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Sex and Fitness: Good Health = Great Sex

Finding your sex life ain’t what it used to be? Maybe you need to hit the gym…

From Psychology Today…

marieLeg cramps, problems catching your breath, overall fatigue, dehydration – all of these things can happen during sex. On top of these issues, you might suddenly in the midst of passion, think of all of your woobly bits – the parts of your body you dislike. Maybe, to make matters even worse, you realize the position you are in and your partner’s perspective of your body. “Ugh!” you sigh.

Sex can be physically tiring, just like any other physical activity, particularly if it’s sustained for a long duration. With the spring around the corner, and people’s thoughts turn to love (and lust), now is a good time to think about exercise. The link between physical fitness and sex is an interesting one, and one that should not be underestimated.

Getting enough sleep, eating right and reducing stress are all important for having a satisfying sex life, but they are also really obvious and talked about elsewhere at length. What is less discussed is the importance of getting exercise before you end up in bed with your special someone.

Exercise that is performed over a sustained time leads to a so-called “runner’s high,” caused by the release of endorphins. These endorphins are stimulating, and as well as causing us to feel great, they stimulate the release of sex hormones. The added bonus is that exercise causes us to feel better. It elevates our mood and creates a feeling of calmness (albeit after we have had a chance to cool off and relax). The lowering of heart rate, improved digestion, lowered blood pressure and lowered stress hormone levels combine with the feelings of well being caused by the endorphins. Add to that an increase of another hormone, oxytocin, and the result is a relaxed, content, person.

lcgallery4exampleFor women, the link between exercise and sex has been explored by Cindy Meston and her colleagues. Their results indicate that working out – albeit vigorously – primes women’s bodies for sexual activity. It is not simply that exercise increases genital blood flow or makes women sexually aroused. Instead, there seems to be something, as of yet unidentified, that prepares women’s bodies. After working out, she found that women’s bodies respond faster and more intensely to sexual content (such as an erotic film). Her findings are exciting because they counter the long held belief that relaxation is necessary for a good sexual experience, and assumption that might be due to the link between anxiety and erectile problems for men. I should mention that so far these effects have been documented immediately after exercise and seem to diminish quickly- indeed, they seem to be the strongest 15 minutes after exercise and fade fast.

As for men, sexual experiences also benefit from exercise. White and colleagues (1990) had two groups of men, whose average age was 48 years, all of whom were sedentary but healthy at the start of the study. One group engaged in walking, while the other in aerobic exercise. The latter group reported higher levels of sexual intimacy, more satisfying orgasms, and more reliable sexual functioning. Thus, men who are physically inactive and then aerobically exercise three or four days a week, regularly, for at least an hour at a time, soon report more sex and better sex. However, all men experienced an improvement, leading the researchers to conclude that enhanced sexuality is directly correlated with their improvement in physical fitness.

Satisfying sex lives isn’t just about the nuts and bolts of biology – it also involves self image. People who exercise often have a positive self body image, which might make them simply enjoy their bodies more, too. Penhollow and Young (2004) found frequency of exercise and physical fitness enhanced attractiveness and increased energy levels. They write that those who exercise are more likely to experience a greater level of satisfaction and a positive perception of self, which may cause them to believe they are more desirable and may perform better sexually

One last thought – sex itself is a physical activity and burns calories and increases fitness. Many factors influence how many calories are spent during sex, but most reports seem to indicate about 85 for a half hour to hour session, which is about the same as bowling (see this link for calorie counts). Unlike bowling, though, sex can also increase self-esteem, cardio-vascular health, emotional intimacy, improve sleeping, and increase immunity!


Penhollow, T. M. & Young, M. (2004). Sexual desirability and sexual performance: Does exercise and fitness really matter? Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 7,

White, J., Case, D. A., McWhirter, D., Mattison, A. M. (1990). Enhanced sexual behavior in exercising men. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 19(3), 193-209.

Lifetime of love: Couple married 75 years die a day apart

Helen and Les Brown of Long Beach were married 75 years. They died one day apart in July 2013.

When Les and Helen Brown became high school sweethearts more than 75 years ago, their parents didn’t believe the match would last.

