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Insert able objects that make you go “Ooooh.”

Product Review: Tantus Goliath Vibrating Silicone Dildo

Synopsis: A very LARGE silicone dildo/vibrator.

Ang’s Review: If we see David anytime soon, we’re telling him to put away his slingshot, because Goliath is a new friend of ours.

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Product Review: Tantus Curve Silicone Dildo

Synopsis: The Curve was the first of a  line of Tantus® products to feature a wider base, enabling people to combine the versatility of harness play with the direct G-Spot stimulation all women crave. Better still, the subtle angle of the Curve makes it ideal for anal or vaginal play, and the smooth silicone makes penetration a joy for men or women.

Eddy’s Review: Tantus has introduced their newest dildo called the Curve into their line of products.   Of course Tantus continues with creating new pieces made out of 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone.  The Curve resembles a combination of two of their current products; acute and charmer.  The Curve takes from the previous two products and has evolved into a fantastic new piece.

The Curve is a 6”  dildo, with another 1” for the flare base while the diameter is 1 3/8”.  The tip has a 1” phallic design where then a ripple cascade begins below the tip and runs along the top of the shaft.  The underside is smooth, yet has some indentation length-wise.  If you stand it on its’ base, the dildo does not stand straight, but has an angle.  This is where the end user will find it quite compatible to use whether they play solo or not.

When I first took it out to play, I noticed the ease it felt in my hand.  The flare base is shaped more like a teardrop with it rounded at the base and pointed up at the top for ease of grip.  Once I added some lube, the Curve was perfectly angled for a G-spot massage, while the ripples felt great for clit stimulation.  The girth was a nice average size with density.

Since I am more of a clit girl I found that the ripples on the top part of the shaft added a great appeal for me.  I loved that the ripples felt great for the g-spot area, but that I could also use it to rub outside on the clit for more intensity.  The new design of the flare base let me play with it on my own, but I love that it also lets my partner use it on me with any easy grip.  Of course the design is for adding into Strap-on play, which is very inviting indeed!

Freddy Say: With the literally hundreds of products we’ve tried, it’s quite amazing how few dildos mimic a REAL penis’s upturned nature. Leave it to Tantus to once again see opportunity and seize it with a vengeance. Lest one thinks we’re shills for company founder Metis Black and her merry band of San Diego alchemists, let me just say WE ARE. Heck, how many entrepreneurs – period – buck the temptation to turn over their entire production to China and forgo opportunity here? For that alone, I personally salute her and will continue to highlight worthy wares that spring from their inventories.

To purchase, click here to visit our online store or here to visit the Tantus Silicone website.

Product Review: Purple Acrylic G-Wand

Synopsis: An acrylic wand, approximately 8″ in length, 3/4-1″ in diameter.

Eddy’s Review: The elusive G-spot Orgasm seems to be on the top list for “How To” in the world of sexuality it seems.  So, when the Lavender Acrylic Wave was introduced to us, we thought it would be the perfect solution.  Acrylic is a non-porous material, which is grand in the scheme of things when we are often worried about what materials women are putting into their bodies.  It is quite firm which is needed for the constant pressure one wants to apply to the urethra sponge (otherwise known as the G-spot).  Yet, the weight of the entire wand is quite light, which is nice so that one can play for a lengthy pleasurable time.

The Lavender Acrylic Wave is 7” long.  It starts at one end about ¾” in diameter  then gradually moves up to 1” a third way down, to end about 1 ½ “diameter the last third of the wand.  The name of this acrylic enhancer comes from the shape and design.  The tip is shaped like an up righted finger which then slopes down into 3 raised humps which then flows into the base of the wand.    At the very end at the bottom is a rounded cap design.
When I tried the Lavender Acrylic Wave, I wasn’t putting much hope on it, since I’m such a clit girl, who thrives on vibration.  But I did like the firmness it gives when first penetrating.  The length of the wand makes for easiness of being able to change angles around to find the right spot or area.  After applying pressure to my g-spot area I could feel that I was just about there, when I pulled out the Wave and leaned the ripples rub against my clitoris.  It was the final touch to pure bliss!  
I was quite pleased with the effect that I was able to make myself come to orgasm without vibration, which is my true calling.  But I suppose that is why women amaze themselves daily.  It’s great to learn something new everyday, but more so when it’s about their own bodies.

