, “weird?”
Degree of difficulty: Advanced in the extreme.

Ready to take your sex position experimentation up to 11? Intertwine your bodies in a way that defies both logic AND common sense. We tried it (successfully) after a Cirque Du Soleil show back in our younger days and were surprised to pull it (and get) off.

Be very cautious! Because most penises point upward, positioning it downward in this manner can be painful. The female MUST keep her legs spread out while the male sits down on her thighs.



Sex Positions 101: The Tidal Wave – Variation One

Type of Sex Position: Rear entry sex position.
Degree of difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate.

This rear entry sex position is great for both vaginal AND anal sex! As she brings her legs toward toward his buttocks, put the squeeze on his lucky member.

In this rear entry sex positions, the female is on her stomach and a pillow can be used to elevate her pelvis. Changing the angle of her thighs allows deeper penetration and her knees should be in between his legs.


Product Review: The Fukuoku 9000 Finger Vibrator

Synopsis: A tiny vibrator that fits on the end of your finger. Originally invented for headaches, women everywhere quickly discovered its true calling.

Our Review: One must certainly tip their hat when it comes to Japanese ingenuity; our Honda Odyssey was a technological and visual marvel (how else could I talk Alicia into buying a minivan over a Lexus?), as is our television (Sony), stereo (Sony), and electric toothbrush (Fujitsu). It’s no wonder then, that the society responsible for the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Toto Toilet would come up with a sexual wonder toy to tickle the clitoris and soothe headaches at the same time.

The Fukuoku 9000 is a small fingertip vibrator that provides steady, medium power vibrations via two watch batteries (included). Made of sturdy plastic, it comes with three different rubber tips that can be easily changed, a cute leather carrying case, and an extra set of batteries. To use it, one needs only slip it on his/her finger, click the switch to turn it on, and apply vibrations where desired.

We’ve now owned this product for almost 8 years and have used it hundreds of times by our conservative estimates. Not only does our Fukuoku keep going, but we’ve rarely had to replace the batteries during all that use! The toy is great for just about every situation and place and we have used it while driving on long trips (I’m driving, of course) and in every room of our home. It’s very quiet, discreet, and a bargain at under 30 bucks. We especially like to suggest this product for couples new to sex toys (we’ve often given them away to friends) and women new to masturbation, as it offers a very gentle, non-threatening, and flexible way to initiate themselves to the enhancement toys can provide at a very low price point. Of course, veterans of vibrator play will love it as well, although the power hungry may wish to look to something more powerful. As an aside, the product was originally designed to cure migraine headaches.

To purchase a Fukuoku 9000 from our online store, click here.


Bad news for the 220-mile high club: Researchers find sex in space could lead to life-threatening illnesses

From Daily Mail Online…

Space tourists hoping to join the ‘220-mile high club’ have been brought back to Earth by new research showing sex in space wrecks health.

Experiments on plants show changes in gravity damages cells – and could lead to life-threatening illnesses.

Rumours have abounded for over a decade astronauts have already done the deed although NASA and the Russian government has denied these.

Jane Fonda, playing the title role in the futuristic space adventure film Barbarella: Now researchers say that sex in space could damage your healthJane Fonda, playing the title role in the futuristic space adventure film Barbarella: Now researchers say that sex in space could damage your health


Virgin space travel: Several firms including Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, hope to begin offering tourist trips to spaceVirgin space travel: Several firms including Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, hope to begin offering tourist trips to space

Now scientists say zero gravity affects processes involved in reproduction, brain diseases – and even cancer.

A study found gravity modulates cell ‘highway traffic’ that ensures the growth and functionality of the male reproductive organ in plants – the pollen tube.

Professor Anja Geitmann, a biologist at Montreal University, said: ‘Just like during human reproduction the sperm cells in plants are delivered to the egg by a cylindrical tool.

‘Unlike the delivery tool in animals the device used during plant sex consists of a single cell – and only two sperm cells are discharged during each delivery event.

‘Our findings offer new insight into how life evolved on Earth and are significant with regards to human health, as a traffic jam on these highways that also exist in human cells can cause cancer and illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.’

The interior of animal and plant cells is like a city, with factories called organelles – dedicated to manufacturing, energy production and waste processing.

A network of intracellular ‘highways’ enables the communication between these factories and the delivery of cargo between them and between the inside of the cell and its external environment. Plant cells have a particularly busy highway system.

Professor Geitmann, whose study is published in PLOS ONE, said: ‘Researchers already knew humans, animals and plants have evolved in response to Earth’s gravity and they are able to sense it.

A a pollen grain with pollen tubes, viewed in the scanning electron microscopeA a pollen grain with pollen tubes, viewed in the scanning electron microscope. Researchers experimented on the plants in zero gravity conditions, and found their reproductive capabilities were affected

‘What we are still discovering is how the processes occurring within the cells of the human and plant bodies are affected by the more intense gravity, or hypergravity, that would be found on a large planet, or the microgravity that resembles the conditions on a space craft.

‘Intracellular transport processes are particularly sensitive to disturbance, with dramatic consequences for cell functioning. How these processes are affected by a change in gravity is poorly understood.’

In the tests plant cells were placed into a large centrifuge along with a camera attached to a microscope enabling the researchers to track in real time how they develop in the intense gravity generated by the machine.

Co-researcher Dr Youssef Chebli said: ‘Thanks to the facilities at the European Space Agency I was able to determine how hypergravity and simulated microgravity affect the intracellular trafficking in the rapidly growing pollen tube.

Pollen grains attached to the stigma, the female organ of the plant used in the experimentsPollen grains attached to the stigma, the female organ of the plant used in the experiments

‘We chose pollen – the carrier of the male sperm cells – as our model because of its pivotal role in plant reproduction and agriculture and because of its extraordinarily rapid growth, meaning we could observe the effects of the hypergravity within seconds.’

The researchers stained specific structures within the cells which revealed how the components move around and how the cellular transport logistics responds to the changing gravity environment.

Dr Chebli said: “We found intracellular traffic flow is compromised under hyper-gravity conditions and both hyper and microgravity affect the precisely coordinated construction of the cellular envelope in the growing cell.

‘This allows us not only to understand general principles of the reproductive mechanism in plants but, more importantly, how the intracellular transport machinery in eukaryotic cells responds to altered gravity conditions.

‘Our findings have implications for human health as similar effects are likely to occur in human cells such as neurons where long distance intracellular transport is crucial.’

While humans have been a spacefaring species for over 50 years it’s doubtful we’ve yet performed the most basic of acts despite the introduction of mixed-gender crews in 1983.

NASA doesn’t explicitly forbid sex while zipping round Earth at 17,500 mph but its code of conduct calls for “relationships of trust” and “professional standards” to be maintained at all times.

But sex in space will happen eventually because manned missions to Mars would last years so abstinence for that long would be a tall order for most people.

The European Space Agency testing facilities where the research was carried outThe European Space Agency testing facilities where the research was carried out

And sex would likely be a natural part of life at a lunar or Mars base – especially if the aim is to one day establish a self-sustaining colony.

The rise of private spaceflight should open the door even more to sex in space.

Virgin Galactic hopes to start flying tourists to suborbital space next year.

It has already turned down a $1 million offer from an unidentified party to aid in the production of a sex-in-space movie.