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Product Review: Wake Up Vibe


In an age where our cell phones have become replacements for so many of our cherished devices (pagers, point-and-shoot cameras, portable music players, fitness trackers, etc.), is there still a place for an actual standalone alarm clock, let alone one that costs almost $60.00 and adds a clitoral vibrator, in our lives? The Wake Up vibe Alarm Clock Silicone Vibrator tries to answer this question affirmatively with an attractive, functional, and innovative twist on the mundane alarm clock of bygone eras. Intrigued with its category defying audacity, we purchased one for Alicia to review, putting it through its paces and challenging the Wake Up Vibe’s claim that she would “get more energy, increased libido, and feel much happier,” as stated on their own website. Would this alarm clock for the clitoris enliven our morning ritual? Read on to find out… Continue reading

Product Review: Lelo Nea

Synopsis: A less expensive version of the Lelo Lily Pleasure Object, made from hard plastic instead of silicone.

Eddy’s Review: It is amazing what the Swedes create. Not content to sit on their laurels with their luxurious predecessor, the Lily, they released a sequel, the Nea, that is not only less expensive, but in many ways superior to its more expensive sibling.

The NEA has all the bells and whistles that the Lily has with just one component missing, the wonderful silky tactile material that envelopes the Lily. The NEA has a different finish which is slicker and glossier. They have added a romantic little design on the top and bottom to catch the eye of the beholder. It uses the same universal charger that the other two designed vibes (Lily and Ida) use. It had the same brilliant technology that the previous vibes use also; LED lit pads that enable the user to go from low, medium and high by the mere pressing of its well positioned buttons. Continue reading

Sex Toy Product Review: Ovo K2 Rabbit Style Vibrator

ovok2Synopsis: A small, low-priced, yet powerful sex toy that puts more expensive rivals (Lelo, are you listening?) to shame.

Our Review: After years of trying virtually every type of sex toy ever invented, and in all price ranges, styles, colors, and material compositions, we’ve lately tried to turn our attention toward finding bargains in these unsettled economic times, and no company we’ve come across embodies orgasms-on-the-cheap quite like German manufacturer Ovo. We’ve written reviews of two of their vibrators – the T1 and D1 – and placed our order for their medium sized rabbit device, following their eschewing of catchy product names and simply titled the K2. Could this Lelo Ina knockoff deliver similar orgasms at less than half the cost?

The answer to that question would be an emphatic YES, but we’ll get to that in a moment. The Ovo K2 rabbit vibrator is a medium sized device, approximately 10″ in total length, with an insert able length of just over 5″. The rabbit “ear” protrudes outward about 2.5″ and can be flexed into just about perpendicular from the toy. There is one motor located inside the silicone shaft, which is controlled via four buttons on its base/housing, and a snug end cap twists off to reveal the battery compartment (the K2 takes two AAA batteries). The K2 has three speed settings and another five programming modes, enabling a variety of different options and, as a bonus, is waterproof for shower or bath play. The packaging is top notch as with all of their other toys, with the K2 set neatly inside a sturdy and elegantly designed box with the product’s picture adorning the front. How they manage to produce such a lovely presentation for under $50.00 is almost inconceivable. As an aside, Ovo guarantees their product for FIFTEEN YEARS, though we are a bit unclear as to how one goes about returning a defective item to Germany as suggested on their website.

Once put into use the Ovo performed every bit up to standards set by products costing double its price. The K2 produced three ejaculations (yes, yes, we know, Eddy is a master of this, but still…) in short order and its size made for an easy clitoral addition when engaging in intercourse. We took it into the shower for some water play and dared to actually submerge it (which the instructions specifically warn against, but we did it anyway) and the K2 took on no water – none – in its battery compartment (whew!). Just for kicks, we dusted off our Lelo Ina, obviously an inspiration for the K2, and compared them side by side. Though the Ina boasts a second motor and a few more programming options, the results were close in terms of effectiveness. The Ovo K2 manages plenty of stimulation despite the absence of a second power plant and its just as quiet. In terms of value, we give the nod to the $100.00 less expensive Ovo.

In summation, we are going to go ahead and order the rest of the Ovo lineup and replace some of our older, redundant toys. The K2 is an awesome bargain and great compliment to any couples toy arsenal, whether beginner or advanced or somewhere in between.

Interested in purchasing an Ovo K2 Silicone Rabbit waterproof vibrator? Please click here or on the links above to visit out online store. Your purchases help keep this site free for everyone!

Product Review: Invisible Companion Stretchy Ring

Synopsis: A stretchy cock ring with a powerful bullet vibe.