Freddy Says: My introduction to this item came one evening while asleep. I felt a rustling next to me and awoke to find my wife masturbating with it! Of course, I pretended to sleep through the whole thing until she accidentally ejaculated on to the sheet, prompting us to both get up to quickly change the bedding before the fluid soaked through. I wish I could say we got “busy” after that, but by the time we’d finished putting the new bedding on, the moment was lost and we both konked out. However, we’ve made up for falling asleep with a few fun episodes following and the wand now holds a special place in our bedside arsenal.

Interested in purchasing a Purple Acrylic G-Spot Wand? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store.

Product Review: Tantus Vamp Silicone Dildo

Synopsis: The Vamp is a realistic, 100% Ultra Premium-grade silicone dildo (6.5″ x 1.55″).

Eddy’s Review: Tis’ the holiday – spooky holiday that is!  A new dildo has arrived and it is called the “Vamp” by Tantus, Inc.  It is an updated version of an oldie but goody model, but with a twist.  

The Vamp is a flare based dildo that is realistic in shape.  It is 6.5” in length with the head of the shaft being 2” long on one side.  It has a diameter of 1.55”.  The main shaft body has soft ridges and grooves to replicate its human inspiration.  Made of Tantus’ own unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, the Vamp has a special finish of pale flesh tone with sparkles throughout. 

When we first tried the Vamp, we used it to add some fun in combination to cunnilingus.  The combination of stimulating the g-spot area together with the clitoris from your lovers’ tongue is always a win/win situation, and I reached a great climax with my husband doing his usual “thing” while using the Vamp for penetration.  The Vamp is flared, so should also be a great addition for partners using a strapon harness or as an added insertion device in conjunction with a clitoral vibrator (such as a Fun Factory Layaspot or Eroscillator).  The head of the Vamp has sufficient girth whereby the initial penetration definitely gets noticed and should satisfy most women outside “size queens.”  

The Vamp also gives other options while playing; one could also add to the sensory stimulation by adding heat, or cool it down by putting it in either a bowl of water with ice cubes.  The possibilities are endless with the Vamp and I recommend it highly!

Freddy Say: My wife is a curious lady, to be sure. She loves rabbit vibrators for their dual action on both penetration and clitoral stimulation, and she loves simple penetration via my penis. However, it’s not her normal self-pleasure routine to integrate a dildo for the sole purpose of enjoying penetrative sex. The Tantus Vamp seems to have changed that stance a bit as it is slightly softer than most silicone dildos she’s tried, more like a real penis. The 6″ version is just about the perfect size (almost exactly MY dimension, in fact), so it makes a great augmentation to pleasuring her orally as it’s almost as if she’s getting intercourse from me at the same time. All in all, a winner on all counts.

To purchase, click here to visit our online store or here to visit the Tantus Silicone website.

Product Review: Fun Factory Flexi Felix Silicone Anal Beads

Synopsis: Soft silicone anal beads with a cute head on the end.

Our Review: Take these anal beads and experience the wonderful sensations of anal stimulation, while at the same time smiling at their fun and colorful design. The folks at Fun Factory have produced Flexi Felix with beginners in mind and they are extra soft and flexible for maximum comfort. They are made from medical grade silicone and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or thrown into your dishwasher without a second thought. The handle (which looks like a cute toy) is large and comfortable to easily remove the beads at exactly the right time and pace. The first time we used them, Eddy just about leaped off the couch in ecstasy. Over the years, we’ve come to rely on these little beads as they are flexible, rightly sized, and great for mild beginner anal play.

Eddy says: Va va va VOOM! I’ve always liked limited anal play, but I never tried anything like this. Having them pulled slowly out while having sex with Freddy is the BEST!

If you are interested in purchasing a Flexi Felix, click to go to our online store or type “Flexi Felix” into Google or other search engine for many purchasing options.