Les’ father was a businessman and prosperous landowner in Southern California. Helen’s father worked on the railroad. “Both families were not too thrilled about the union,” their son Les Brown Jr. told “The good news is they proved them wrong.”

Helen and Les Brown celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.


Les and Helen, who were born on the same day in 1918, celebrated 75 years of marriage in September with a quiet gathering over cake. “They really enjoyed each other’s company,” Les Jr. said. “They were really inseparable and were never apart.”

That bond was so strong that neither Les nor Helen wanted to live without each other, though they knew that the end might be imminent. Les had been sick with Parkinson’s disease for some time, and Helen was battling stomach cancer.

Les recently slipped into a coma at the couple’s Long Beach, Calif., home, and hospice workers said he might live for just a few more days. Helen, who was expected to survive for some months, became very weak. She passed away on July 16. Les died the following day — he never knew about his wife’s death. They were 94 years old.

Les and Helen’s love story, first reported by the Long Beach Press-Telegram, has since gone viral. Their son Daniel told that his parents wouldn’t have shared the same opinion of the ensuing attention.

“Mom hated notoriety. I don’t think she would have enjoyed it,” he said. His father, though, was a photographer and perhaps had an appreciation for a warmhearted story. “He would have loved it.”

Daniel said such differences are what made his parents so well matched. Helen was very sweet but particular about how things should be done. Les, on the other hand, was easygoing, a “man of simple pleasures” who loved coffee and donuts. Helen kept the family humming along while Les helped her relax when life became hectic or complicated. “What one lacked, the other made up for,” Daniel said.

A vintage pic of Helen and Les.

The couple loved to travel and often took road trips up the California coast to San Francisco and Monterey. They doted on their many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They also shared a deep religious faith as Jehovah’s Witnesses, which helped them weather a difficult period of their marriage in the 1950s. “They were very forgiving of each other’s foibles and weaknesses. They were so willing to work at making themselves happy.”

Daniel said that their marriage was a testament to the power of love: “It knows no barriers and seems to know no bounds. They were from different sides of the tracks and it didn’t seem to matter to them. After 78 years, they were very much in love.”

Product Review: Vibratex Thumbelina Rabbit Vibrator

Synopsis: A rabbit-style vibe with g-spot tip.

Our Review: There are a lot of adult toys out there, yet it is very rare when you come a cross a toy that fits your body like a glove.  And I found one just perfectly to match my needs –Thumbelina.

The Thumbelina is from the Vibratex family.  It is 5 ½ inches tall with 4 ½ inches being insertable. The main tip of the head angled down to rub under the cervix while the top of the head is angled to rub the G-spot area. Along the shaft below the head there are nubs to enhance the feeling as it is moved in and out.  Included is a rabbit-style clitoral stimulator that has a long protrusion on top which moves very fast in a side to side motion, while below it has a grouping of smaller nubs to rub against the body.  It is made with elastomer, which is porous yet doesn’t produce any by-product such as phthalates.  It takes 4 AAA batteries to provide for all the moves and grooves it produces.

When I tried the Thumbelina, I had hopes that it would be a fun toy since I had so much fun with another one of their vibes called the Little Kiss, which was on the more petite size.  And when I say petite I mean the shorter distance between the top of the vibe and the clitoral extension.  We as women are all built differently, so the quest is to find a toy, whether it be a dildo or vibrator that actually fits our individual body. So, petite doesn’t mean the length or girth when I describe it.  I’m sure that a heavy breathe has fallen on most men reading this review! 

So, when I first inserted the Thumbelina, the motion was the normal circular movement.  I concentrated putting the pressure of the angled head against my G-spot area which felt great.  Then as I turned on the rabbit-part and laid it against my clitoris I basically just came hard and fast with the added bonus of female ejaculation.  I came so fast that I literally jumped out of bed looking for a towel before my bed became soaking wet!  Even after I laid towels down to continue my play-time, I definitely enjoyed multiple orgasms thereafter. 

I chose to test the Thumbelina since I was looking for a more petite size vibrator in comparison to the Little Kiss that Vibratex also manufactures.  It caught my eye since it was made out of elastomer rather than vinyl.  You can imagine the sheer joy I have found with my new toy, whether for my alone time or shared time with Freddy.

