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Whereby we try ’em, you hopefully buy ’em…

Product Review: 3 Way Tonguejoy Vibrator – A Classic Updated


What is a Tonguejoy: The Tonguejoy vibrator was originally released in the early 2000’s, quickly becoming one of the most popular sex toys and redefining the vibrator category. It was worn on the tongue and used for oral sex on both male and female.

Our Review: One of our favorite products – both for effectiveness and innovation – is the original TongueJoy micro vibrator. Unfortunately, our original finally died after years of faithful service; but along comes a new and improved version to take its place, promising improvements galore, including more power, easier use, a redesigned and smaller vibrating unit, an even a more versatile set of accessories to expand its range, and a lower price, to boot. Could this be the Tonguejoy we’ve been waiting for all these years since parting with our original? Continue reading

Product Review: Wake Up Vibe


In an age where our cell phones have become replacements for so many of our cherished devices (pagers, point-and-shoot cameras, portable music players, fitness trackers, etc.), is there still a place for an actual standalone alarm clock, let alone one that costs almost $60.00 and adds a clitoral vibrator, in our lives? The Wake Up vibe Alarm Clock Silicone Vibrator tries to answer this question affirmatively with an attractive, functional, and innovative twist on the mundane alarm clock of bygone eras. Intrigued with its category defying audacity, we purchased one for Alicia to review, putting it through its paces and challenging the Wake Up Vibe’s claim that she would “get more energy, increased libido, and feel much happier,” as stated on their own website. Would this alarm clock for the clitoris enliven our morning ritual? Read on to find out… Continue reading

Product Review: Lelo Nea

Synopsis: A less expensive version of the Lelo Lily Pleasure Object, made from hard plastic instead of silicone.

Eddy’s Review: It is amazing what the Swedes create. Not content to sit on their laurels with their luxurious predecessor, the Lily, they released a sequel, the Nea, that is not only less expensive, but in many ways superior to its more expensive sibling.

The NEA has all the bells and whistles that the Lily has with just one component missing, the wonderful silky tactile material that envelopes the Lily. The NEA has a different finish which is slicker and glossier. They have added a romantic little design on the top and bottom to catch the eye of the beholder. It uses the same universal charger that the other two designed vibes (Lily and Ida) use. It had the same brilliant technology that the previous vibes use also; LED lit pads that enable the user to go from low, medium and high by the mere pressing of its well positioned buttons. Continue reading

Product Review: Wireless Vibrating Cinch Ring

thumbnailSynopsis: A combination pleasure ring and tiny vibrator sent us both into orbit!

Our Reviews: Eddy – LOOOOOVE IT!  There just aren’t enough expressions that could possible cover this ultimate toy product.  The Wireless Vibrating Cinch Ring (formerly known as the Deluxe Techo Lover) by California Exotic Novelties is one little powerful toy. 

Basically, it is a silicone jelly cock ring that is combined with a wireless vibrator. The tiny vibe operates using a single watch battery and slips into a snug channel in the jelly ring. A plug seals the motor and acts to further reduce sound levels, making the noise level almost non-existent. The Techno Lover is so quiet, in fact, that you’ll feel completely confident that the only noises possibly waking up your kids will by your screams of ecstasy. The surrounding ring has tiny nubs to enhance the clitoral stimulation. Continue reading

The 8 Weirdest Sex Toys We’ve Ever Tried

Since starting this website in 2002, it’s not surprising we’ve seen thousands of sex products in every category imaginable. That said, not every adult toy has lived up to its hype, nor have we been able to endorse more than a tiny percentage of what’s come across our desks. Even further, some products, bless their inventor’s hearts, have simply left us shaking our head in bewilderment. Without further ado, here are a few of the most bizarre sex toys we’ve actually tried…

jackhammerjohnson2 Continue reading

Product Review: Sex Butter


Synopsis: An organic lube designed to heighten sexual stimulation and especially tailored to pre-menopausal women.

Eddy’s Review: We came across this new product by a referral of one of our long time friends of F&E’s message boards. Sex Butter was introduced to us by Bonnie Gayle, who had hit menopause at the early age of 41. Wow! What a bummer I thought. To have to go through hormone upheaval at such an early age. Well, as Bonnie explained, “Yes, what a bummer indeed!” Continue reading

The 7 Best Tablets for Watching Online Pornography


Consuming online adult content, whether paid or free, presents a unique set of challenges for couples. Not only do you want to explore sexual-oriented material privately, but concerns with legality (age, type of sex, etc.) and convenience enter into the equation. If you have children in your household, for example, you’d rather they not accidentally find your DVD stash or stumble over a risqué website on your computer. With the popularity of tablets now reaching saturation level, it’s not only natural that they make their way into our sex lives, but offer a safe and easy way to bring titillating digital content safely into your relationship. In fact, tablet’s small form factors make online consumption of adult content easier and more private than ever. We test drove a few models and ranked them accordingly, with our criteria being ease of use, ability to stream adult video from both pay and free websites (Gamelink, Watchers Web, and Redtube), display still photos, find erotic stories, and block pop-up ads and prevent malware. Only one entry offered multiple, protected logins, so props to Microsoft’s Surface for enabling us to ensure our teen son could be locked out, accordingly. So which slab of technology should you get to motivate your sexual adventures? Continue reading

Product Review: Ovo W2 Petite Clitoral Bullet Vibrator


German sex toy manufacturer Ovo has been making quite the splash since hitting the market in late 2012. Focusing on seductive designs and quality construction at bargain prices, they’ve wowed us so far with their D1 insertable wand, K2 rabbit, and Lelo Lily-like T1 massage object. Could they keep our bedroom hot streak going with their tiny W2 clitoral bullet? Continue reading

Product Review: Clone A Willy Make-Your-Own Vibrating Dildo Kit


Synopsis: A kit that produces a perfect replica of one’s penis.

Freddy’s Review: Many years ago, around the time we began working on this website on a more serious basis, we made the decision to begin visiting trade shows. If we were going to make a serious go of this thing, our thinking went, then we should start really learning exactly what products were out there. Being newbies to the whole sex toy thing, we had no idea the breadth and scope of adult offerings, so we began at the most natural place we could think of – the AVN (Adult Video News) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading

Product Review: Lelo Lily Pleasure Object

Synopsis: A tiny (and we do mean TINY) vibrating device for clitoral stimulation.

Our Review: If you’ve followed this website at all over the last few years, you’d have noticed we have had (and continue to have) close relationships other websites who share our couples sexuality sensibilities. One such example was a site called Wild in Secret. Continue reading