Product Review: Fun Factory Bootie Plug

Synopsis: A basic butt plug for beginner to intermediate anal play.

Eddy’s Review: Anal play….I forget that it used to feel good.  Why did I forget? I stopped playing back there  a while ago, that’s why!  So, after viewing a new DVD regarding How To: Anal, it got us thinking….

And by chance, the good people at Fun Factory sent us a new plug of theirs called Bootie.  This is a very petite plug which is perfect for newcomers.  It is 3” long with a bulbous angled head that is only 1” in diameter.  The neck is a slim 1” with only 12/16” in diameter.  The flange, which keeps it in place is 3.5” long and has a slight curve so that it forms to the body.  As all Fun Factory products are made with 100% silicone, the anal toy- Bootie is considered non-porous.  It is flexible yet firm, gentle to the body, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

We started my re-introduction to anal play by prepping with a shower so that I was all nice and squeaky clean!  Next, Ian made me comfortable by massaging my back and my derriere to relax my mind and body.  Next we added silicone lube so that he could massage the opening with just the pad of his finger.  He would then move on to “tipping” one of fingers, when my body allowed him in by relaxing my sphincter.  Once he was able to insert the tips of two fingers, he then lubed the Bootie and inserted it slowly.  All this is going on while he is soothingly talking to me to make sure I was still comfortable.  He continuously caressed my back and butt cheeks with light kisses while we slowly advanced to putting in the Bootie plug.  Once my opening was slightly relaxed it took in the Bootie with ease as the muscles of the sphincter just closed around the neck of the Bootie to hold it in place.  Having sex with the Bootie plug was a bit foreign to me, so that took some time to get my mind off thinking about it being in my butt.  But as we began really enjoy sex, my mind of course focused on my partner and the fun began.  After we had finished there was a slight hesitance of how I would take out the plug, but Ian just gently popped it out and went to wash it to put away until the next time.  I wonder why we waited so long to try a plug.  Pretty simple, yet fulfilling. .

Freddy Says: Let me just say, I’ll take any excuse to engage my wife in anal play. First, her butt is amazing, very atypical of most Asian women’s lack thereof. In a nutshell, her rear end is perfect, almost befitting a rap video for lack of a better reference. Years ago, we used to “go there” quite often as she really enjoyed anal play of virtually every kind. However, after giving birth to our child, an annoying hemmoroid problem suddenly appeared and that all but killed such pleasures from then on. However, after interviewing the fabulous Sex Nerd Sandra on one of our podcasts, Alicia got curious once again and we decided to try to reintegrate butt play into our sexual fun. Cautiously, we proceeded with the most unintimidating toy we could find, which turned out to be the Fun Factory Bootie Plug. It’s kind of small and easy to insert, providing just enough stimulation to make sex more pleasure able for her. Unfortunately, I doubt I’d want to use it myself, as it’s just a tad TOO cute and cuddly for my taste. That said, if you’re at all curious to try out anal play, this is the perfect way to start.

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