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Product Review: Sliquid Glycerin-Free Personal Lubricants

Synopsis: An glycerin-free line of personal lubricants.

Freddy’s Review: I’m not one who usually falls for slick sales pitches – especially at adult trade shows. In our extended stint as proprietors of this website, we’ve seen and tried just about every type of product to make its way out of a Chinese factory, basement laboratory, and Chatsworth distribution center and can only yawn as the representatives of said product types make outrageous claims of how their offerings will revolutionize our bedroom. Predictably, most of these items eventually make their way to our trash receptacle.

Now, imagine someone trying to sell something as mundane and boring as personal lubricants. I mean, it’s one thing to be shown a vibrator that looks like a corncob or a puppet of a giant vagina, but LUBE? That has to be about the toughest sell in any industry (kind of like selling bottled water, right? “Hey, my water is clearer than theirs!”) and we usually pass the booths hawking the slippery stuff with a nod of our heads and a tip of our caps. Other than “My lube is more slippery than theirs blah blah blah,” what else can you say?

So it was with the most ardent effort that we tried to ignore yet another lube guy at a random adult trade show back in 2005 when our all-things-lube-guru Jenn escorted him over to our booth and he started spewing a torrent of information about his particular product – Sliquid. A guy right out of your worst used car lot nightmares, “DEAN” began his treatise on the benefits of Sliquid and every effort we made to politely halt his Sliquid song only made him sing louder with more determination than ever. We had to give it to Dean – he was and IS one passionate dude when it comes to his products.

At first, Eddy and I decided we’d let him ramble on, nod our heads, take his card, and toss it in the pile with all the rest who we wouldn’t be calling; however (and gradually) Dean started to actually make sense. Not only could this huckster spin a good yarn about how his wife was allergic to this lube or that, but he was like an encyclopedia of lubricant information, rattling off the ingredients of his competitors’ products – right down to the percentages and scientific compositions of each – with the confidence of Isaac Newton explaining the falling apple. If he succeeded at anything, it was convincing us that there’s certainly more to lubes than we ever gave credence and we promised to give Dean some respect by at least trying his free sample pack of Sliquid goodies.

Sliquid comes in basically four varieties. Silver is their top-of-the-line silicone-based lubricant, while their H20 is water-based and toy-safe. Silk is water-based but with a touch of silicone for added slickness (it is toy safe, as well), and the product line is rounded out with a group of flavored (Swirl), warming (Sizzle), and desensitizing (Stay) lubricants to address just about any market segment. They have also expanded their line to include organic versions and even released a nice collection of massage oils. In terms of using them, I can say with unequivocal sincerity that we love them ALL and now turn to a Sliquid product every time. The Swirl Green Apple Tart is very tasty and we even tried it on ice cream with great success and it makes a nice addition to oral sex from either perspective. The Silver stays slick for a seeming eternity (“longer than most Hollywood marriages” quotes the Sliquid website), while the H20 washes off with no trace. Our favorite – Sliquid Silk – actually has a permanent place on our headboard so as to be easily reached should things in our busy bed get going. One important fact about Sliquid pointed out by Dean is that NONE of the Sliquid products contain ANY sugar of ANY KIND (including glycerin, which is derived from sugar), meaning that Sliquid products will cause no allergic reactions whatsoever.

Eddy’s SaysSliquid Silk is one of the creations of the Sliquid, LLC family.  This fantastic line of personal lubricant are all Glycerin free and latex friendly.  The Sliquid Silk is unique, since it is a combination of being water-based and silicone together in the same bottle.  It can be said it’s a perfect marriage.  As all of their other products, the Silk is water soluble, hypoallergenic, latex friendly and uniquely blended to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication. 

Sliquid was introduced to us at L.A. Erotica from our wonderful friend Jenn who is always looking for the ultimate lube.  She raved about this new line of lube and brought over CEO, Dean Elliott.  Boy, could this man do a rap.  And I mean that with sincere flattery.  One could ask any question regarding lubricant, and Dean would have an answer to it with Sliquid and their product line excelling over most other companies’ offerings.  The fact is that he has his information down pat and is out to share his product with every person of consenting age.

When we first tried the Sliquid Silk formula, it’s additional pump topper gave just the right amount of lube.  You really don’t need a lot, just a quarter size amount.  The formula was perfect in that it was light to the touch, never getting tacky and finally dissipating into a slight sheen of silkiness.  We just love it.  In fact, we have our bottle of Silk sitting on top of our headboard!

