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Product Review: Wireless Vibrating Cinch Ring

thumbnailSynopsis: A combination pleasure ring and tiny vibrator sent us both into orbit!

Our Reviews: Eddy – LOOOOOVE IT!  There just aren’t enough expressions that could possible cover this ultimate toy product.  The Wireless Vibrating Cinch Ring (formerly known as the Deluxe Techo Lover) by California Exotic Novelties is one little powerful toy. 

Basically, it is a silicone jelly cock ring that is combined with a wireless vibrator. The tiny vibe operates using a single watch battery and slips into a snug channel in the jelly ring. A plug seals the motor and acts to further reduce sound levels, making the noise level almost non-existent. The Techno Lover is so quiet, in fact, that you’ll feel completely confident that the only noises possibly waking up your kids will by your screams of ecstasy. The surrounding ring has tiny nubs to enhance the clitoral stimulation. Continue reading

Product Review: Clone A Willy Make-Your-Own Vibrating Dildo Kit


Synopsis: A kit that produces a perfect replica of one’s penis.

Freddy’s Review: Many years ago, around the time we began working on this website on a more serious basis, we made the decision to begin visiting trade shows. If we were going to make a serious go of this thing, our thinking went, then we should start really learning exactly what products were out there. Being newbies to the whole sex toy thing, we had no idea the breadth and scope of adult offerings, so we began at the most natural place we could think of – the AVN (Adult Video News) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading

Product Review: Gear Essentials Stainless Steel Ball Weights

Synopsis: A stainless steel weight designed to stretch the scrotum.Freddy’s Review: I must admit, if someone had told me ten years ago that I’d be trying sex toys for a living, I’d have laughed hysterically and brushed him off. However, here I am, doing just that; hunting down and discovering new ways to spin old habits and continually pushing the envelope in the interest of “research” to enhance the spicy side of my marriage to Eddy. And while most products fail to make it to this site, even the crappy ones have managed to get us from first to home on most occasions (before they find their way to the trash). Any reason to be intimate is positive, we figure, so through the boxes of toys we continually dig, hoping to find a nugget amidst the sediment, so to speak. Continue reading

Product Review: The Screaming O Vibrating Ring

Synopsis: A tiny vibrating disposable cock ring. This review first appeared on our site in 2004 and surprisingly the device is still in production and continuing to provide amazing orgasms. Our original review follows…

Continue reading

Product Review: The Screaming O Primo Tux Silicone Vibe Ring


Synopsis: A soft, stretchy silicone cock ring with a 3-speed vibrating bullet located at the top.

Our Review: It’s been awhile since we’ve tried out a new cock ring; not because they have fallen out of favor, but rather we haven’t seen much improvement in design and function in the years since they became a regular part of our sexy toy chest. Metal rings, for example, are primarily different in appearance and weight, but function identically no matter the design or brand (we prefer those from Gear Essentials). Stretchy rings are now almost all made from silicone, with many models sporting one or more vibrating bullets to enhance pleasure for both partners.

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Product Review: Cialis

Synopsis: A drug that increases blood flow, resulting in harder and longer erections. It works within 30 minutes of ingestion and lasts up to 36 hours.

Our Review: First, a serious disclaimer; if you do NOT have erection problems, do NOT take this drug. The side effects can include headache, stomach ache, backache, and general muscle ache. In extremely rare cases, a condition known as Priapism, in which the penis becomes engorged and does not subside after 4 hours, can cause permanent damage to you penis and should be treated immediately by a doctor. Don’t take Cialis if you are using nitrates (often used for chest pain) or alpha-blockers prescribed for prostate problems. Finally, it’s best to avoid drinking lots of alcohol when taking Cialis as you may get dizzy and/or lower your blood pressure. I’ve heard of a lot of young males taking Cialis to counteract the effects of too much drinking and/or cocaine, which can be deadly. As all these drugs have only come out over the last 20 years or so, there are no credible (that I could find) studies to examine what long term use these types of drugs have, so be please be responsible.

