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The Three Questions Every Successful Relationship Must Answer


By Ian Denchasy (aka Freddy)

Having been in my present relationship since 1988, I’ve had many years to not only enjoy (and, at times, suffer through) my marriage to Alicia, but reflect on what has made it successful over this long period. Neither of us believes in the “soul mate” connection, whereby we’re destined to be together forever, nor are we particularly suited over others for long term monogamy. Indeed, surveying the many couples we’ve come to know over the past quarter century, it’s surprising to see some break apart who seemed so much more compatible than ourselves. Yet, somehow, we find a way to love each other at our worst and remain together for the best. As far as relationships go, each day together propels us to the next.

So how do I gauge my own success in my relationship with Alicia, or indeed any of the failed partnerships that came before her? Personally, it all comes down to three simple questions: Continue reading