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Last weekend I lay wrapped in the cocoon of my lover’s arms. It was Sunday, the last night I had Peyton with me and my babe slept soundly in the room across the hall. With a warm body beneath me and an orgasm or two under my belt I sighed into the wavy love beams emanating from The Neighbor.

“If you’re ever up for it, I’d really like to cross something off my Sexual Bucket List.”

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The Ten Most Exciting Places To Have Sex

Love life drab? Relationship dull? Maybe it’s time you start to think “outside-the-bedroom”. Chances are, you done these things in your younger years and they were fun.

The author of Electrify Your Sex Life, Carole Altman, Ph.D, tells us that “incorporating a new venue into your routine can stimulate your sex life and keep it exciting”. Here are a few alternatives to your king-sized bed. Think about it- this may save you time money on marriage counseling or couples therapy.


Survey Says…

Recently a national survey uncovered some interesting information about what Americans are doing for recreation. The condom maker, Trojan, found that almost fifty percent agree that “the most exciting place to have sex is in a car”. The survey uncovered that sex in the air was more of a “fantasy” thing rather than a fact. The second most exciting place, according to the individuals surveyed, was someone else’s bed. Over thirty percent of people found this racy. The woods came in third, followed by the beach. Around twenty-five percent of those quizzed liked these two choices and found them interesting. Doing it in the hot tub was the most exciting for around twenty percent of American adults, according to the data.

Female Ejaculation Orgasms – A Complete Guide

by Jesse ChargerOrgasms

Can women really ejaculate like men do?

Yes.  And the idea discovery isn’t new.  Even as far back as the 1700’s it was commonly thought that female ejaculation was required to conceive a baby.

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7 Forgotten Female Erogenous Zones by Sarah Jio

Pay attention to these body parts to increase your pleasure—and his

By Sarah Jio

You already know about the usual suspects, but if you’re looking to amp things up in the bedroom tonight, ask your husband to focus on some parts of your body that you both may have forgotten about.

Got a Minute for Quickie Sex?

Sex Educator Megan Andelloux takes some time to explain the importance of quickie sex.

By Via

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.39.52 AM

In our fast-paced, smartphone-focused, constantly buzzing world, great sex and chemistry can fall by the wayside. Sometimes it seems like nobody has time for anything but technology, work and working out, when, truth be told, if we all made a little extra time for sex, we’d be doing a great service to our mind and our body.


Consider this. If you want more spontaneous sexy time you should really think about redefining what sexy time means. One of the main problems I see is that we too often define sex as requiring penetration. That means, to have sex, someone has to insert something into someone else.

Friends, that is a very limited approach to what sex is.

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47 Sexual Fetishes from A-Z


The following is a list of paraphilias, or sources of sexual arousal, discussed in “Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us” [Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux, by Jesse Bering.

Arousal to amputees

Arousal to the sun’s rays

Arousal to statues

Arousal to a person of extreme stature, either giant or dwarf

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When Stef Woods was diagnosed with breast cancer, she searched to maintain a sense of normalcy in her life. To do that, she turned to sex.

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Part of the appeal of Sex and the City was that women could identify with the characters. I was no exception. Iblogged about my dating life like Carrie, possessed Charlotte’s idealism, was a redheaded attorney like Miranda, and was extremely comfortable with my sexuality like Samantha. In 2010, I was chosen as “Samantha” in a Sex and the City DC contest.

Shortly after the contest, I was – like Samantha – diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Product Review: The Screaming O Vibrating Ring

Synopsis: A tiny vibrating disposable cock ring. This review first appeared on our site in 2004 and surprisingly the device is still in production and continuing to provide amazing orgasms. Our original review follows…

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True Erotic Stories: I Am Not Broken (via



“Mommy will be right back,” I said and guiltily slipped next door while my child nodded ok, distracted with heavy lids and a movie.

My tomato red and navy striped sundress swirled about my knees as I followed The Neighbor back to his bedroom, his hand warm and tight on mine. It had been 3 days since we’d been able to touch bare skin, out-of-town friends and wedding obligations having conspired against us.

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When SHE Wants Sex More Than HE

Increasingly, it’s the female whose sexual needs aren’t being met in the relationship.


By Freddy and Eddy

In our 12 years running this website, along with 8 of those years owning and operating a “brick-and-mortar” adult boutique for couples, we’ve encountered thousands of individuals – most in relationships – and have noticed an evolving trend now firmly taking hold; that is the ever increasing occurrences of partnerships where the female is sexually dissatisfied with both the number of sexual encounters, as well as the quality of the sex, in general. In contrast to the prevailing belief that men are horny all the time while their significant others have to suffer with their overactive libidos, more and more women are speaking up about their desires and challenging the notion that sex is primarily male driven.

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