With all that, I still embarked on a 36 hour stint with Cialis, taken on a random Sunday night and concluding the following Tuesday morning. During that period, with the recommended dose (10 mg), I had sex with my wife four times, masturbated twice, and was able to get hard practically at will (with a little help from our monstrous porn collection and a little strip tease from Alicia). The effects lasted about 40 hours, give or take a couple of hours, and definitely provided a sense of confidence to my just-under-50 libido. The second time Alicia and I engaged in intercourse (which was only an hour after the first), I basically could have continued thrusting away indefinitely and stayed erect; no amount of beating on my penis caused it to go flaccid. I was reminded of Viagra, except that Viagra wore off far sooner. Of course, once I climaxed, things returned to normal. I did experience mild to uncomfortable headaches, as well as stuffiness in my sinuses for the first few hours and they continued even after I popped a couple of Ibuprofen (the sinus congestion went away with a couple of shots of Afrin), though less in their severity. The morning after our first two encounters, we had sex again, I masturbated two hours later, and we had sex for the fourth time in 24 hours that Monday night.

And how did I manage to get my hands on Cialis? Just look around the internet – it’s all over the place. And for CHEAP. I simply picked one of the first search results for “cialis” I hit, filled out a 25 question “doctor’s” questionnaire, and the drug arrived within 7 days. I paid $105.00 for 100 tablets (including shipping) of generic Cialis, which goes by the drug name tadalafil, which worked out to around $1.17 per dose. I’m sure I could have gotten better pricing by going shopping around more; however, my purpose wasn’t to review sources, so I went for the first supplier I found comfortable ordering from. If you want the real deal, it will cost substantially more, and I compared genuine Cialis with generic and found no difference, FYI.

In summary, I can’t in good conscience recommend this product to anyone who isn’t experiencing erectile dysfunction. Even then, I’d probably pay a visit to my doctor beforehand. However, I’ve read that results and side effects vary greatly from person to person, so perhaps my experiences with headaches and sinus congestion are not that common. I was able to reduce the side effects by halving the dosage, and I will admit to keeping some on hand in case I’ve had too much alcohol and still want to have sex. Bottom line: Cialis is an effective tool to help bring males firm, hard erections and its 36 hour duration makes it very conducive to spontaneity, since you can choose the time and place for intimacy without worrying about when you last took the drug.

 We don’t condone or sell Cialis, but it is easily available online or through your doctor by prescription if you think it’s right for your situation.

Product Review: Gear Essentials Imperial Cock Ring

Synopsis: The top of the line Gear cock ring.Our Review: First, I’d like to say that I LOVE Freddy in a cock ring. Whether it’s metal or silicone or leather; the look is great and I like how it keeps him hard a wee bit longer than he would be without it. Lately, he’s been wearing metal rings from Gear Essentials, located in Minnesota, and we’ve been trying to convince the heterosexual males (the gay sector has been wearing them for decades) in our audience how great these metal marvels can be.

Our first experience was with the subtle Titan .2″ model, which is very thin and light and barely perceptible to Freddy. He wears it quite often and I like knowing he has it on when we go out and we play little teasing games where I’ll try to “cop a feel” from him when no one is looking. I also attempt to turn him on occasionally, as I know he’ll have a heck of a time getting soft again due to the ring’s prevention of blood release from his penis. In short, these little gems have added a neat dimension to our sex play that we now incorporate as often as possible.

Until the Erotica LA show on June 22nd, Freddy had not tried any of the heavier Gear models, such as the thicker versions of the Titan, the Master, Imperial, or even the awesome Omega, which packs over 10 ounces of metal into its donut shape. He always felt a little intimidated and it took a bit of convincing on my part to get him to don it for the booth. I figured if we were going to show them, then Freddy should be wearing one to show our endorsement. On the 2nd day of the show, he put on the Imperial brushed finish ring and we set off in the morning for a 13 hour stint in our booth. I’ll let my hubby take it from here…

Freddy – I was a bit hesitant to wear such a thick hunk of metal around my privates, but I’ve been hitting the gym hard lately and I thought it might look great against my improved physique. It proved even easier to install than the Titan (it’s easier to hold while you manipulate everything through it) and, after proudly examining myself in the mirror (Narcissistic for sure!),  I set out for the show very aware of its presence. Walking with it generated no discomfort, however, and gradually I got used to the weight as the hours went by and I became more comfortable with telling visitors to our booth that I had it on. I even showed it to a couple of people before security paid me a visit and made me stop. Later, after we returned home, the real test of making love was awesome, as the ring is big enough to hit Eddy’s clitoris and I could position and move for her maximum pleasure. Stamina-wise, it was no different than the other rings, and I’d say it was a positive experience in the extreme!