Product Review: Fun Factory Smartballs

Synopsis: Two, 1″ hardened silicone balls for targeting and strengthening the muscles of the pelvis, supposedly leading to more intense orgasms and prevention of incontinence.

Alicia’s Review: Never one to miss out on something new and different, I decided to give these things a try a few years back on the advice of a sex therapist I’d met at an adult trade show. Now, with 50 Shades of Grey mentioning them, it’s time I returned to give my review a refresh. Smartballs are about the size of ping pong balls, made from medical grade silicone. These hard objects are inserted into the vagina (for lack of a better comparison – like a tampon) and can be worn all day long. Inside them are smaller metal balls that cause subtle (and silent) vibrations, providing a slight tingle to your movements. What was the point of all this? Well, supposedly, wearing them will strengthen the muscles in the pelvis, leading to more intense love making and helping prevent incontinence in your later years. I wondered, could using these balls train me to squeeze Freddy’s member into an inescapable vise-like grip of orgasmic pain? Hmmm…

More on that later, but first a little history. The origin of insert able, or “Ben Wa” balls, started in ancient Japan or China, where women first inserted egg-shaped hollow balls carved from ivory into their vaginas, then experienced orgasms by rocking back and forth, causing small pebble inside them to vibrate. Over the years, the balls were refined and made from different substances, such as gold, silver, steel, Lucite, and finally plastic. Because all of these substances are non-porous, the balls do not absorb bacteria, so you can use them longer than most sex toys. Indeed, some women now wear them all day, on dates, to the grocery store, and even with their partner’s while having sex, where they report how their mates love encountering the smooth balls during penetration. All of this was intriguing, so, without further ado, I inserted a pair to find out for myself if all these claims were true.

For the most part, a dab of lube made them insert fairly easily, and aside from a very slight tingling from the vibrations of the inner balls, I forgot they were in after about an hour. In fact, one of the only ways I could tell was to do a kegel exercise or to squeeze my pelvic muscles as I would during a sit up, for example. I decided to go ahead and practice “noticing” them throughout the day and removed them before bed time. I didn’t let on with Freddy that I was using them, as I wanted to see if he would notice any difference as time passed and I became more skilled in their use.

After about a month, I did begin to build more strength in my “love area” and could really put the clamps on Freddy when I wished, almost always causing him to orgasm quickly (it was fun making him think he was ejaculating prematurely!), which came in handy on those nights I wasn’t up for a marathon of sex. Sometimes, it’s nice to get in a quick session, then relax and fall into a nice, deep slumber. Finally, I ‘fessed up and let my hubby in on my secret, which naturally caused him to want to have sex right away with the balls in place; alas, he noticed no difference during penetration and neither did I.

In summary, I continue to use them about every other week up until present day and find it fun to slip them in before going out with my husband. The design and colors are fun and attractive and, of course, the quality and materials are of the usual excellent Fun Factory standards. For a neat kick and some cheap thrills, I have to recommend these balls highly.

Freddy says: I was a bit bemused by the sudden interest in kegel balls after 50 Shades of Grey became such a phenomenon in 2012. It was as if something magical had been discovered and we could barely keep them in stock. Now that the fad has died down, we can look at them without all the hoopla and simply say that kegel balls – our favorites being the ones in this review – are a must for women in their 40’s and above, especially as menopause sets in and sexual testosterone dips. Kegel exercises with or without the aid of Smartballs should be a daily occurrence as well, and can easily be incorporated into the daily routine by simply stopping and starting the flow of urine (8-10 times) whenever going to the restroom.

If you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself, click here or on the links above to go to Fun Factory’s website or type in “Ben wa balls” into Google to find a retailer who stocks them.

Product Review: Sportsheets Lap Rider Thigh Dildo Harness

Synopsis: A neoprene harness that wraps around one’s thigh, holding a dildo in place for sexual penetration.

Eddy’s Review: The Lap Rider, by Sportsheets, is really a creative tool to enhance your sex life.  It’s an ingeniously designed harness which allows one to utilize a variety of harness-compatible dildos in a very unique way.

