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Book Review: Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century

Synopsis: Sexual and spiritual bliss for today’s fast-paced world. The ancient practice of Tantra is both explained and updated for modern sexual explorers desiring to push past their edge in search of the great cosmic orgasm.

Freddy and Eddy Say: There are dozens, if not hundreds, of books on the market regarding tantra, or tantric sex. We have been fortunate to come into contact with actual teachers and practitioners of this sexual philosophy (which basically boils down to living in the moment, sexually, and taking one’s time) and enjoy incorporating tantra into our love making whenever the opportunity arises. Without going into too much detail, this may mean breathing together while in intimate situations, focusing on eye contact, finding pleasure in avoiding climax, and a number of other practical methods for enhancing overall stimulation.

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Book Review: Tickle His Pickle, by Dr. Sadie Allison

Synopsis: A fun little book covering the basics of good head.

Eddy Says: Giving oral sex to a man seems to be a common topic.  To be precise, “how to” give oral sex is on a list for a lot of women.  Well, Sadie Allison wants to be one of the many authors to try to aid women in this quest.

“Tickle His Pickle” is quite a wonderful encyclopedia on the topic of oral fixation.  Within its’ hundred pages one will find a wealth of information.  What she covers in 10 chapters will boggle your mind!  It starts off with taking a look inward, about oneself.  Where does the penis rate in your life?  How much do you know about the penis and the one that it is connected too?  As the chapters continue, you get a front row seat to learn about every aspect of the penis.

In Chapter 2, “Meet the Penis & the Land Down Under”, Sadie gives us a guided tour into the world below his belly button.  There is a lot of facts and visuals to help you see how it all works.

In Chapter 3, “He’s Commming!”, one follows the sequence of what a man’s body goes through to ejaculate and have an orgasm.  Did you realize that they are two separate things?

In Chapter 4, “Sights! Sounds! Seductions!”, Sadie clues us in to the fact that we women can use these techniques to make our man putty in our own hands.  I think that most of us don’t realize how easy and simple it is to put these effects into good use.

In Chapter 5, “Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow”, you will see how to work with shaving his lovely locks down under.  I find it interesting that most women shave, yet a lot of men do not.  I’m sure that more men would shave or be more attentive to their grooming if they knew what a turn on it was for us women.

In Chapter 6, “Slippery Stuff”, we learn about many aspects of lubes.  One will find the description between Water-based and Silicone lubes while also learning about the various pros and cons of flavored lubes and find out which one is suited for you.

In Chapter 7 & 8, “Giving Great Hand and Giving Great Head”, are my favorite chapters.  They offer you the most informative ways to make your man happy, happy!  Other than giving you unique techniques, she gives you visuals too!  Only seeing it first hand could make it better.

In Chapter 9, “His Back Door & More”, uncovers the pleasures of anal sex.  Take a look at the possibilities of sexual excitement with the mere touch of a finger or a lick of your tongue.

In Chapter 10, “Ready…Willing…Unable”, covers a topic that we have already or will encounter with our partner.  It shows how to work with the issue of when your partner cannot keep an erection. 

Sadie also includes a wonderful Appendix, “Safer, Cleaner, Healthier Sex”, which adds a bonus of information of Condom play and Safe Anal play.

Overall, Tickle His Pickle is a fun, enthusiastic way to learn about giving your man a great blow job!  She covers every gamut of issues in regards to the Penis.  If you have any questions or hesitation on giving oral sex, this book can answer most of your questions, but mostly give you an insight on any hang ups that you may have.  This book makes it just plain fun to put “blow jobs” on the table for more couples to enhance their sex lives.

Freddy Says: Dr. Sadie wasn’t always the nicest person to run across at trade shows, but we’ve become fast friends and the results gained from her books are undeniable. Simple, concise, and surprisingly packed with useful instruction on how to give a proper blowjob, Tickle His Pickle is where I think one should start if oral sex challenged. My nether region thanks this book, big time!

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Book Review: Afternoon Delight – Erotica for Couples

Synopsis: 24 hours of sexual escapades from the mind of award-winning author Alison Tyler.

Eddy Says: Erotica has really come of age, especially now that women are making it a priority in taking ownership of their bodies and minds.“Afternoon Delight (erotica for couples)” by Cleis Press has come out with a wonderful collection of short erotica stories that really aim to please women and their partners.

Afternoon Delight” offers 24 short stories that are filled with such lust and desire, yet the overall theme is the simplicity of love. Each of the 24 authors that contributed to this book gave their individual take of how erotism can be spun into so many avenues. The story of Forbidden Fruit by Ric Amadeus makes the reader live through the experience of how fruit can make us all crazy with lust! While Welcome To The Neighborhood by Ariel Graham introduces us to see how easy it can be to have a threesome, or at least how easy the opportunity can arise! Then there is Date At South Station by Xavier Acton. We all fantasize what it would be like to be another person and role-play that character. This short will transcend you to that very night, and oh the hot sex we can imagine! Yet,The Awakening by Jayne Pupek makes me feel enveloped by pure bliss of two people who just relish in each others’ presence with nothing but each others’ bodies to read from.

I love erotica and how it enables me to transform to another place where romance and sexuality takes priority and makes me stop to smell the roses, even if they have thorns.

Good Reads says: Alison Tyler’s latest collection of erotica is sure to put the spark back into any intimate relationship. She’s gathered couples’ most popular fantasies and created a sizzling, no-holds-barred series of explicit stories in which twosomes transform their deepest desires into flesh-on-flesh reality. These powerfully written stories meld the nasty and the sweet to fill a full 24 hours of sex, from early morning wake-up calls through mid-afternoon quickies to late night romps. In “Black Light,” a hidden webcam turns an intimate encounter into a thrillingly public viewing. A sexy 1970s dress and a tantalizing series of notes (“NO PANTIES, PLEASE”) lead to a satisfying reward for an afternoon’s housework in “Disco Dream.” Featuring stories by Sommer Marsden, N.T. Morley, Jordana Winters, and Teresa Noelle Roberts,Afternoon Delight is filled with sex around the clock.

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