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Product Review: Wake Up Vibe


In an age where our cell phones have become replacements for so many of our cherished devices (pagers, point-and-shoot cameras, portable music players, fitness trackers, etc.), is there still a place for an actual standalone alarm clock, let alone one that costs almost $60.00 and adds a clitoral vibrator, in our lives? The Wake Up vibe Alarm Clock Silicone Vibrator tries to answer this question affirmatively with an attractive, functional, and innovative twist on the mundane alarm clock of bygone eras. Intrigued with its category defying audacity, we purchased one for Alicia to review, putting it through its paces and challenging the Wake Up Vibe’s claim that she would “get more energy, increased libido, and feel much happier,” as stated on their own website. Would this alarm clock for the clitoris enliven our morning ritual? Read on to find out… Continue reading

The Secret Life of Women: How Men Can Finally Understand Female Emotions

We’re huge fans of the content at The Good Men Project, with this posting on female versus male emotional responses pretty spot on.


I was talking with my friend and colleague, John, about my relationship, and its challenges. I smiled and said, “Women’s emotional reactions have baffled men forever.”

With his typical wise and cosmic perspective, he smiled, and asked, “Would you like to understand feminine emotion?”

What? Someone who actually understands women’s emotions? And can explain them? I said. “Lay it on me, Bro!”

A few minutes into his discourse, I stopped him to get a tape recorder. I knew I had to share this information with other men. We really need to learn about this major difference between men and women. It will save us SO much trouble. If it enlightens you, please share it with all the men you know.

To continue reading this article, click here to visit The Good Men Project.


Saying “I Love You,” Just Words Or Deeds?

By Ian Denchasy (aka Freddy)

Earlier this summer, my wife was surprised to hear me say, “I love you,” seemingly out of the blue, following up with a remark on how she never knows when I’m going to utter the three words or what prompts me to do so. Alicia is more traditional in her use of the phrase, never leaving the house or going to sleep without tossing it my way, for example, while I’m quite economical with the words, but generous (at least in my mind) with my actions as proof. Taking care of her mother as she grapples with dementia and Parkinson’s Disease is one way I feel I show my ultimate love and dedication; keeping a clean house another. In fact, we’ve had many heated discussions over our many years of marriage involving action versus words, though never tying these talks to love. Perhaps they are one in the same? Is this a “Mars/Venus” scenario, where males and females – in-general – view love and the proof thereof in completely different terms? Continue reading

What Is Love

a girl blog3

By Chloe Thurlow

What is love? Poets have been trying to answer the question since the snake slithered through Eden and it is far easier to work out what love isn’t than what it is. You may enjoy stuffed red peppers. But you don’t love them. You may adore your little black dress. But you are not going to go to bed with your dress – in your dress, maybe; and shoes could be the exception that proves the rule. You can admire many people and be infatuated by some without loving them. You may love your parents and siblings, but you are not in love with them.

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Product Review: Lelo Nea

Synopsis: A less expensive version of the Lelo Lily Pleasure Object, made from hard plastic instead of silicone.

Eddy’s Review: It is amazing what the Swedes create. Not content to sit on their laurels with their luxurious predecessor, the Lily, they released a sequel, the Nea, that is not only less expensive, but in many ways superior to its more expensive sibling.

The NEA has all the bells and whistles that the Lily has with just one component missing, the wonderful silky tactile material that envelopes the Lily. The NEA has a different finish which is slicker and glossier. They have added a romantic little design on the top and bottom to catch the eye of the beholder. It uses the same universal charger that the other two designed vibes (Lily and Ida) use. It had the same brilliant technology that the previous vibes use also; LED lit pads that enable the user to go from low, medium and high by the mere pressing of its well positioned buttons. Continue reading

Product Review: Wireless Vibrating Cinch Ring

thumbnailSynopsis: A combination pleasure ring and tiny vibrator sent us both into orbit!

Our Reviews: Eddy – LOOOOOVE IT!  There just aren’t enough expressions that could possible cover this ultimate toy product.  The Wireless Vibrating Cinch Ring (formerly known as the Deluxe Techo Lover) by California Exotic Novelties is one little powerful toy. 

Basically, it is a silicone jelly cock ring that is combined with a wireless vibrator. The tiny vibe operates using a single watch battery and slips into a snug channel in the jelly ring. A plug seals the motor and acts to further reduce sound levels, making the noise level almost non-existent. The Techno Lover is so quiet, in fact, that you’ll feel completely confident that the only noises possibly waking up your kids will by your screams of ecstasy. The surrounding ring has tiny nubs to enhance the clitoral stimulation. Continue reading

Sex Life Need A Boost? Use Technology to Jump Start Your Bedroom


Sex, like anything else, occasionally needs a jumpstart. The busy work week, family, keeping up with expenses; all these factors and place intimacy lower and lower in our priorities. Once allowed to languish, sexual activity is one of the most difficult areas of a relationship to reinvigorate, let alone return to high levels of excitement and passion. In our own marriage, after raising a son, working to pay a modest mortgage, and dealing with caring for a parent suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, it’s a wonder we manage to do the deed at all. Leave it to ordinary technology to provide an assist to our low libidos and, while not solving the underlying issues behind our sexual slowdown, at least keep things interesting… Continue reading

Finding the Courage to Reveal a Fetish

By Jillian Keenan

DAVID doesn’t remember this conversation, but I won’t forget.

“Nice belt,” I said, gesturing to the red canvas belt around his waist.

We had met a few weeks earlier through a Stanford student group. He was quiet and broad-shouldered. I liked him right away.

“I have a leather one, too,” he replied, smiling.

Please click to continue reading the rest of the article at the NY Times…


True Sex Stories From – Home

True Sex Stories: Home

“He takes the head of his cock, and rubs it all over my pussy. Then he tells me to turn around, and pushes my face against the mirror. My pussy is wetter than ever…”

I was recently away from home for 8 days. I had a fabulous time, saw places I have always wanted to, met incredibly interesting people. I absolutely adored my trip, but was so so ready to come home. Continue reading

A Surprising Weekend Inside the Touchy-Feely World of Polyamory by Alex Mar

We start our post-July 4th week off with an innovative article from Nerve on polyamory:


I arrive at the Embassy Suites at Philadelphia International and drag my roller bag through the ground floor, well-appointed for an airport hotel, with a five-story-high skylight ceiling and not one but two large rock pools surrounded with jumbo ferns. The website goes so far as to call the atrium “a tropical paradise,” albeit a wall-to-wall carpeted one — which, if you use your imagination, makes it the perfect setting for the next 36 hours. I, along with 200-plus others, have decided to spend my weekend learning about consensual non-monogamy or love with multiple partners. In other words, polyamory. This is one of a handful of conferences and retreats organized each year by Loving More, a nonprofit that’s been promoting “openly and deeply loving more than one person at a time” for over 27 years.

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