Since that Saturday, he’s continued to wear it off and on and I do like how it looks against his newly toned body. In summary, this is one awesome piece of steel and it’s found a home against my favorite body in the whole world!!! To view a demonstration of how to properly put on a metal cock ring, click here.

Interested in purchasing a Gear Imperial? Click here or on the links above to visit Gear Essentials website.

Tantus Stroker Masturbation Sleeve

Synopsis: An extremely high quality silicone masturbation sleeve.

Freddy’s Review: In a product category crowded with literally thousands of different sizes, shapes, materials, textures, and colors, almost all manufactured in China for large companies like Topco and Doc Johnson, it’s a wonder Tantus decided to throw their hat into the ring. Indeed, with most sleeves retailing between $10-20.00 (with the notable exception being the wildly popular $80.00 Fleshlight), can they succeed at a pricepoint between the two?

Enter the Stroker, a deceptively small, yet effective masturbation sleeve. Slightly stiff at first touch, it belies a seriously tough heritage and delivers a soft, sensual experience despite its simple design. In fact, we were so impressed with Tantus’ debut we put it on par with our beloved Utamaro. And while the Stroker delivered the pleasure goods, so to speak, it beats almost every other sleeve on the market in one key respect – durability. In fact, where most elastomer sleeves will tear over time, the Stroker is so tough we had a hard time destroying it without a VERY sharp pair of scissors. One thing is certain, like all Tantus products, this one will be with you until death does you part (and probably past its next owner, too). As with all Tantus Silicone products, the Stroker is composed of the highest quality silicone available, meaning it won’t harbor bacteria and can be cleaned with simple soap and water, by boiling, or in a dishwasher if one doesn’t mind the sight of it next to the silverware.

Performance-wise, the Stroker is meant to mimic vaginal contractions. How, you may ask? The inside is ridged in such a way that as its slid over the penis, the user needs only squeeze at strategic intervals to simulate intercourse. Our favorite aspect of the Stroker is that it’s perfect for couples play, where the male can pleasure himself (or turn control over to his partner) and then ejaculate through the open end onto said companion. Obviously, solo play is just as simple, with the perfectly sized opening stretching to meet just about any endowment. Amazingly, we even turned the Stroker inside out (as in the picture above) and used it for clitoral stimulation when reaching for a vibe or dildo would’ve broken our mood. Lastly, we recommend the Stroker as a good training device for males with premature ejaculation issues. Simply take yourself to the edge and back off a few times to help with the real deal.

In short, we love this entry from Tantus and recommend it highly!

To purchase or learn more about the Tantus Stroker, click here or on the links above to visit our online store or here to visit the Tantus website.

Product Review: Invisible Companion Stretchy Ring

Synopsis: A stretchy cock ring with a powerful bullet vibe.

Freddy’s Review: I love cock rings. From metal to leather to silicone, I like the way they look and love the way they feel. Sure, they can have the effect of prolonging my erection and enhancing climax, but that’s all gravy as far as I’m concerned. The real pleasure comes from watching as my ringed package finds its way to the promised land, otherwise known as Eddy’s vagina.

The Invisible Companion is a clear silicone ring that stretches to fit any conceivable size genitals. It also has a second opening for a small bullet-type vibe (powered by 3 included watch batteries), easily manipulated to hit your lady’s clitoris or give some extra rumble to penetration. It bears resemblance to the Deluxe Techno Lover, which we also love, but without the hassle of having to put the battery in to activate and remove to turn off. Activating the Companion is as easy as turning the dial on the end of the vibe.

Eddy and I had the opportunity to use the Companion on a recent trip to Avila Beach, where we had our own hotel room (our son and his grandmother shared a separate suite). This allowed Eddy to let loose and really apply the pressure from the vibe to her clit as I slowly moved in and out. One of the nicest features of the stretchy silicone is the ability to move it in all manner of directions (or hold it still while I move) while it remains firmly in place – even as the action gets more intense. It wasn’t long before she hit her first orgasm and then recovered to come twice more before I let loose myself. On a separate note, I had just started practicing some techniques from a book promising to teach MEN to experience multiple orgasms, so this was great practice.

