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How to Tell When She’s Faking An Orgasm


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We’re sure you’ve been led to believe you’re a god in the sack, but let’s get real here. Only 25 percent of women consistently orgasm during sex, and according to a recent study published in the “Archive of Sexual Behavior” 80 percent of women fake orgasm. So sorry buddy, you’re probably doing it wrong. While you can’t make ’em stop, you can cut down on the theatrics by paying attention to these signs and proving to your girl there’s no reason to lie. Continue reading

Why It’s OK to “Settle” for Love

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In our interactions with friends, family, and co-workers, we’ve encountered a number of them who are still single (in our age range) and use the excuse that the reason for their lonely relationship status is that they refuse to “settle.” This classification (settling) applies to all sorts of things, such as looks, financial status, educational level, physical fitness… you name it. It seems that if one “settles,” or compromises on (insert standard here), then not only has that person somehow betrayed his or her pursuit of the correct mate, but also that the relationship is doomed to failure. If love isn’t porn star sex, butterflies in our stomachs, and instant chemistry does this mean we are “settling” for a partner who is boring, lousy sex, and unattractive? Continue reading

Erotica: The Other Woman


Does she touch you?

Does she touch you the way I would do?

Does her lustful desire compel her to close the space between you, to seek you out as you stand in a crowd, to trace with her delicate hand the line of your broad shoulders, the curve of your back as the eyes of surrounding hopefuls are upon you, their gazes devouring, brazenly undressing your imposing, muscular form?

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Honoring the Humble Hand Job


In our age of sexual overload and boundary pushing, some of the simpler pleasures can become forgotten. Take the basic hand job; once the release valve for virgins attempting to keep their men at bay and themselves from committing the ultimate sin (intercourse before marriage), it has now all but been discarded and lost amidst the more titillating blow job, cunnilingus, and – let’s face it – interest in maintaining virtue itself. Even couples like us who used to find throwing in the odd hand job to keep things interesting can count on one, um, hand how many times we’ve let our fingers do the stroking over the last 10 years. That said, we think it’s time to resurrect this lost dexterous art and lead the charge to celebrate the pleasures of the palm. Continue reading