The Lap Rider is 20” long with one side black neoprene and the other side being the soft part of  black Velcro.  Added on to the base of the split ends are 3” of the Velcro fasteners.  At the opposite end there is a 1 ½” diameter opening that is 4” in from the edge.  This give you the capabilities for the user to add any of their own toys to their play time.  The width of the Harness is 6 ¼”.

We tried out the Lap Rider with such giddiness.   I started out the evening with performing my first erotic dance for Freddy.  I had taken a previous class of exotic dancing and we thought it would be a great time to try it.  So, wearing my Bracli Thong, I tried to remember my dance moves to some slow groovy tunes as Freddy decided to put on the Lap Rider.  As I hypnotized him with my motions of moving forward and moving back just out of reach he seemed quite enthralled.  As my dancing session came to a slow grind above his lap, I realized how anxious I was to try the Harness with our own Tantus dildo.  Since I was wearing the Bracli Thong, it was so easy to move the pearl strand to one side as I played with the dildo that was thrust out there waiting for me.  The harness kept it in place with such ease as I played with it while I was doing a lap dance on Freddy.  As our session heated up even more, we moved to a different position where I sat up against our couch as Freddy entered me with the Lap Rider at the same time as I gave him oral pleasure.  It was truly fantastic!

In summation, the Lap Rider is a great addition to enhancing play time.  It adds such a unique positioning to the normal run of the mill sex positions.

Freddy Says: This is basically a neoprene cuff that wraps around your thigh and holds any number of compatible dildos, our choice being one from Tantus. Anyway, it looks like this:

One fateful night, we had decided to put a bunch of things to use (lots of gear backed up, you know!) and I requested an erotic striptease from Eddy, set to some cool music from Shpongle. She came out in a long shirt and high heels, slowly worked me into a frenzy with her little hot body (I swear she was a dancer in her former life), and stripped down to reveal her Bracli pearl thong. By now, I was practically ripping through my pants!

The best part was the Lap Rider thingy, which I had strapped to my thigh, a Tantus dildo sticking straight up. To my delight, she mounted the silicone dildo and rode it up and down, side to side, forward and backward, going crazy with delight and providing me with perhaps the greatest sex show I’ve ever witnessed! She then turned away from me and slipped it in from behind and gave me a full view of her incredible ass and came again!

We finished with me moving the cuff toward my knee, hovering over her, and fucking her with the dildo in missionary position while she blew me as I hovered over her. What an amazing thing and at no point did I stick my cock in her, instead she worked me to climax with her hand and I exploded all over her chest.

Interested in purchasing a Lap Rider? Click here to visit our online store or here to visit Sportsheets for more retail sources.

Product Review: Fun Factory Bootie Plug

Synopsis: A basic butt plug for beginner to intermediate anal play.

Eddy’s Review: Anal play….I forget that it used to feel good.  Why did I forget? I stopped playing back there  a while ago, that’s why!  So, after viewing a new DVD regarding How To: Anal, it got us thinking….

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Product Review: NobEssence Fling Wooden G-Spot Stimulator

Synopsis: A wooden insert able dildo for g-spot stimulation.

Our review: Our first introduction to wood toys was via the Jildo, in the first couple of years of F&E.  We were fascinated by the how it warmed up to ones’ own body heat.  Well, we’ve come across a new and updated version from the original days.  NobEssence has created a line of beautiful hand-made wooden sculptures made from sustainably managed/farmed exotic hardwood, with a bio-compatible finish of Lubrosity for men and women.  Lubrosity is NobEssence’s trade secret of coatings for all their sculptures.  The coatings are odorless, may be soaked in water and may be in body-contact for hours at a time – no waxes to melt away, no salad bowl oils to leach out or maintain, and no toxic petroleum distillates.

The first one that we’ve had the joy of trying is the Fling.  The Fling is smooth and voluptuous.  It’s 7 inches in length with a 4 ½” insertable section and having a 1 5/8 “ diameter at the end tip.  This specific Fling was made out of a gorgeous dark Paduak wood, one out of many choices of wood.   It has a gradual curve from one end to the other.   The contours of this particular sculpture gives you fullness, while the angled head and finger holds makes this a perfect G-spot or Prostate stimulator.

