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Want A Healthier Sex Life? Start with A Clean Bedroom

Cleaning your bedroom can be the best remedy to a dusty sex life…

2014-01-27 12.11.48 (6)

Our bedroom, post purge…

As we point out frequently on this website, our sex life has taken several interesting directions over the course of a quarter century of marriage, none more concerning than the occasional dips in frequency that visit from time to time. At this point in our life cycles – both of us are in our mid-life age range – we figure sexual slowdowns are simply indicators of getting older and a tad slower. Drops in testosterone levels notwithstanding, stress, busy schedules, work, and just plain life just take priority sometimes. Continue reading

Product Review: Sex Butter


Synopsis: An organic lube designed to heighten sexual stimulation and especially tailored to pre-menopausal women.

Eddy’s Review: We came across this new product by a referral of one of our long time friends of F&E’s message boards. Sex Butter was introduced to us by Bonnie Gayle, who had hit menopause at the early age of 41. Wow! What a bummer I thought. To have to go through hormone upheaval at such an early age. Well, as Bonnie explained, “Yes, what a bummer indeed!” Continue reading

Sex with Glass

It was only a matter of time, right? The LA Times’ Paul Whitefield takes aim at the new Google Glass app…

Google Glass

“Anyway, the app: The basic idea is that Sex With Glass will allow a couple, both properly equipped with said devices, to experience sex from a, ahem, different point of view. Sure, it records your amorous encounter. But wait, there’s more! At a swipe, or a voice command, users can switch views, allowing each to see what his/her his/his her/her other/other partner is seeing.”

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A Couples Guide to Watching Online Porn


As the online distribution of entertainment continues its onslaught on the DVD market, it’s only logical that porn should lead the way (it is, after all, the number one searched category on the internet). Millions of hours of every imaginable sexual preference are waiting to titillate, tease, and please, free and paid. You can even find a live performer to act out a fantasy on demand. However, before you set out across the digital ocean in search of smut, we highly suggest you read on to protect yourselves while finding just the spark you need. Continue reading

Giving Blow Jobs – Fellatio – Makes Women Happier


Semen promotes ‘mental well-being’ says study…

Scientists at the State University of New York have proved that semen contains a wide range of sleep-improving, mood-rising and affection-increasing chemicals as well as at least three anti-depressants.

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The 7 Best Tablets for Watching Online Pornography


Consuming online adult content, whether paid or free, presents a unique set of challenges for couples. Not only do you want to explore sexual-oriented material privately, but concerns with legality (age, type of sex, etc.) and convenience enter into the equation. If you have children in your household, for example, you’d rather they not accidentally find your DVD stash or stumble over a risqué website on your computer. With the popularity of tablets now reaching saturation level, it’s not only natural that they make their way into our sex lives, but offer a safe and easy way to bring titillating digital content safely into your relationship. In fact, tablet’s small form factors make online consumption of adult content easier and more private than ever. We test drove a few models and ranked them accordingly, with our criteria being ease of use, ability to stream adult video from both pay and free websites (Gamelink, Watchers Web, and Redtube), display still photos, find erotic stories, and block pop-up ads and prevent malware. Only one entry offered multiple, protected logins, so props to Microsoft’s Surface for enabling us to ensure our teen son could be locked out, accordingly. So which slab of technology should you get to motivate your sexual adventures? Continue reading

12 Tips to Pulling Off a Striptease Like a Pro


Is your stripping for him his ultimate fantasy? Is the Pope Catholic? I made all my male friends read the instructions that follow and asked, “If your girlfriend did this for you, would you be impressed?” “Impressed?!!” spluttered my friend Sean, “I’d be on my knees if a girl did this for me.” (To propose, by the way.) I enlisted the help of an expert on this one. The gorgeous Amy Bateman is a London-based dancer, stripper and teacher of both arts. She helped put together this idiot-proof stripping routine (and yes, she does get asked out a lot).


How Much Sex Is Too Much?

Maybe you’ve skipped dinner and gone straight for dessert before, but if you’re skipping meals (and other vital things) to have sex instead, you might be having too much of it. While science suggests sex can improve mood and decrease anxiety by reducing stress signals in the brain, it’s possible doing the deed can interfere with leading a healthy life [1].

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