In summation, we’re certainly glad we took the time to indulge Dean’s sales pitch and we now highly recommend the entire Sliquid product line as one we can heartily support and sell. To purchase or learn more, click here to visit our online store (available Monday) or here to visit the Sliquid website.


Product Review: The Luv Mat and Liberator Fascinator Throe


Looking to make some hot, steamy love in all the right places, but are worried about bodily fluids finding their way into your expensive furniture, mattress, or bedding? Here are two blankets with built-in moisture barriers to keep the fires burning and the linens safe and spot free.

The Luv Mat Shag Throe

Synopsis: A soft, lined shag blanket designed to prevent unwanted messiness due to sexual activity.

Freddy’s Review: It was only a matter of time before a competitor to the venerable Liberator Fascinator emerged. We say ‘venerable’ as the Liberator throe has become our must-have product; so versatile it serves us not only in our bedroom, but accompanies us on picnics, keeps us warm in winter cold snaps, and even survived a shag on the open playa at Burning Man in 2006. Could another water-resistant blanket really compare?

The answer is yes… and no. The Luv Mat, a shaggier version of the Fascinator, indeed does outperform the Fascinator in certain ways, while coming up short (literally, for lack of a better term) in others.

The Luv Mat is the brainchild of a couple in Ohio who actually bought a Fascinator and didn’t like the fact that Liberator’s product, while indeed protecting the bedding underneath, did not soak up excess moisture. Instead, said moisture was allowed to run down the throe and end up finding its way off the blanket and on to… wherever. In our own experience, this is indeed a problem with the microfiber version of the Fascinator; however, the shag version, while not totally efficient when it comes to soaking in wetness, does so well enough for it not to be a major problem. The Luv Mat takes it a step further by increasing the depth of the shag and adding another layer of fabric in-between. The result is a much “plusher” feeling when the two are put side by side. And, we must admit, when things got sloppy (as they tend to in our crazy sex life), the Luv Mat gave us a more secure feeling that whatever was underneath would be safe from stains or otherwise. The construction of the Luv Mat is very solid, and we feel the product will be around for years of service though hundreds of washings. The Luv Mat also comes in two sizes – travel and standard – which makes for nice options (the Fascinator is only available in one size). Our only complaint would be the lack of color options; if you don’t like bright red, you’re out of luck as that’s the only color available (for now).

As for extending the Luv Mat’s versatility, it matches up to the Fascinator very well, though on hot summer days you may find it to be a tad warm. On the flip side, the Luv Mat seems nice and toasty when things cool down as they can even here in sunny Southern California, where we live. In summary, we think the Luv Mat is a great investment and love the fact buying one supports true small business entrepreneurs. The pricing is reasonable for the excellent quality and we look forward to stretching its limits for years to “come.”

Interested in purchasing a Luv Mat? Click here to visit the Luv Mat website.

The Liberator Fascinator Throe

Synopsis: A soft, lined blanket designed to prevent unwanted messiness due to sexual activity.

Our Review: From the people of Liberator Shapes comes the most ingenious design of functional furniture.  Although it might not classify as furniture it sure does belong as a functional accessory, an accessory that all couples should have.  Introducing the Fascinator Throe, it is a 5’ x 6’ blanket that has a luscious micro-fiber material on one side and a silky Satin texture on the other.  The wonder of this product is that they each one has an inlaid a moisture barrier made of waterproof nylon between the different layers to prevent stains wherever and whenever that “urge” might occur. Freddy will give you an actual example in a minute, but suffice it to say that we’ve been using it over just about every square inch of our store. 🙂

The Fascinator Throes come in 3 different themes; Shag, Safari & Posh.  Of course I love the Posh series since we’ve become snobs!  We have tried it almost everywhere, and not for just sex.  We even used it for a beach outing.  It laid out for 3 people to sit on with the ease of your normal beach towels.  But when we did use it for the “dirty deed,” it was darn impressive.  We tried it on the couch, on our Tantra Chair and of course on the bed.  The materials are just so plush that you want to lay on it for days. What “fascinated” me the most was the convenience of how easy it was to wash.  The more I washed it, the softer and more luxurious it became. Not only that, but everything washes out completely; lube, massage oils, candle wax and even beach sand.  Amazing!