When I opened the box to the Fling, the presentation floored me.  Its’ original container opens with the same fluidity as the toys themselves.  The Fling itself is cradled in luxury as it sits nestled in its foam-padded bed waiting for playtime.  After pulling it out of the box, I let it roll around my hands to let its’ earthly pleasure connect with me.  As I put my fingers into the finger holds, it just formed into such a natural grip.  The weightlessness took me by surprise.

So, off to try the Fling!  As the head of the Fling is quite bulbous, I introduced it to my body by letting it get warm in my hand and slowly drawing it along my body to let the natural wood and my own body get in tuned to each other.  As it warmed to my tempeture, I added a water based lubricant to the head of the toy, and gently inserted it.  The fullness was amazing!  Yet, the thin neck below the tip made it easy to thrust it in and out, and allow me to massage my G-spot area.

Here are the main hot spots for me: I loved how the combination of weightlessness and curvature of the Fling enabled me to masturbate for a long period of time.  Having the curvature design allows the forearm to not pull forward and strain.  It also allows for your partner to use it like a wand for dual play.

NobEssence’s entire line of hand-sculptured toys are beautiful and worth the price.  They will last you a lifetime.

Interested in purchasing a Fling? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store or visit the NobEssence website here.

Product Review: Njoy Pure Wand

Synopsis: A curved metal object measuring 10″ in length, with bulbed ends.

Eddy’s Review: On our never ending quest to find unique toys that will keep the fire a flame in our love life, we come upon some very exciting territory.  We found the Njoy, a curved metal dildo and g-spot stimulation device.  Njoy is the creation of Greg Delong, who founded Njoy to craft beautiful metal objects that would last a lifetime.

When we first heard of the Njoy, it was from a very respectable source – our own Jenn!  She came in one day saying she was overwhelmed by this toy that her friend had let her try.  “I’m not a squirter, but it made me squirt!”  So after having her talk up this toy, we had to try to find it.

Find it we did!  When we opened the nicely designed box, the Njoy was nestled into a foam shape so that it was well protected.  We noticed how weighty it felt as we lifted it out of the box.  Its’ shape is crescent with a rounded ball on each end.  The smaller end is about 3/4″ and the larger end measures about 1 1/4″. It is made out of Stainless Steel and weighs about 1 and ½ pounds. The weight in the larger ball creates a heavy ended side, which makes it perfect to “rock” back and forth after penetration.  Picture you having a 1 pound weight in your hand with the ends bended toward each other.  “Rocking” is the motion that describes how you would play with this toy.

The first time we used the Njoy, it was after Freddy gave me a long luxurious massage. He gently rolled the larger end along my lips and the coolness of the metal awakened me from my relaxed state of mind.  The pressure of the bulbous end had such an impact against my outer lips compared to my normal toys made of soft silicone.  Pushing it to the edge of entering myself was creating some resistance in my mind.  So, I decided to change ends and let my body get used to the smaller end first.  It slid inside my body so easily, as the smaller end put pressure on my G-spot. With its’ curved body, it actually seemed to hook into the G-spot groove, ever so lightly.  With the second try, after getting heated up by a video, we decided to see how the Njoy would play out.  This time around I was able to let my body be relaxed enough to take the larger bulb.  Once in, I rocked the toy back and forth with the bulb totally hooking onto the ridge behind my pelvic bone. Wow!  It felt so good!  The constant pressure of the curved backbone of the Njoy gliding in and out while have the weighted ball pull and release against my G-spot was a combination not to be beat.  It made my orgasm much more intense than usual.

Overall, this toy is complete with the design aimed at getting to the G-spot and letting the owner take control of how much pressure to use within their body.  It is presented beautifully while designed flawlessly.

Freddy Says: The Njoy Pure Wand is one of those rare sexual products that I have to say one can’t live without. Not only is it gorgeous, but the Pure Wand is the device that gave my sexy wife her first SQUIRTING ORGASM. What more can I say than that?

Interested in purchasing an Njoy Pure Wand? Click here or on the links above.