Freddy’s Review: I love cock rings. From metal to leather to silicone, I like the way they look and love the way they feel. Sure, they can have the effect of prolonging my erection and enhancing climax, but that’s all gravy as far as I’m concerned. The real pleasure comes from watching as my ringed package finds its way to the promised land, otherwise known as Eddy’s vagina.

The Invisible Companion is a clear silicone ring that stretches to fit any conceivable size genitals. It also has a second opening for a small bullet-type vibe (powered by 3 included watch batteries), easily manipulated to hit your lady’s clitoris or give some extra rumble to penetration. It bears resemblance to the Deluxe Techno Lover, which we also love, but without the hassle of having to put the battery in to activate and remove to turn off. Activating the Companion is as easy as turning the dial on the end of the vibe.

Eddy and I had the opportunity to use the Companion on a recent trip to Avila Beach, where we had our own hotel room (our son and his grandmother shared a separate suite). This allowed Eddy to let loose and really apply the pressure from the vibe to her clit as I slowly moved in and out. One of the nicest features of the stretchy silicone is the ability to move it in all manner of directions (or hold it still while I move) while it remains firmly in place – even as the action gets more intense. It wasn’t long before she hit her first orgasm and then recovered to come twice more before I let loose myself. On a separate note, I had just started practicing some techniques from a book promising to teach MEN to experience multiple orgasms, so this was great practice.

In summation, this toy earns our highest recommendation. It’s reasonably priced, powerful, and easy to use. The vibe is good quality and you should enjoy many adventures, both visible and otherwise, with this fabulous toy.

Interested in purchasing an Invisible Companion ring? Click here or on the links above.

Product Review: Lotus DeFlower Me Silicone Masturbation Sleeve

Synopsis: A translucent masturbation sleeve – measuring 4″ x 1″ – made from “senso” material with a flower-shaped opening for insertion.

Freddy’s Review: One of the more bizarre reviews we’ve ever done, this product managed to eventually win us over with its weird shape and versatility. If this seems a vague statement, things will come more into focus with a little background information.

First, when it comes to masturbation sleeves, we crown the Utamaro king of the hill. This ugly piece of silicone is, in fact, so effective it has actually spawned a TRIBE devoted to its rabid fans. I’ve had e-mails describe how users have thrown it away because it’s TOO good at its job – namely, that lasting more than a minute with the Utamaro wrapped around your penis is darned near impossible. In my own experience, I’m about three-strokes-and-out with Utamaro, especially when one of my favorite adult films accompanies my adventure. It’s that good.

Now, I’ve heard that other sleeves are as good or better, namely the Fleshlight, to name one; but fooling around on my beloved Utamaro with just any old product was out of the question. When this little jelly item showed up from our friends at Wild in Secret, I immediately filed it away in my sock drawer for a future date when Eddy would get that wild hair up her butt to watch me “do my thing.”

That date arrived only two days later, when we came up with the brilliant idea to combine the Lotus Eater with two of our favorite sexual pastimes – oral sex and sweets. Being so small (or am I so big?!), the Lotus Eater could be slipped over my erection with plenty of shaft to spare, meaning Eddy could take the top portion of Mr. Happy in her mouth while simultaneously stroking the the rest with the Lotus Eater! The sweets came in with a dose of Sliquid flavored lube, which provided just the right amount of friction and masked the slight rubbery taste of the sleeve. Brilliant! Going solo, incidentally, the Lotus Eater is a competent performer, though no Utamaro.

In summation, we now pull the Lotus Eater out on occasion to make fellatio that much better and it’s certainly more attractive (or less ugly, depending on your perspective) than Utamaro. Combined with your favorite flavored lube, the Lotus Eater is certain to add a cool twist to even the best blow jobs!

Interested in purchasing a Lotus Eater? Click here or on the links above.

Product Review: The Screaming Octopus

Synopsis: A tiny, waterpoof vibrator, encased in silicone gel.

Eddy’s Review: Sometimes you come across a toy that is too cute for words.  Just by saying that, one has to wonder “does it work?”

The folks at Bushman Products, who designed the Screaming O, the way cool disposable vibrating cockring, have designed a great little vibe called the Screaming Octopus that is encased in waterproof silicone and shaped like a miniature octopus.  The main body of the octopus is about 1 inch in height while the eight protruding arms with miniature suction cups, measures ½ inch each.  The main housing for the egg-type vibrator is the same unit that is used in the Big O, where you can replace the batteries but keep the main housing.  The power is emitted from 2 watch batteries which gives off a nice rezzer, but the key to making this toy work is how the vibration works its’ way down to the tips of the tentacles.  This minute amount of vibration that travels down through the tentacles creates a genuine rezzer that is eight-fold due to the mere touch of each tip of the eight tentacles.  The trick of getting the full potential of this unique little toy is not placing the main rezzer on ones’ clitoris, but to oh, so gently float the octopus back and forth letting the tentacles slightly hover over the clitoris.  The Screaming Octopus also has a 2 inch braided extension located at the top to enable the user to handle it with ease. 