Freddy Says: Yeah, what she said!

Interested in purchasing a Thumbelina? Click here to visit our online store or here to visit Vibratex for additional outlets.

Product Review: Gear Essentials Imperial Cock Ring

Synopsis: The top of the line Gear cock ring.Our Review: First, I’d like to say that I LOVE Freddy in a cock ring. Whether it’s metal or silicone or leather; the look is great and I like how it keeps him hard a wee bit longer than he would be without it. Lately, he’s been wearing metal rings from Gear Essentials, located in Minnesota, and we’ve been trying to convince the heterosexual males (the gay sector has been wearing them for decades) in our audience how great these metal marvels can be.

Our first experience was with the subtle Titan .2″ model, which is very thin and light and barely perceptible to Freddy. He wears it quite often and I like knowing he has it on when we go out and we play little teasing games where I’ll try to “cop a feel” from him when no one is looking. I also attempt to turn him on occasionally, as I know he’ll have a heck of a time getting soft again due to the ring’s prevention of blood release from his penis. In short, these little gems have added a neat dimension to our sex play that we now incorporate as often as possible.

Until the Erotica LA show on June 22nd, Freddy had not tried any of the heavier Gear models, such as the thicker versions of the Titan, the Master, Imperial, or even the awesome Omega, which packs over 10 ounces of metal into its donut shape. He always felt a little intimidated and it took a bit of convincing on my part to get him to don it for the booth. I figured if we were going to show them, then Freddy should be wearing one to show our endorsement. On the 2nd day of the show, he put on the Imperial brushed finish ring and we set off in the morning for a 13 hour stint in our booth. I’ll let my hubby take it from here…

Freddy – I was a bit hesitant to wear such a thick hunk of metal around my privates, but I’ve been hitting the gym hard lately and I thought it might look great against my improved physique. It proved even easier to install than the Titan (it’s easier to hold while you manipulate everything through it) and, after proudly examining myself in the mirror (Narcissistic for sure!),  I set out for the show very aware of its presence. Walking with it generated no discomfort, however, and gradually I got used to the weight as the hours went by and I became more comfortable with telling visitors to our booth that I had it on. I even showed it to a couple of people before security paid me a visit and made me stop. Later, after we returned home, the real test of making love was awesome, as the ring is big enough to hit Eddy’s clitoris and I could position and move for her maximum pleasure. Stamina-wise, it was no different than the other rings, and I’d say it was a positive experience in the extreme!

Since that Saturday, he’s continued to wear it off and on and I do like how it looks against his newly toned body. In summary, this is one awesome piece of steel and it’s found a home against my favorite body in the whole world!!! To view a demonstration of how to properly put on a metal cock ring, click here.

Interested in purchasing a Gear Imperial? Click here or on the links above to visit Gear Essentials website.

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage, by Dan Pearce

Click here to read our rebuttal, “16 Ways He Blew His Marriage and 16 Reasons He’ll Blow His Next One!”

This article appeared on Single Dad Laughing, a popular blog that we follow. The advice, though sometimes obvious, is nevertheless timeless and useful. We’d like to add our own tidbit, “Never stop dancing…”

You know what blows big time?

The other night I was sitting with my family, most of whom are very successfully married. We were going in a circle giving our best marriage advice to my little sister on the eve of her wedding. It’s somewhat of a family tradition.

But that’s not what blows. What really blows is that I realized I don’t have any good marriage advice to give. After all, I’ve never had a successful marriage out of the two marriages I did have.

And so, when it was my turn, I just made a joke about divorce and how you should always remember why you loved your spouse when you first met her so that when times get tough, you can find someone new that is just like she was.

There were a couple courtesy giggles, but overall my humor wasn’t welcome in such a beautifully building ring of profundity.

They finished round one, and for some reason started into another round. And that’s when I realized. Hey. I don’t have marriage advice to give, but I have plenty of “keep your marriage from ending” advice (two equivocally different things), and that might be almost as good.

It eventually came to me again, and what I said would have been such great advice if I were a tenth as good at saying things as I was at writing them.

And so, that night, I sat down and wrote out my “advice list” for my little sister. You know… things I wish I would have known or done differently so that I didn’t end up divorced (twice). After writing it, I thought maybe I’d share it with all of you, too.

