Product Review: Toyfriend Double Shorty

toyfriendshortyAlicia’s (Eddy) Review: We are always looking for new and fun accessories to add a little “bump” to our love life, so we have come across the line of products of Toyfriend.  They are bright, colorful and designed to be happy.  Yes, I said “happy”.  They have an entire line of Original (compact), Power, Rocket and Double(Rabbit Style).  I grabbed the Double named “Shorty” and I am sure glad I did!

The Shorty is a rabbit-style vibe that is excellent for clitoral stimulation along with the insert able dildo.  It is designed to look like a mini rabbit with the ears being the clitoral stimulator.  The Toyfriend Shorty is one speed, and requires one 1.5v battery which is included. Toyfriend has updated all their batteries and it gives off a powerful punch when turned on.  The vibration is quite strong but due to the way it was designed, most of the vibration stays within the main housing and pin points it to the tip where the ears are.  The extended dildo part doesn’t really receive much vibration, which I really don’t need from that part of the toy.  The Shorty is 5’5” inches long, so it is compact.

When I first tried the Shorty, it really surprised me how much of vibration it gave off when first turned on.  The design of the Shorty, is just that…short and compact.  I loved that I could use this toy by myself as I love the clitoral stimulation yet, due to its’ design we could use it together without it getting in the way.  It is waterproof also, so I can’t wait to try it out in the bath or shower and I’m really looking forward to trying out the rest of the line of products of Toyfriend!

Ian (Freddy) say: The entire Toyfriend line is a refreshing infusion into a market that’s built on copycat designs and operational sameness. Eschewing complicated control mechanisms and 50-ways-to-confuse-an-orgasm confusion, Toyfriend has instead presented consumers with products that could’ve been lifted right out of Apple Computer’s marketing mantra (minus the high price tags). They just work – and well. Push the button on the Toyfriend Double Shorty, it comes on and you’re ready to play; push it again, it turns off. Period. Visually, the Toyfriend Double Shorty just screams FUN, and with a motor capable of pushing surprisingly powerful vibrations, my wife (a power queen if ever there was one) was startled at how quickly the product sent her soaring. It doesn’t hurt to have a nice little penetration to go along with your clitoral sensations, and here the Double Shorty delivers a reasonably sized appendage to fill the void. All in all, another really solid and effective offering with a bargain price point from Toyfriend, who are quickly becoming one of our favorite manufacturers.

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