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Product Review: Sex Butter


Synopsis: An organic lube designed to heighten sexual stimulation and especially tailored to pre-menopausal women.

Eddy’s Review: We came across this new product by a referral of one of our long time friends of F&E’s message boards. Sex Butter was introduced to us by Bonnie Gayle, who had hit menopause at the early age of 41. Wow! What a bummer I thought. To have to go through hormone upheaval at such an early age. Well, as Bonnie explained, “Yes, what a bummer indeed!” Continue reading

Product Review: Clone A Willy Make-Your-Own Vibrating Dildo Kit


Synopsis: A kit that produces a perfect replica of one’s penis.

Freddy’s Review: Many years ago, around the time we began working on this website on a more serious basis, we made the decision to begin visiting trade shows. If we were going to make a serious go of this thing, our thinking went, then we should start really learning exactly what products were out there. Being newbies to the whole sex toy thing, we had no idea the breadth and scope of adult offerings, so we began at the most natural place we could think of – the AVN (Adult Video News) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading

Product Review: Masque Sexual Flavors Oral Sex Enhancement Strips

masquestripsSummary: Dissolve able strips that neutralize the flavor of intimate fluids to enhance the acts of fellatio (blow jobs) and cunnilingus (eating pussy).

Our Review: We’ve encountered so many products purporting to improve oral sex that it was tempting to dismiss this latest attempt as nothing more than, well, more of the same. Continue reading

Product Review: Master and Mistress Liquid Pheromones

Synopsis: A pheromone liquid applied to the upper lip or elsewhere on the body to enhance mood and sensuality.

Eddy’s Review: Being a couple is an overall treat! You have a partner to talk too, listen too, touch each other with, and that’s just a few of the benefits.  Looking for erotic things to do and play with is a never ending search for us.  So when we came upon a pheromone derived enhancement product, it piqued our interest.  We were introduced to The Master and Mistress by Victor Goth, Inc. at the AVN show in Las Vegas.  One of the vendor booths had a young couple standing in it dressed in medieval costumes.  They were showcasing their product named The Master and Mistress.

Continue reading

Product Review: Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps


Synopsis: Two tiny adjustable vibrating nipple clamps.

Our Review: Sure, one might be tempted to think a review on nipple clamps to be a bit underwhelming; but what can we say, we love nipple play! From tweezers to long finger nails to some downright painful pressure from sharp teeth, we are nipple stimulation addicts. So when flipping through a product catalog (looking for something totally unrelated) from sex toy manufacturing titan California Exotics, we happened upon these adorable little clamps and couldn’t resist ordering a pair.

Continue reading

Product Review: Devine Toy Box

Synopsis: A padded box, with small lock for storing your sex toys and accessories.

Our Review: With sex toy products piling up and spilling out of our bathroom cabinets, we often find ourselves digging through scores of different items to find something we want to use at that particular moment. This is especially true for certain items we use time and again, such as our EroscillatorGear Rings, and glass toys, and Pocket Rocket, just to name a few.

To get around this problem, we’d been keeping these “special” items in a desk drawer next to Eddy’s side of the bed; however, with a nosy 6 year old peeking around and the general clutter that inevitably develops, we had thrown around the idea for producing a Freddy and Eddy line of storage boxes to alleviate the problem. We’d thought maybe producing boxes from cedar or other wood materials might be nice and thus we set about getting pricing, design ideas, and manufacturing contacts in China.

And while that still may be an option in the future, we couldn’t believe our luck when we stumbled upon a pleasant lady at the Lingerie Show in Las Vegas who happened to already be carrying a line of toy boxes more than suitable to our needs. When we returned from our trip, we ordered both a toy box and condom cube (not sure why as our male half got snipped well before then). That “pleasant lady,” Nina Helms (the owner of Devine Toys, who make the boxes), was quick as her word and two days later we had our samples.

About the size of a typical shoe box (10″x5″x5″) and available in four styles, the Toy Box is a beautiful piece of work, which has more than enough room for a full compliment of sex toys and other intimate things. Lined with satin on the inside, the material does not scratch our glass toys, and the included lock (which is a lovely chrome key lock that adds to the overall appealing look) prevents our youngster from gaining access. A little imagination and you can hold just about any dildo or vibe up to 10″ long and you’ll still have plenty of room for your lube, condoms, restraints, and whatnot. The condom cube was just as nice; but as pointed out above we don’t use condoms which made it more useful for holding some of Eddy’s jewelry.

In summation, these toy boxes have solved a major problem for us and we HIGHLY recommend them for couples in need of a nice place to hide their toys in a sexy and secure manner. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these lovely boxes, click here or on the links above for more information or visit the Devine Toys website here.


Product Review: Sportsheets G-Spot Link Ankle Cuffs

Synopsis: A pair of adjustable nylon ankle cuffs, meant to hold the legs comfortably during sex in the missionary position (and its variations).

Our Review: A relatively simple and straightforward product, the Sportsheets G-spot Link Positionary cuffs are detachable ankle restraints that are meant to hold a woman’s leg in the missionary position (behind her partner’s back) for deeper and more comfortable penetration. And while we certainly can’t argue with the product’s ability to do its job, we’re still a bit undecided on the actual need for such a device.

One problem is that Eddy’s legs are short (she’s only 5′ 3″) and so wrapping her legs around my 6′ 2″ torso can be awkward. The cuffs do hold her ankles firmly together, yes, but she seems to feel more at ease with them extended outward or held back toward her body (knees close to her chest) with my arms locking them in place.

On the plus side, however, these cuffs are perfect for bondage situations and are some of the most comfortable ones we’ve come across. They certainly are less intimidating looking than the usual leather and studs to which we’ve become accustomed.

In summation, the Sportsheets G-Spot Link Positionary Cuffs work as advertised and, if you’re looking for an easy way to lock your partner’s ankles during love making, these are great for the job.

Interested in purchasing this great product? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store or here to visit Sportsheets’ website.



Aloe Cadabra All-Natural Organic Personal Lubricant

Synopsis: An aloe-based lubricant containing 95% organic aloe.

Freddy and Eddy’s Review: A great sign for the adult product industry has been the rise in natural lubricants. In fact, more and more companies are now turning to organic ingredients, as well as shying away from the traditional glycerin and petroleum-based concoctions that have dominated the industry over the last few years. Indeed, we’re now seeing seaweed extracts making their way into the bedroom.

AloeCadabra, from Seven Oaks Ranch, brings aloe into the equation, which as one who’s even remotely familiar with the substance knows, can be found in thousands of skin care products covering a multitude of purposes. As such, you can now count personal lubricant as one of these purposes. Boasting 95-97% organic aloe as AloeCadabra’s main ingredient (the other 3-5% being a thickening agent), this may just be the most organic sex product on the market today. We wondered why they didn’t go further and add recycled packaging to complete the eco-centric theme, but that’s a minor quibble.

Being as natural as AloeCadabra is, one can use it in virtually any situation; it’s condom safe, can be used during pregnancy, cleans up easily, and even makes a great hand cream. In fact, AloeCadabra can even be ingested, with some people believing aloe aids in digestion (however, it isn’t the tastiest thing you’ll want to eat).

In use, we soon became addicted to the stuff. Being in our 40’s, dryness has become more of an issue than it used to be, and a tiny bit of AloeCadabra goes a long way. Indeed, one might look at the 2.5 ounce size and conclude that it’s a tad pricey, but with only a pea sized drop needed in most situations, the bottle lasted us for weeks. The slickness was just right as well, and we now recommend it for pre and post menopausal women who have trouble producing moisture.

In conclusion, great stuff!

Interested in purchasing Aloe Cadabra lubricant? Click here to visit our online store or visit their wonderful website here. Remember, you purchases are the only way to keep this website running and free for everyone!

Product Review: Cialis

Synopsis: A drug that increases blood flow, resulting in harder and longer erections. It works within 30 minutes of ingestion and lasts up to 36 hours.

Our Review: First, a serious disclaimer; if you do NOT have erection problems, do NOT take this drug. The side effects can include headache, stomach ache, backache, and general muscle ache. In extremely rare cases, a condition known as Priapism, in which the penis becomes engorged and does not subside after 4 hours, can cause permanent damage to you penis and should be treated immediately by a doctor. Don’t take Cialis if you are using nitrates (often used for chest pain) or alpha-blockers prescribed for prostate problems. Finally, it’s best to avoid drinking lots of alcohol when taking Cialis as you may get dizzy and/or lower your blood pressure. I’ve heard of a lot of young males taking Cialis to counteract the effects of too much drinking and/or cocaine, which can be deadly. As all these drugs have only come out over the last 20 years or so, there are no credible (that I could find) studies to examine what long term use these types of drugs have, so be please be responsible.

With all that, I still embarked on a 36 hour stint with Cialis, taken on a random Sunday night and concluding the following Tuesday morning. During that period, with the recommended dose (10 mg), I had sex with my wife four times, masturbated twice, and was able to get hard practically at will (with a little help from our monstrous porn collection and a little strip tease from Alicia). The effects lasted about 40 hours, give or take a couple of hours, and definitely provided a sense of confidence to my just-under-50 libido. The second time Alicia and I engaged in intercourse (which was only an hour after the first), I basically could have continued thrusting away indefinitely and stayed erect; no amount of beating on my penis caused it to go flaccid. I was reminded of Viagra, except that Viagra wore off far sooner. Of course, once I climaxed, things returned to normal. I did experience mild to uncomfortable headaches, as well as stuffiness in my sinuses for the first few hours and they continued even after I popped a couple of Ibuprofen (the sinus congestion went away with a couple of shots of Afrin), though less in their severity. The morning after our first two encounters, we had sex again, I masturbated two hours later, and we had sex for the fourth time in 24 hours that Monday night.

And how did I manage to get my hands on Cialis? Just look around the internet – it’s all over the place. And for CHEAP. I simply picked one of the first search results for “cialis” I hit, filled out a 25 question “doctor’s” questionnaire, and the drug arrived within 7 days. I paid $105.00 for 100 tablets (including shipping) of generic Cialis, which goes by the drug name tadalafil, which worked out to around $1.17 per dose. I’m sure I could have gotten better pricing by going shopping around more; however, my purpose wasn’t to review sources, so I went for the first supplier I found comfortable ordering from. If you want the real deal, it will cost substantially more, and I compared genuine Cialis with generic and found no difference, FYI.

In summary, I can’t in good conscience recommend this product to anyone who isn’t experiencing erectile dysfunction. Even then, I’d probably pay a visit to my doctor beforehand. However, I’ve read that results and side effects vary greatly from person to person, so perhaps my experiences with headaches and sinus congestion are not that common. I was able to reduce the side effects by halving the dosage, and I will admit to keeping some on hand in case I’ve had too much alcohol and still want to have sex. Bottom line: Cialis is an effective tool to help bring males firm, hard erections and its 36 hour duration makes it very conducive to spontaneity, since you can choose the time and place for intimacy without worrying about when you last took the drug.

 We don’t condone or sell Cialis, but it is easily available online or through your doctor by prescription if you think it’s right for your situation.

Product Review: Happy Top Tickler Cage

Synopsis: A soft jelly sleeve that fits over the penis, providing extra stimulation to your partner and slight desensitization of the penis.

Freddy Says: Most reviews on our site deal with what we like to term, “heavy duty” sex products. That is to say sexy things like vibrators, dildos, and other higher purpose items that provide lots of orgasmic punch. Rarely, if ever, do we seek out the odd or kooky (for lack of a better word) offerings, despite the staggering array of such things dotting the sexual product landscape. These often fall under the category of “gag gifts,” more suitable for bridal (or bachelor) parties than serious sex play. It’s a shame really, that we’ve become so snobby in our old ages and we have since made the decision to widen the field, so to speak, and give a few lesser known things a try.

First up on this quest is the Happy Top Tickler cage, which is a variant on the age old French tickler. For those unfamiliar, the tickler was a device worn on the end of the penis, usually textured in some way, for the purpose of adding extra sensation during penetration of a woman’s vagina. As the tickler evolved, it often took the form of a condom with extra bumps or other protrusions, ranging from soft to firm, that could be worn during sexual intercourse to enhance the feeling at the vaginal opening (where most of the nerves are concentrated). For whatever reason, the French tickler fell out of favor, kind of like a fad, and hasn’t been much of a factor in the sex product market for some time.

Well, folks, we’re here to resurrect the humble tickler, starting with the Happy Top Tickler Cage, from Pipedreams. At only 8 bucks, the Happy Top provides a lot of fun, several uses, and the added benefit of desensitization along the way. It’s made of stretchy jelly material that can encompass even the largest of erections, is fun to look at, and can be installed and removed easily. Once on, it adds a slight amount of size, while the textured end gives a little extra stimulation to her privates. When we tried it ourselves, we immediately got a good laugh out of its appearance alone; and in practice there was definitely a different feeling to intercourse. Though we can’t say it made things any better, the Happy Top certainly didn’t hinder sex in the least. As a side benefit, wearing the stretchy device slightly desensitized things and helped extend our love making.

So our recommendation is to grab a Happy Top and throw some fun into your next interlude. Heck, maybe the French tickler will experience a resurgence – let’s get it going! 🙂

Interested in purchasing a Happy Top Tickler cage? Click here to visit our online store – your purchases help keep this site free for everyone!