I call it my “Ways I Blew My Marriage” list. Also, for the list’s sake, I am just going to refer to “her” instead of “them” even though they almost all were true in both marriages.


When I first dated the woman I ended up marrying, I always held her hand. In the car. While walking. At meals. At movies. It didn’t matter where. Over time, I stopped. I made up excuses like my hand was too hot or it made me sweat or I wasn’t comfortable with it in public. Truth was, I stopped holding hands because I stopped wanting to put in the effort to be close to my wife. No other reason.
IF I COULD HAVE A DO-OVER: I’d hold her hand in the car. I’d hold her hand on a star. I’d hold her hand in a box. I’d hold her hand with a fox. And I’d hold her hand everywhere else, too, even when we didn’t particularly like each other for the moment.
BONUS! When you hold hands in the winter, they don’t get cold. True story.


Obviously when I was working to woo her, I would do myself up as attractively as I possibly could every time I saw her. I kept perfectly groomed. I always smelled good. I held in my farts until she wasn’t around. For some reason, marriage made me feel like I could stop doing all that. I would get all properly groomed, smelling good, and dressed up any time we went out somewhere or I went out by myself, but I rarely, if ever, cared about making myself attractive just for her.
IF I COULD HAVE A DO-OVER: I’d try and put my best foot forward throughout our entire marriage. I’d wait to fart until I was in the bathroom whenever possible. I’d make myself desirable so that she would desire me.
BONUS! when you trim your man hair, guess what. She returns the favor.

For the rest of Dan’s tips, please click over to his blog here:

Click here to read our rebuttal, “16 Ways He Blew His Marriage and 16 Reasons He’ll Blow His Next One!”

Sex Laugh of the Day… ;-)

Dirty Little Matt is sitting in the back of math class, obviously not paying any attention, when the teacher calls his name.”Yeah teach?” he replies.”If there are three ducks on a fence and you shoot one of them with a shotgun, how many are left?” asks the teacher.Matt answers “Well, teach, if I shoot one of them with a shotgun, the loud noise is gonna make them all fly off.””No, Matt, there will be two left if you shoot one with a shotgun, but I like the way you’re thinking.” the teacher responds.”Well, teach, I’ve got a question for you… There are 3 women that come out of an ice-cream parlor, one is biting her ice-cream cone, one is licking it, and one is sucking on it. Which one is married?”The teacher, a little taken back by the question answers, “Well, uh, gee Matt, I guess the one that’s sucking on the ice cream.”Matt replies “No teach, the one that has the wedding ring on her finger, but I like the way you’re thinking!”

Tantus Stroker Masturbation Sleeve

Synopsis: An extremely high quality silicone masturbation sleeve.

Freddy’s Review: In a product category crowded with literally thousands of different sizes, shapes, materials, textures, and colors, almost all manufactured in China for large companies like Topco and Doc Johnson, it’s a wonder Tantus decided to throw their hat into the ring. Indeed, with most sleeves retailing between $10-20.00 (with the notable exception being the wildly popular $80.00 Fleshlight), can they succeed at a pricepoint between the two?

Enter the Stroker, a deceptively small, yet effective masturbation sleeve. Slightly stiff at first touch, it belies a seriously tough heritage and delivers a soft, sensual experience despite its simple design. In fact, we were so impressed with Tantus’ debut we put it on par with our beloved Utamaro. And while the Stroker delivered the pleasure goods, so to speak, it beats almost every other sleeve on the market in one key respect – durability. In fact, where most elastomer sleeves will tear over time, the Stroker is so tough we had a hard time destroying it without a VERY sharp pair of scissors. One thing is certain, like all Tantus products, this one will be with you until death does you part (and probably past its next owner, too). As with all Tantus Silicone products, the Stroker is composed of the highest quality silicone available, meaning it won’t harbor bacteria and can be cleaned with simple soap and water, by boiling, or in a dishwasher if one doesn’t mind the sight of it next to the silverware.