It was a natural thought that I would use the Screaming Octopus in the bathtub where I could take it for its first run.  Just preparing my bathroom was an event in itself.  I normally don’t have the luxury to take too many baths, since sharing the commitment of running a household and business while watching out for our 14 year old son really doesn’t permit it.  So getting ready for this review, I thought it would be grand to indulge myself.  As I started the water in the tub, I found myself rummaging through my bathroom cabinet to see the mounds and mounds of bath paraphernalia I had collected over the years.  So I first found some sea salts to add into the hot bath, then I added Passion fruit scented bubble bath to heighten my smell sensory.  I gathered a book that had been on my “To Do” list for a while and placed it on a stool next to my petite Screaming Octopus adjacent to the bathtub. And lastly, I added a nice candle that has a wood wick which made a crackling sound as it burned.  Now I was ready to indulge myself into a world where once I closed the door, I was in MY sanctuary.  As I donned off my clothing and stepped into my soothing oasis, the old Calgon commercial, “Take me away…” popped into my head.  As I slipped deeper into my bath I felt the stress leave my body and the sea salts starting to mend my weary mind.  I began to read my book and once I reached Chapter 3, laid it down and picked up my little blue octopus.  The “On” tab for the octopus is designed to be on top of the head.  So I played around with it to see how agile it was to the touch of my finger and see if I could use it with just one hand.  I found that I could press slightly while grasping it with my thumb and third finger to have the rezzer turn on and off quickly or that I could press it down with more pressure and have it turn on to a constant vibration whereas I could now hold onto the braided tail and place it wherever I wanted to on my body.  I found that the intensity of the vibration when I put the Screaming Octopus straight onto my clitoris was a pretty intense steady vibration.  But what I found which was much more pleasurable was when I lifted my pelvis and had the Screaming Octopus dangle above it as its’ vibrating arms barely touched my clitoris.  Wow!  I now know why it’s called “Screaming”!  Let’s say I now know why my fingertips get so shriveled staying in the bath so long!

Next, we brought the Screaming Octopus into play with my husband, aka Freddy.  We were having an amorous evening, when Freddy brought out the Screaming Octopus to add some fun to our night of passion.  As I was straddled across Freddy facing towards him, in one of our oversized comfy chair, I leaned back to let him place the mini octopus right along my clitoris, to add to my growing frenzy.  As a vibrating tentacle barely touched my now swollen erogenous zone, I let out a gasp as my body trembled with exhilaration.  Each time Freddy dangled the Screaming Octopus over my clitoris, letting the various arms tickle my clit, my body was building up to a crescendo.  Finally, Freddy held me firmly on top of him while he put the main body of the vibe straight on me to make my body shudder as I hit that final note of ecstasy.  The evening was a rousing success, since Freddy successfully got me to hit my pleasure zone while controlling the whole event.

The Screaming Octopus is a fun loving vibrating toy that adds a lot of excitement to any lovemaking.  Whether you use it solo or with a partner, it enhances the way you make love.  Having a toy that you can use in the water is definitely a plus, while making it easy to replace the 2 watch batteries for continuous play completes the package.  It’s so small and petite, that you can throw it in your makeup bag to have it near by for any getaways.

Freddy Says: I must admit that anything that will get my wife to take five minutes for herself is assured a positive spin from me. The Screaming Octopus was cute and unique enough to motivate Eddy to light some candles, draw a hot bath, and soothe away her stressful day in the name of helping the cause, so I must give props for that first and foremost. She seemed to enjoy it solo, so we used it together that very same evening and had a very good time. The size is small enough to stimulate her clitoris while engaged in intercourse and the intensity was pleasurable, if not overwhelming (power craving clits will probably not reach peak orgasm at this vibration level). All in all, though, the darned thing is cute as heck and it provides a nice tingle wherever one chooses to allow its tentacles.

Interested in purchasing a Screaming Octopus? Click here to visit our online store or here to visit the Screaming O website.

Product Review: The Rock Chick Personal G-Spot Massager

rockchickSynopsis: A U-shaped device for massaging two erogenous zones simultaneously.

Our Review: This most interesting toy came to us via the U.K.  It came in a small box (and you know the old saying of great things coming in small packages).  This new toy is called “Rock-Chick”.  Inside the clear box you see an interesting “U” shape toy.  It reminds me of a wine opener or a feminine Pac-Man (I’m really showing my age now!). Once outside the packaging, this high-quality silicone toy feels firm and inviting.  There are no hard edges, nor does it have breakable parts. It is quite amazing to feel that the toy is close to the temperature of the human body and the more I caressed it, the more erotic it became.

