Product Review: Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Synopsis: A waterproof male pleasure device that concentrates stimulation at the most sensitive area of the penis.

Freddy’s Review: I find it curious how long it has taken for a product like the Cobra Libre to surface. Certainly, there’s no dearth in male masturbation options currently on the market; however, aside from the variety of shapes and materials available, the actual procedure of self pleasure for males has remained unchanged for the past 50 years (forever, if you take out products). That is to say, our hands, sleeves, pads, love dolls, and simulated vaginas all work by one main principle; mimicking the act of sexual intercourse (creating friction and by extension pleasure to get one to climax).

This is curiously short sighted, as a better path has been right in front of our penises since the first back massager made its way to a woman’s clitoris in the 1950’s. Meaning, of course, the direct stimulation of the main nerves through vibration instead of friction. I liken this to a woman stimulating her clitoris via her fingers, which involves a rubbing action to induce orgasm, over a vibrator, which hammers the nerve endings at high speed, intensifying the stimulation and subsequent orgasm (the main exception being the Eroscillator, which imitates the finger method, but at impossibly high speeds). Being that the main pleasure area of the penis – the frenulum, located near the head – is very similar to a woman’s clitoris, how is it possible no one has brought a male vibrator to market that concentrates on that specific penile region?

I’m happy to report that the summer of 2010 finally saw such a product make it into the adult product channel and, luckily, the company who rolled the dice and developed the first male vibrator (to my knowledge, anyway) was none other than uber sex product manufacturer Fun Factory. Known for their meticulous attention to quality and design, the German engineers at Fun Factory have scored a grand slam with their Cobra Libre male pleasure device. In fact, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre is a male masturbation toy so revolutionary and groundbreaking that I’m not entering the realm of hyperbole when I say this single product will revolutionize the male sex product market, no doubt spawning an entire market of imitators rushing to capitalize on their innovation.

So what, exactly, is the Cobra Libre? Aside from its vague name, the Cobra Libre is a vibrator for men, which for the first time gives us a chance to experience almost exactly what our females have been enjoying for decades – a clitoral type orgasm. Insert the upper end of your penis into the opening, activate, lose your mind. Repeat. The housing is made from hard plastic, with a silicone entry for your manhood toward the front. The Cobra Libre features Fun Factory’s proprietary “click ‘n charge” charging process (attach a small magnetic prong to the designated area on the Cobra Libre to charge it up), and the unit is completely sealed and water tight. Indeed, I used the device repeatedly in the shower (and continue to do so!) and its continued to function perfectly after a mere pat with my towel. The controls consist of three buttons located conveniently toward on top of the unit, and you simply need to softly stroke your finger across any one of them to engage.

In use, I started with a favorite porn clip (ah Tia Tanaka, is there any more porn star so perfect as you?) and did as instructed in the handy manual, inserting in flaccid state with a tiny amount of lube. After turning the unit on, I became erect within seconds and climaxed almost immediately. So quickly did the Cobra Libre bring me to orgasm that it caught me off guard and I was disconcerted to say the least. The feeling was completely unique and unlike anything I’d experienced sexually before. It wasn’t like sex – oral or intercourse – and it wasn’t like masturbating. This was something different, in my mind probably like what my wife must feel when using a clitoral vibrator. Imagine going from nothing and not erect to waves of increasing pleasure, then to the point of being unable to control your own climax, losing your mind briefly in the process. It was that incredible. I can only say I almost became addicted to the Cobra Libre for a week after first trying it. Since then, I’ve learned patiently to orgasm multiple times before decided whether or not to finish, so to speak, and my love making skills (I believe) have improved as a result.

In summation, I can only say that the $149.00 retail price tag puts the Cobra Libre right in line with the best female vibrators on the market today and is a fair price to pay for something as unique and pleasurable as the orgasms it provides. A winner on all counts.

If you are interested in purchasing a Fun Factory Cobra Libre, click here to visit Fun Factory’s website. Your product purchases keep this site running for all to enjoy.

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  2. BenjaminK

    Hello there !

    I’ve got a question which may benefit to other people in my situation, namely ‘premature ejaculation’ due to several (nervous) causes, including hypersensibility of the glans. It’s not a very big deal for me – I’m quite the sentimental type, don’t ‘practice’ a lot and prefer cuddling anyway… – and I’ve furthermore slowly managed to improve a bit my abilities over the years, but I’m always opened to new idears, options or exercices which could help to gain some measure of control over my ‘lower parts’.
    Breathing, ‘Start and Stop’ or PC ones already work (a bit), but I was wondering wether or not a vibrating product such as the “Cobra Libre” could be (more) appropriate (than other masturbators, like Fleshlights & Co) to play a bit with one-self, moving just before the climax step, carefully stopping, then starting again, etc.
    I’m asking that after I’ve read about a ‘so-called’ revolutionnary treatment called Prolong – Google gives away their website easily -, of course very expensive – haha ! – and of course completely dishonnest : in fact, by reading the instruction manual on the said website, one learns that what he gets for 200£ (a lot more in dollars) is basically a sum-up of the TCC “Start & Stop” technique, improved by the use of a (non-dischargeable) vibrator. Six weeks of basic training after which he’ll be able to throw away the said vibrator… The usual fraud… but this one gave me a good idear : would a vibrating toy like the “Cobra Libre” or something like the “Pulse” masturbator – you haven’t tested that one, I think – be able to assist someone practicing those “Start & Stop” techniques on their hypersensible glans… or would it be, based on your experience, probably to hard or to violent to be of any help ?
    Since pleasuring oneself isn’t really the objective here, most masturbators I’ve already tried make the gradual increase of pleasure either way to difficult to control – the Tangas aren’t appropriate at all for that -, either quite imprecise and very dependant on other factors (a lot of time, the right mood, etc. : the Fleshlights fall in this category), which may seem realistic after all, but when one is only looking for means to quickly and efficiently exercise himself, he may not be very interested in spending (each time) hours for that.
    So, as a matter of fact, do you think the “Cobra Libre”, due to its vibrating nature and speed, would make a good candidate for testing and training purposes ? It’s (still) quite expensive, so I’d rather seek advices about it before buying it…

    Thanks in advance for any answer !



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