Performance-wise, the Stroker is meant to mimic vaginal contractions. How, you may ask? The inside is ridged in such a way that as its slid over the penis, the user needs only squeeze at strategic intervals to simulate intercourse. Our favorite aspect of the Stroker is that it’s perfect for couples play, where the male can pleasure himself (or turn control over to his partner) and then ejaculate through the open end onto said companion. Obviously, solo play is just as simple, with the perfectly sized opening stretching to meet just about any endowment. Amazingly, we even turned the Stroker inside out (as in the picture above) and used it for clitoral stimulation when reaching for a vibe or dildo would’ve broken our mood. Lastly, we recommend the Stroker as a good training device for males with premature ejaculation issues. Simply take yourself to the edge and back off a few times to help with the real deal.

In short, we love this entry from Tantus and recommend it highly!

To purchase or learn more about the Tantus Stroker, click here or on the links above to visit our online store or here to visit the Tantus website.

16 Reasons to Have Daily Sex

Original article appears in True Activist here.

Stressed, burdened with life’s difficult problems and fear that your health is declining? Then sex is the answer to happiness, longevity and a healthy body. You don’t agree?

Well, here is a list of the health benefits of sex, so do it daily to experience complete pleasure. These are 16 reasons to have sex today!

1. De-stress
Sex helps you reduce stress. When deep breathing exercises fail to de-stress you, sex will do the needful.

During sex your body produces dopamine, a substance that fights stress hormones, endorphins, aka “happiness hormones” and oxytocin, a desire-enhancing hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

In a study, published in the Public Library of Science journal, three neuroscience researchers conducted a test on male rats and found that the sexually active rats were less anxious than rats with no sexual activity.

2. Great Form of Exercise
Making love is a form of physical activity. During intercourse, the physiological changes in your body are consistent with a workout. You must have noticed that the respiratory rate rises, which means you get tired. Hence, you burn calories. If you have sex three times a week for 15 minutes (but we know you can do better than that) you’ll burn about 7.500 calories in a year. That’s the equivalent of jogging 75 miles! Heavy breathing raises the amount of oxygen in your cells, and the testosterone produced during sex keeps your bones and muscles strong.

3. Lowers high blood pressure
Hugs and sex can improve your blood pressure. Sex reduces diastolic blood pressure, that is, the bottom number while reading blood pressure.

Researchers with the University of Paisley conducted an experiment on the same. They concluded that sex improves blood pressure.

4. Builds your immunity
Trying to fight the sniffles? Sex is the answer to fight cold and other health problems; sex can boost your immunity.

Immunoglobulin A, an antigen that fights the flu increases when the frequency of sex increases.

5. Makes You Look Younger
Making love three times a week can make you look 10 years younger, claims a Scottish researcher. “It’s good for you to have good sex,” says David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, whose study on the effects of sex on aging appears in his book, Secrets of the Superyoung.

6. Healthy heart
Sex helps you burn calories but it can also improve your heart. Sex will take care of stroke and heart attacks, you just have to enjoy the moment.

Scientists with New England Research Institute examined the effect of sex on the heart. The study concluded that men are 45 percent less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases. But the study fails to study the effect of sex on a woman’s heart.

7. Pain relief
Pleasure is the measure to beat out the pain. Do you experience migraines and body pain? Well sex is the answer. But if you experience back pain, it is best to consult a doctor.

Dr. George E. Erlich, an arthritis specialist from Philadelphia conducted a study on the link between arthritis and sex. He narrows down that patients who engaged in sex experienced less pain.

8. Builds trust and intimacy
The act of sex spikes the hormone oxytocin; this hormone is responsible for your happiness and love. If your feel your relationship is falling out, there is trust or you’re worried that your partner will stray away, then sex will dispel these doubts. The hormone oxytocin builds trust and brings couples closer, and cupid too.

9. Less chances of cancer
Regular ejaculation reduces your chances of developing prostate cancer. In an Australian study men who ejaculated 21 times a month were least likely to develop cancer. It is further supported by other researches that sexual intercourse reduces the risk of prostrate cancer.

10. Stronger pelvic muscles
Sex involves the use of several muscles; hence regular sexual intercourse can help you develop stronger pelvic muscles. Further, since the act of sex involves a range of muscles, it also helps strengthen these muscles – for ex: quads, your core, and the upper back. Through regular sex, you can also maintain a strong bladder and bowel function.

