Product Review: Bathmate Hydro Penis Pump

Synopsis: An innovative pump that uses water pressure to increase the overall size of one’s penis (both flaccid and erect).

Our Review: I’ve always hesitated when it comes to penis enlargement. It’s not that having a porn star sized cock doesn’t appeal in some way to that long lost Maxim/teen part of my brain; it’s just that, after 20 years of marriage and countless women before my wife entered the scene, I simply haven’t had any complaints about the size of Mr. Happy. True, I’ve spent most of my sexually active years with petite Asian women; however, when I’ve ventured into other territories I’ve managed to avoid the stigma of coming up short. I’m not BIG, mind you, but average, and average seems to get the job done.

So when yet another penis pump manufacturer contacted us to get on our review schedule, I sighed and tried to convey that I didn’t normally try these devices anymore, figuring they all work on the same principle of “hypermia,” which stretches the main ligament running along the shaft and enlarges the three chambers that fill with blood by pulling more blood through pumping. True enough, the gentleman agreed, but he threw one into the mail anyway, whereby it sat on a shelf for a few weeks before I decided to give it a look. That decision was rewarded, as I’ll explain over the next few paragraphs.

The Bathmate is a penis pump, similar in looks to others on the market, but with a twist. Instead of sucking air into its main chamber, it instead uses water. To operate the Bathmate, you fill the device with warm water (in either a bath or while taking a shower) and insert your penis. A seal is created when you push down on the pump while holding it against your pevis, displacing some of the water and pulling blood into your penis, causing it to grow. The instructions recommend using it for 20 minutes per day for 30 consecutive days and results are supposed to range in the neighborhood of an extra inch or two in length, with a half to full inch in girth. Because the Bathmate uses water pressure and only gentle suction, there is practically no discomfort and, more importantly, less risk of damage to the penis due to over pumping.

My main hesitation in going forward with a review of the Bathmate was, believe it or not, out of concern for the environment. Living in Southern California, we often deal with droughts and the thought of wasting all that water – 20 minute showers – felt like I was betraying my conservationist roots. To get around this problem, I simply filled the Bathmate while taking my morning showers, held the device in place with one hand (it’s quite simple to operate the pump in this manner) and conducting my shower with the other (not so easy). In some cases, I was able to form a tight enough seal to go hands-free; however, I don’t recommend it as in a few cases the seal was broken and it hit the tub with a thud loud enough to bring my nosy wife into my experimentation.

In actual use, I must admit I did enjoy the sight of my cock growing ridiculously large inside the Bathmate chamber. After about 20 days, the regular pumping finally took hold and “shrinkage” issues disappeared. My penis hung nice and low and I venture to say I’d have had no problem hitting a nudist retreat in full display. By day 30 I had gained approximately 1.75″ in length, with a noticable increase in girth. I’ve since dropped down to using the Bathmate 2-3 times per week, which seems to work to keep me at the present size level. As advertised, the Bathmate caused no discomfort during use, in fact performing better than any pump I’ve tried to date. If you’re particularly small and considering a pump to help you, the Bathmate is definitely a great option.

Of course, while I didn’t mind a couple extra inches here and there, my wife could barely tell the difference during love making (though she did like the appearance in flaccid state). Likewise, during oral sex. Like most pumps I’ve tried, the Bathmate didn’t make me HUGE like a porn star, instead it enhanced my already respectable anatomy. Not to downplay the confidence aspect, I DO feel better about public nudity – which I’ve shied away from in the past – but as for the increased penis size greatly impacting my sex life, I’d have to say it was negligible. The Bathmate also claims to help with a host of other sexual issues, including stamina, orgasm intensity, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. Since I don’t have any of those issues (currently, at least) I can’t speak to those claims directly.

In the end, while that last statement may seem laizez faire, I do have to give praise to the device itself. In my experience, the Bathmate is simply the best penis pump I’ve yet encountered. It’s ridiculously easy to use, comfortable, and performs as it claims. I continue to use it as I do feel a bit better about my self with a larger non-erect penis and it’s downright fun to watch my member grow in the chamber during showers. It is for these reasons I give the Bathmate my highest recommendation.

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