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Thursday Web Pick: The Naughty Spot

The Naughty Spot is a personal blog, by a sexy and very sexual couple. We share our sexual adventures and desires with each other, couples, threesomes, daddy play, group sex, swapping and swinging, our ever increasing collection of sex toys, vibrators, masturbators, bondage toys, lingerie, dildos, oils and sex lubes, and sexy photos, mostly of naked women that we find hot. We hope you do too.

The Naughty Spot┬áis like a Freddy and Eddy with edge, featuring stories, toy reviews, picture galleries, and details of the webmasters’ (Whitman and SexFairie) sex life together as they try anything and everything in their pursuit of pleasure. Indeed, as indicated in the paragraph above, there is little in the way of boundaries and we found ourselves more than a little inspired by their openness and freedom. Launched in 2011, this blog has amassed an impressive collection of posts, and we are especially drawn to their erotic stories, some true, others not, whenever we’re looking for some sex inspiring words. They also do toy reviews – around 30-plus and counting – which we find quite entertaining and informative. Picture galleries are sprinkled throughout, mostly focused on women, in all manner of genres. All in all, we really enjoy this destination and hope you’ll click over and give them a naughty look.