The Fascinator is a great tool to add fire and lust in your relationship.  It is just the addition you need to get creative in your love life.  With the easy portable bag included, all you need to do is throw it in your car or luggage and it is off to have fun, fun, fun!  It’s a MUST on your sexy fun list.

Freddy Says: There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance (one which I straddle somewhat successfully day in and day out), that the folks at Liberator display when it comes to their product line. Talk to partner Don Cohen at trade shows, for example, and he will unleash a barrage of product praise the likes of which Elmer Gantry sermon would envy. The problem is, however, that no matter how much you’d like them to fall on their asses occasionally (the New England Patriots come to MY mind), they continue to keep releasing great products and upping the ante for the entire adult industry. Continually. Like the Liberator Ramp and Wedge? Here’s a version with restraints. Wish you could get a bigger or wider size? Done. Different colors? Check.

And so it is with the Fascinator, a product that has turned our humble shop into a proverbial sexual playground for us no matter where or when the mood strikes. If, for example, Eddy’s sweet behind is moving just a little too nicely as she boxes up those orders, I can just grab the Fascinator, throw it down, and get busy right on the spot. And not only does it help us, but while a crew filmed a couple of “Blind Date” episodes at our place over the summer it was only the presence of this handy throe that allowed them to go over the top.

In summation, I am amazed that these Liberator folks keep clearing the fences in their quest to make our sex lives better and I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

Interested in purchasing a Fascinator? Click here to visit our online store or here to go to the Liberator site.

Product Review: Trinity Love Swing

Alicia’s review: After letting it languish in its box for weeks in our closet, we finally decided to put up our Trinity Love Swing and give it a test.  Honestly, if your home doesn’t have open beam ceilings, installation can be quite tricky, requiring a stud finder to locate a proper joist into which you can screw the eye hook to hold the  swing (and the weight of up to 250 pounds). An alternative method is to use a door frame, but this will limit your options when using your swing.  Luckily, we have an open beam ceiling in one room of our home – the bedroom – so putting in our swing was a five minute affair.  Hmmmm!  We wondered if this was meant to be?

Well, in a quick flash, Freddy was up on a ladder to affix the eyelet screw, chain and the “mega” metal spring that holds up to 200 pounds.  If the weight of one person exceeds the 200 lbs., all you have to do is remove the spring (which enables you to only facilitate the up-and-down motion).  The last part is to add the single-unit constructed swing itself, which is designed with four supports to comfortably hold the back, butt and both legs.  The supports are covered with very soft neoprene and the straps are made of heavy-duty nylon that is fastened securely to the Torque Support Bar that provides balance to the swing for even distribution of weight. 

We were both chomping at the bit for this product review, especially my husband. We were going to have a good ole’ time, I imagined, so I dressed up in my newest sexy outfit (thanks to the kind people of Trashy Lingerie in Hollywood), while he lit the bedroom with romantic and sensual candles.  He lifted me gently up onto the padded butt support, which I quickly slipped and fell out of!  With a little practice I was sitting pretty and swinging all around and it was really comfortable, almost like sitting in one of those swinging hammocks.  Well, the little book that comes with the Trinity Love Swing gives you a couple of pages of different positions that you can try to attain for Oral Sex and for Intercourse.  So, of course we had to try them all.

Oral sex was first and it was quite heavenly.  Just lay back and let yourself go.  Really!  It was really relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.  We then added our toys to the scenario. We used our Fun Factory Patchy Paul and moved on to our other toys like the Fukuoku 9000 and the Eroscillator.  It was great swinging and having the use of my hands to use our accessories.  When we finally moved onto trying the swing for intercourse we found out how great an asset it is for couples to use.  Being that I’m only 5’2’’ and my husband 6’2” this was a treat.   There was no possibility of having hubby strain his lower back trying to bump and grind. He was in total heaven while I was in total ecstasy!

Reviewing this device was wonderful. At no time did I ever feel that I was not safe or secure.  It is an apparatus that is very useful in the way that it adds new depth to having sex in total comfort and virtual weightlessness. When the swing is not in use, you just need to unhook the assembly, except the eyelet hook, and no one would ever know that you were swinging from the ceiling.  Use it as a couple or by yourself.  It definitely deserves the room.  Move over bed, the swing needs to hang!

Interested in purchasing a Trinity Love Swing? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store!