Product Review: Eroscillator 2-Plus and Top Deluxe. 10 Years later it’s still the best sex product.

Back in 2003, we asked ourselves: could any sex toy justify costing more than 100 dollars? We just had to find out. The company – Advanced Response Corporations – claimed to have put 2 million dollars of research into their Eroscillator stimulation device, managed to become the ONLY sex product to gain endorsement of the big kahuna of sex – Dr. Ruth – herself, and makes the audacious GUARANTEE that the user will hit the Big O. This applies to ANY and ALL women who dare to open their pocketbooks to such extravagance and their satisfaction standard applies to the product to this very day. With all that in mind, we just couldn’t resist. We placed our order and waited. And waited. Unfortunately, a load of folks must’ve gotten the same idea, as the Eroscillator was back ordered, making us wait almost 6 weeks for its arrival. Luckily for Alicia, it arrived the day after her trusty Pocket Rocket finally performed its last orgasm (it gave out after 5 years of faithful service). That evening, we plugged it in and gave it a test run.

First, the facts. The Eroscillator (both the 2-Plus and its more powerful cousin, the Top Deluxe) is about 12″ long and  2″ in diameter. It is visually appealing (though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, obviously) and noticeably sturdy (an unconditional one year guarantee is standard). The entire unit houses the motor assembly and the actual stimulation comes from a very small tip which installs by easily plugging in at one end.  There are actually two flexible attachments that come standard, each with different functions (ball&cup for nipples and G-spot penetration and cluster&cockscomb for clitoral stimulation). There are other attachments available to purchase as well. For our first tryout, we decided to stick with the cluster&cockscomb and focus on the clit. Like the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Eroscillator is powered by electricity, so it can reach and sustain earth shaking power levels and the cord is a conveniently long 12 feet. This is not to be understated. The length of the cord enables lots of freedom to move around, which is a big plus when the heat turns up and you want to change positions on the fly. The manual is excellent and offers a great primer for novices and experts alike. Finally, it is relatively quiet for such a large and powerful device, so we weren’t concerned with waking up our little one as we ventured up the warp factors.

The product literature takes great pains to point out that the Eroscillator is NOT a vibrator. In fact, it actually oscillates (moves back and forth) between 2200 and 3600 oscillations per minute. Eddy definitely did not think it felt like any of her other vibrators. However, she can’t actually explain the difference. On the one hand, it’s more intense than the small battery vibes she’s tried, but on the other it seems to penetrate deeper than the more powerful toys in her collection as well. Even after prolonged use, there is no numbing of the clitoral area as happens with most standard vibrators, either. We can only conclude that the oscillations that they claim make a difference, do indeed MAKE a big difference. I have to admit, after seeing my wife try and enjoy so many toys, it was amazing that this one could actually stand out and deliver the goods. For both of us, the design of having the small tip doing the work made the Eroscillator surprisingly nimble for use during intercourse. Alicia seemed pretty comfortable maneuvering it in almost every sexual position imaginable while being penetrated by myself or a dildo (during solo play, for example). The large size of the Eroscillator body was also appealing to my wife as it made for easy control and manipulation, especially during partner play. Oh, and did we mention it gave her the most intense orgasm she’s ever had in her life? And that it continues to do so?

As briefly mentioned above, the Eroscillator 2-Plus also has a Top Deluxe version, which adds about 30% more power and 3 additional head attachments. For lovers of the Hitachi Magic Wand (in other words, “power users”), this would be the model to get and the Eroscillator Top Deluxe costs around $60.00 more.

In conclusion, this toy is a must have. 100-plus dollars does seem like a lot of money to spend on a sex toy, but when one considers the quality, versatility, and great pleasure payoff that comes with it, the cost seems a pittance. Especially if you factor in all the money you’ll save NOT purchasing other, less effective toys. We have now owned the same two Eroscillators – 2-Plus and Top Deluxe models – for TEN YEARS. Yes, you read that right, ten years and both show no signs of wear, tear, or letting up in any way. Call it Swiss engineering at its finest, perhaps, but we simply call it orgasmic quality.

 Interested in purchasing an Eroscillator? Click here to visit the Eroscillator website or click on the links above.

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