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Product Review: Ovo W2 Petite Clitoral Bullet Vibrator


German sex toy manufacturer Ovo has been making quite the splash since hitting the market in late 2012. Focusing on seductive designs and quality construction at bargain prices, they’ve wowed us so far with their D1 insertable wand, K2 rabbit, and Lelo Lily-like T1 massage object. Could they keep our bedroom hot streak going with their tiny W2 clitoral bullet? Continue reading

The Week In Sex – 12/18/2013 Edition



Provocative, funny, and head-scratching sex news from around the web (and a few things that are just plain awesome)…

1. Man dies night before claiming Howard Stern sex prize. Continue reading

Huffpo: The Polyamorist On The Couch: Q&A With Tamara Pincus On What Therapists Should Know About Big Love


The New York Post says that polyamory is having a fashionable moment.

“Open relationships are becoming so common that when singer Robin Thicke gripped Lana Scolaro’s barely covered butt at a VMA afterparty at 1OAK last month,” the tabloid wrote in October, “his indiscretion reportedly didn’t get him into trouble with his actress wife Paula Patton.” Continue reading True Erotic Holiday Story: Your Cum Is In My Hair


Thanksgiving and the holiday rush has begun. Shopping, ordering, errands, and attending a Harvest Festival at my son’s school was on the list of things for me do this week on top of the normal stay-at-home-mother duties I have to fulfill. Notably absent from that list is sex. Continue reading

Too Tired for Sex?


Via Good In Bed

According to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation, about one in every four married or cohabitating Americans claim they’re so sleep-deprived that they’re often too tired to have sex. Continue reading

DW Magazine: How Many Kinds of Kisses Are There?


“A kiss is a pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one”! Now, who wouldn’t agree with me on this statement? A gentle kiss from your lover or spouse can lift your spirits and make you feel wonderfully happy even when you are depressed. A relationship is all about trying out new things to keep away boredom and monotony from setting in. a fun way to do that is by trying out different types of kisses. It can take your relationship to a whole new level and both will be glad that you tried it, since it will bond you all the more closer.

As we all know, there are many types of kiss. Here are some of them, Check out what they mean: Continue reading

The Vine: Why It’s Important to Master Masturbation

This whole article? NSFW. Just. Saying.

So, tell me. When was the last time you slapped the salami? Choked the chicken? Killed a kitten? Or, for the ladies…brushed the beaver, fed the bearded clam, or trolled the Bermuda triangle? Continue reading

Podcast: Anal Sex with Sex Nerd Sandra Dougherty

Freddy and Eddy’s Sex Talk From Behind Our White Picket Fence
Podcast Episode 47 – Anal Sex with Sex Nerd Sandra
By Ian and Alicia Denchasy, with Mr. Peabody
Guest(s): Sandra Dougherty.
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Summary: Anal sex and nerdism, can they co-exist? The answer is a resounding YES as we welcome the internet’s most popular (and cutest) sexpert to our studio. Meet Sandra Daugherty, sex nerd, and host of the wildly popular Sex Nerd Sandra podcast ranked in the iTunes Top-10 for its hip mix of timely sexual related topics, raw and frank content, and hilariously geeky takes on all things horny. Sanrda took time out from her busy schedule to discuss anal sex Continue reading

Product Review: Clone A Willy Make-Your-Own Vibrating Dildo Kit


Synopsis: A kit that produces a perfect replica of one’s penis.

Freddy’s Review: Many years ago, around the time we began working on this website on a more serious basis, we made the decision to begin visiting trade shows. If we were going to make a serious go of this thing, our thinking went, then we should start really learning exactly what products were out there. Being newbies to the whole sex toy thing, we had no idea the breadth and scope of adult offerings, so we began at the most natural place we could think of – the AVN (Adult Video News) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading