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Shape shift your way into batter sex

Yoga Poses That Improve Your Sex Life


Spend time on the mat in order to prime your mind and body for romance

By Jill Provost

Has your love life gone from sizzle to fizzle? You don’t have to memorize the Kama Sutra to spice things up between the sheets. In fact, it’s the positions you assume outside the bedroom that could really heat things up. According to research in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sexually dissatisfied women who took up yoga and practiced mindfulness techniques reported higher levels of arousal and desire, and better orgasms. To reap similar benefits, perform the 10 poses below at least three times a week, spending a minute or so in each position. If this is your first time practicing yoga, don’t worry; we’ve linked each pose to a video tutorial so you can learn them at your own pace.

Wide-Legged Straddle Pose (Upavistha Konasana)

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5 Sex Positions That Can’t Possibly Be Enjoyable


By Freddy and Eddy

If you have ever watched porn, you’ve probably gazed with a sense of perplexed wonder at the crazy entanglements the performers manage to get themselves into (and out of). If you’re like us, you may have even tried a few with mixed results. The point is always to experiment; however, in many cases some sex positions are not only uncomfortable and decidedly not sexy, they can be borderline dangerous as well. Here are a few we definitely advise against if you aren’t a world class pair of gymnasts… Continue reading

Sex Positions 101: The Aussie Awakening

Type of sex position: Seated.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

The position of the penis can make this one awkward. The male starts on his back with his knees bent. The female sites upward with her legs at his side. From here, they grab arms and rock back and forth.



Sex Positions 101: Sausage to Go

Type of sex position: Rear entry using chair.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

The male should be behind the female and both of them should have their knees on top of the chair. Female’s legs should be kept together for extra friction and leaning forward provides depth.



Sex Positions 101: The Radio Flyer

Type of sex position: Rear entry, standing.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

The female should be on a chair with both knees on base. One knee is lifted for male to hold, while other rests on chair. The male will be straddling the leg that is rested on the chair while second leg is held.



Sex Positions 101: Othello’s Back Groove

Type of sex position: Her on top, reverse.

Sex positions degree of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

The female should be in front of the chair and lean forward with her hands on her knees. The male should be on the chair with his hands on the back of the chair and his feet at the corner of the base.



Sex Positions 101: Plowing the Field

Type of sex position: Standing rear entry.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

Start off with the female placing her feet on the base of the chair. She should then place her hands on the ground for support. The male then straddles her body and brings her body close to align with her vagina.



Sex Positions 101: The Richter Scale

Type of sex position: Her on top.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

Male should sit on chair with shoulders against the back and butt on end of base. Female can then climb on top and lift both legs onto his shoulders and rest both of her hands on his knees and lean back.



Sex Positions 101: Riding the Pine

Type of sex position: Her on top?

Sex position degree of difficulty: Extremely advanced!

Male length helps, but can be used for stimulation when penetration isn’t possible. The man lies against the chair with his bottom toward end of base. He lifts his legs as she approaches and enters her.



Sex Positions 101: The Back Seat Driver

Type of sex position: Rear entry (doggy).

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

Male should start with his back leaning against the chair. Female should back up until she feels his penis. From here, the male spreads his legs and guides her in and she can reach behind to align perfectly.