Strong muscles, calorie burner, improves heart health – sex seems to take care of you.

11. Prostate Protection 
Most of the fluid you ejaculate is secreted by the prostate gland. If you stop ejaculating, the fluid stays in the gland, which tends to swell, causing lots of problems. Regular ejaculation will wash those fluids out and ensure the well being of your prostate until old age. Problems may also occur when you suddenly change the frequency of ejaculations.

12. Induces sleep
After that great, lovely workout you are bound to get good sleep. But guess what? Sex works the same way as exercise. The increased heart rate leads to increased post-coital relaxation. Sex could be the next thing for insomniacs! So what really happens:
– Sex can relax you, hence if you are already tired, the act of sex will induce sleep.
– When men ejaculate they become lethargic, this can make them sleepy.

13. Regular periods
Apparently sex can improve your menstrual cycle. Sex regulates hormones, which in turn regulate the menstrual cycle. Sex reduces stress, which is one of the reasons women miss their periods. Sex seems like a better option than pills.

14. Prevents Erectile Dysfunctions
Fifty per cent of men older than 40 suffer from erectile dysfunctions and all young men fear the moment when they won’t be able to get it up any more. The best medicine against impotence is…sex. An erection keeps the blood flowing through your penile arteries, so the tissue stays healthy. Plus, doctors compare an erection to an athletic reflex: the more you train the more capable you are to perform.

15. Live longer
A healthy heart, stronger muscles, increased circulation of oxygen and happiness are some of the factors that add life to the years and as a result – years to your life.

A study published in the British Medical Journal reveals that men who engaged in sex often live twice as those who rarely had any action.

16. Healthier semen
If you’re trying to conceive, you increase the volume of semen if you have sex regularly. Regular sex replaces old sperms from the testicles. If there is a natural build of sperms it can lead to DNA damage.

Thursdays Are for Threesomes


I stayed at John’s place and did a bit of writing in the morning. I had invited missie to a show, but didn’t quite believe she was going to join me. John had band practice till midnight. At home, I cleaned up my room with more élan than usual, but left a bit of a mess, out of superstition. When it was time to go out, I wore an over the top billowy dress made of silk, with fishnets, ridiculously high-heeled boots, and long feathered earrings. I got there early and exchanged pleasantries with a friend. I confessed how stupidly nervous I was.

And then she appeared, short of breath, dressed like an elf,  with leggings and a top sliding off her white shoulder, her hair braided to one side. We smiled big smiles and leaned against each other. We went round the room to explore it and found a retro photo booth. We posed and sat very still for one minute, staring into each other’s eyes, her fingers almost touching my lips. My pussy juices drenched my panties. She couldn’t stop touching my dress. We ran into each other in the bathroom and she embraced me in the mirror, from behind. She said I looked like a dark fairy, ruling over a kingdom of birds. I liked that. We sat down. I put my arm around her and tried to kiss her, but she turned away. Fine, I said to myself. You want to be in charge. I don’t care. I’ll be the girl.

The show was sexy, funny, and messy. Sheeba was there. So was Glam Boy. Suzanne laughed and joked with them as if they’d known each other for years. She liked the mess. At the interval, we found some seats up front. ‘Do you mind that everyone is going to see me stroking you now?’, she asked. ‘Not at all’. I was aware of what a striking couple we were, attracting longing looks from ladies and gentlemen alike. Everyone in the room could sense the attraction between us, making the colours more vivid. She and I hugged, nibbled on each other’s ears, her soft small hand in mine.

John texted to tell me that practice was over and he was on his way. I texted directions. For whatever reason, he mistakenly understood that I was there alone and confessed later he wouldn’t have joined me had he known Suzanne was there too. He sat on a chair behind us for the rest of the show and must have felt a bit weird. We walked out together, the three of us, laughing and joking till it was time to say goodbye. ‘Should we go to mine?’, I offered. She nodded enthusiastically. ‘I want to see where you live’. On the train, she regaled us with stories of threesomes and other sexual exploits.