In summation, this toy earns our highest recommendation. It’s reasonably priced, powerful, and easy to use. The vibe is good quality and you should enjoy many adventures, both visible and otherwise, with this fabulous toy.

Interested in purchasing an Invisible Companion ring? Click here or on the links above.

Product Review: Head Coach Erection Pump

Synopsis: Using a process called “hypermia,” which stretches the main ligament of the penis, a pump does deliver extra size and thickness with regular use.

Our Review: Despite 25-plus years of reassurances from Eddy, I’ve always wished I had a bigger dick. Yep, simple as that. I watch those studs in the porn films and am constantly struck by “giant penis envy.” I know, I know, our wives/partners always say “size doesn’t matter” and the statistics say I’m average in size (6, er, 7 inches erect), but I still wanted to know what it would be like to have a bigger dick. After all, if size doesn’t matter, why all the products for penis enlargement? Why the ads in the sports section for penis enlargement surgery? And why do all the porn flicks have dudes with huge dicks?! It’s simple; size DOES matter. At least it seems to for women who’ve had men with big dicks. Do you think Pamela Anderson dates men with small dicks after having Tommy Lee? Hell no.  I wanted nine or ten inches at least. I wanted my wife to know how those fortunate women with their well-hung partners felt. The problem for me, of course, was how to make it bigger. I’d be damned if I was going to let some doctor near it with a scalpel and the results promised by LongItude were still weeks away. We had the newest Andrew Blake film to watch and I needed size quickly.

Salvation came in the form of the Head Coach Cock Pump, a simple device designed to suck my penis to Peter North proportions. The ad looked too promising to pass up, so $24.00 and Fedex priority shipping had me giddily awaiting nightfall.

The DVD fired up, the groping started, and we were ready for action before scene two even started. I whipped out my Head Coach and had Eddy position it over Freddy Jr. The pump is manual, so I watched eagerly as my wife pumped the device into action. The principle behind this is called “hypermia,” which causes the main ligament to stretch and the caverns of the penis to expand, making the penis, well, grow bigger. And while I didn’t become Tommy Lee, I did see about an extra inch and a half! It looked absolutely HUGE. Yeah! My wife’s eyes were the size of dinner plates! We actually started laughing.

The drawbacks I anticipated  were twofold. One, Eddy wasn’t used to having something this big head downtown and two, would she now be addicted to the new size? Would I now have to sneak this thing through airport security? Would the pump now take up permanent residence under the pillow? Puzzling questions for sure. But they’d have to wait. I was now THE MAN. In the John Holmes stud club. Tommy Lee’s new bro’. Time to rock my wife’s world and get ready for the hero worship to follow.

The sex to follow was the usual amazing stuff. I let my tongue and fingers prep her for the giant ecstasy to follow and got down to business. “Here it comes, baby!” whirled through my excited mind and in I went. But, wait a minute, I wasn’t noticing anything DIFFERENT. And, worse, SHE wasn’t ACTING any different. She was moaning and groaning just like always. Loving sex just as much with my new manhood as she did with my old manhood. I thrusted harder. Faster. Still no change. If anything, I was so focused on the whole size thing that it distracted ME from maximizing my own pleasure. I know, the payoff will come with the pay-LOAD. When I finish up, she’ll have to notice. I’ll pull out and have her finish me up with her hand. That’ll HAVE to get her attention. Nope, same thing. No great change. No worship. Just the usual “stoned” look she always gets after sex. I was still just Freddy to her.

Alas, the Head Coach Cock Pump didn’t provide the great salvation I was seeking after all. It seems being average in size works quite well for my wife and that she may have been telling the truth the whole time. Maybe all the other women are telling the truth, too. Sex really is for the moment and about so much more than a big penis. I think the pump seems to work best for men who are way below average in size, maybe 4 inches and under. For them, it’s a must-have. For while I agree BIG size doesn’t matter, LITTLE size does. The one cool benefit for men like myself is that the pump definitely makes us “hang” lower when not erect, which definitely does wonders for the self esteem. For that alone, 24 bucks doesn’t seem like such a great expense. Now, let’s see what LONG-itude does.

Interested in purchasing a Head Coach pump? Click here or on the links above!