Book Review: Spanked – Red Cheeked Erotica

Synopsis: Erotic spanking — whether giving or receiving — is one of the most exciting, arousing, and sensual experiences to enjoy. In this enticing collection, spanking enthusiast Rachel Kramer Bussel has assembled 22 tales of red-cheeked arousal. Whether being disciplined for naughtiness or simply because they crave the sting of a hand against flesh, the men and women in these stories revel in being bent over, paddled, punished, and possessed by their spankers. Those delivering the blows find extreme pleasure in pushing their bottoms’ buttons, making them — and the reader — tremble and quiver in anticipation as they await the next smack. Featuring stories by Alison Tyler, Sage Vivant, Stan Kent, Elizabeth Coldwell, Thomas Roche, and others, this sizzling collection offers tales so breathtakingly vivid that readers might find their own cheeks sore just from reading it.

Our Review: Spanking. I stop to wonder when I started to like it.  Was it when I first was startled by the sudden thunder smack that sounded off my ass check as he thrust into me as I was bent over the couch arm?  Or was it when the rush of pain came through to be acknowledged by my brain, only two seconds after his hand left my right cheek?  No matter, it was pleasurable after the initial shock gasped from my mouth.

Spanking takes skill and trust between the two parties involved and this compilation of erotica stories really covers many different views of spanking.  Whether you like to be the receiver or the one dishing out the spanking there will be a story or two for you!

I loved reading the Perfect Bound by Shanna Germain as the “librarian” style lady who runs a bookstore, but is actually the dom of spanking to the young men who come to see her to experience the pain from her hands.  While Laser Tag by Madeline Glass had me at the edge of my seat as I read how an accidental run in at a concert could turn into a date of hot and heavy sex, making me imagine how I would long to be in this story. And yet, The Breeding Barn by L. Elise Bland made me go back to memories of having a fling with my younger boss.  The titillation of imagining me being the dominant one over a younger man taking on my spanking and then having him fulfill me with his well pronounced sex made me want to go home and have sex with my husband at the drop of a hat.  I think everyone who reads Spanked will get off in more ways than one.  Happy reading….

Freddy says (posting soon)…

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