At home, in the kitchen, I poured us wine. She and I started kissing. Finally. Her lips were soft. I brought her closer to the sofa, where John sat, at a distance away. I kissed her. He enjoyed the spectacle. I grabbed him and drew him closer and smiled a smile of pride at making things happen. They kissed while I watched them closely and straddled them both. That was incredibly hot. There I was, watching my own private porn with two of the sexiest people on the planet. I’m so fucking lucky. I said, ‘you two continue without me’ and went to the bathroom. When I came back, I saw her straddling John and telling him what a good boy he was, because he had such good taste in women. Amen to that.

I took their hands and dragged them to the bedroom. The rest of our clothes slipped away. When Suzanne saw the mirror, she stopped, transfixed, wrapped the feather boa around her and looked longingly at herself. ‘Hey, we’re here too’, John laughed. We collapsed on the bed. I found her clit under a tuft of wiry hair. She and I kissed and fingered each other. John fingered her. He went down on her while we kissed, then he went down on me while he fingered her. This was going well. I longed for his cock, so I drew him closer and unwrapped his package like a gift on Christmas morning. I took his cock in my mouth. Suzanne brought her mouth closer and we took turns kissing and teasing his cock. We moaned loud.

He fucked me from behind while I kissed Suzanne’s narrow pussy. It tasted metallic. She writhed with pleasure under my touch. I proposed to switch sides. ‘Lie down’, I said to John, and unrolled a condom with my mouth. I sat on his face and kissed her while she bounced on his cock. This required more coordination than we could muster, so we collapsed in a giggling pile, our limbs intertwined. I then went on top while Suzanne lay besides him. For a few happy minutes, I fingerfucked her and fucked him, controlling our rhythm with my hips. I loved it. I sucked on his cock while he kissed her. I stretched my arm to put a hand between her legs but there was John’s hand, already fingering her. ‘Good boy’, I thought, teamwork. He came in my mouth forcefully, bitter. I kissed him. I kissed her. Minutes later, she teased his cock with her mouth again. He wriggled with pleasure under her new skilful touches and bit his lip, but he didn’t come again. I made her come with a finger inside her, while she rubbed her clit to a frenzy. She writhed and moaned. It went on like this for a while and it was great. It felt so natural. There was no weirdness, no jealousy. We all thought we were so very hot. From time to time, John and I exchanged glances, to make sure we were all all right.

He lay down between us, Suzanne and I perched on his strong, slender shoulders. She and I looked at each other lovingly. I then looked at John. Now he smiled the smug smile of boys who can hardly believe their luck. We laughed. I got sleepy first. She wore me out, the little devil, or maybe I was just exhausted with the week’s emotional ups and downs. I lay down between them, spooned by him, spooning her. I didn’t rest very well. It was hot and my pussy got sweaty. When one of us woke up for a second, we kissed and squeezed each other happily.


In the morning, he whispered ‘I love you’. I whispered ‘I love you’ back. I rubbed my bum against him and stayed still, feeling the waves of desire raising and filling us to the brim. I kissed her shoulder. She opened her eyes and her mouth looked for mine. I slid one hand between her legs. With the other hand I reached John’s cock and pushed it inside me. It slid effortlessly. All of us moaned.

He took me from behind. I filled my mouth with her pussy and opened it wide with my fingers. My tongue relaxed to welcome her metallic, tobacco-like smell. I sucked on her clit and came hard under the pounding of John’s long, hard cock. John pulled out and made me come again and again with his dexterous fingers. He hopped in the shower, happy to be a part of it, sorry to leave. Suzanne’s pussy billowed around my fingers. ‘Did you come?’, ‘Not yet. Curve your fingers. Like that. Yes, yes, yes!!!’ She moaned like crazy and her pussy walls clenched. She barely rested for a moment, then grabbed my pussy lips with her fingers and squeezed. I swooned. She then started to rub my clit a little too roughly. I tried to wriggle out of her grip. ‘But my fingers are cold’, she pleaded. John laughed:  ’You might have found your match’.

She and I spent the day in bed, kissing, stroking each other’s bellies and thighs, touching our nipples. We slipped in and out of sleep. We talked. We confessed how obsessed we had been with each other, how we kept talking about each other, how we experienced ‘a sexual tingling’ (her words) when we first met, how rare it is to feel such desire. She said she sensed I was very sexual and kind of dark. We kissed and hugged and looked at each other in the mirror. It felt like she was my, our girlfriend.

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