The kind people of Rocks Off Limited say; “The unique “U” shape of the Rock-Chick allows the user to experience penetration and clitoral massage simultaneously.  You insert the narrower end into the vagina, and the wider end rests on the clitoris, then with a gentle one-handed rocking motion the Rock-Chick will stimulate both the “G” spot and the clitoris in one action.” Well, it was time to play! 

With a closer examination the narrower end curved up at the end to stimulate the G-spot while inserted and the wider end had a ribbed inside to add a little friction to your clitoris.  All I needed was a little water-proof lube and off I went. It was indeed a fun toy to masturbate with and  I had a great time trying out the rocking motion. It succeeded in rocking my world!  The next night, I tried it out with Freddy, as he wanted to try it out with a new position. As I lay on my belly with my hips raised by a pillow he just manipulated the Rock-Chick on me so effortlessly.  We tried different motions other than the recommended rocking until I couldn’t stand it anymore and made him replace the toy with himself!

Overall, it is a pretty nifty toy.  It is made out of Medical grade silicone, shaped to fit all erotic sized women, and feels delicious!  It is definitely marketed to women, as it comes in shades of pink and purple.  But its use is definitely fun for couples.

Interested in purchasing a Rock Chick? Click here to visit our online store or here to visit the Rock Chick web site.

Product Review: Natural Contours Ultime G-Spot Vibrator

Synopsis: A U-shaped vibrator designed to simultaneously penetrate and stimulate the clitoris.

Eddy Says: Oh, the wonderful world of vibes we live in.  There are so many to choose from, where shall we start?  There is size, power, feel to the touch, and just the look of a vibe.  I found one that seems to capture them all in one toy – The Ultime.  The Ultime, a personal massager is made by Natural Contours.

The Ultime is one of many styles of vibrators that Natural Contours created the continues to get use in our toy collection.  Though all Natural Contours vibrators are ergonomically designed to fit the unique curves of a woman’s body, the Utime is specifically shaped to hit the G-Spot. Its innovative shape is designed to deliver vibrations at both ends, which allows the Ultime to deliver pleasure in more spots than one. 

The Ultime has a soft edge at a 90 degree angle.  The handle base is thick for easy handling, while having a three speed slide switch that is positioned to flick with your thumb.  The other end is bulbous with such curves that it is sleek.  The tip is curved ever so slightly to hit your G-Spot.  It is 8 1/4″ long.

The night I tested the Ultime, I lit some candles and closed the door to the rest of the world.  I laid back and cleared my head of all the chaos that our daily lives encounter.  I put a couple of drops of lube and started my journey.  The first level of the vibe was nice, while teasing my body with the tip of the Ultime.  As I let the massager enter more, I raised the vibrations to the next speed.  That was even better, since the noise of the massager was so quiet.  When I got to the third speed level, it was so intense!  While the vibrations where hitting my G-Spot, I let the handle (where the continuous vibrations ended) lay against my clitoral area and simultaneously made my body go into complete ecstasy. 

They were right when saying that this line is made for women, BY women.  It is such a simple toy, yet it was designed solely for a woman’s enjoyment and fulfillment as their main goal.  They’ve succeeded and I highly recommend the Natural Contours Ultime to all women.

Freddy saysThis one was sort of a surprise, as I didn’t know she had been using it for a couple of weeks prior to handing it to me to use on her one fateful evening. And, try as I might, I could not maneuver it correctly to provide her with pleasure without specific instructions during the process. I finally gave up and put the Ultime back in her capable hands and let her give me a demonstration. Va-va-va-VOOM is all I can say for that! We’re becoming quite the fans of the Natural Contours products; they all have extremely powerful motors and a wide range of settings to go from gentle purr to Godzilla-like rampaging power. They are also very quiet, which means you won’t be distracted by loud buzzing sounds and won’t have to worry about waking the kids.

If you are interested in purchasing a Natural Contours Ultime, click here or on the picture above to visit our online store or here to visit the Natural Contours website.

G-Gasm Wisteria Breeze G-spot Vibrator

wisteriagSynopsis: A very basic g-spot stimulator.

Our Review: It’s difficult to argue against the toy that produced this infamous Cytheria squirting video, and costs only 20 bucks, so it was with great anticipation that we were moved to order one by a member of our message boards. Could this thing produce the geysers for us that we’d seen in vids across the porn universe?

Well, the answer to that one is complicated. We’re of the belief (and we have inside knowledge) that those 18 foot streams blasting out of women like fire hoses gone amok in adult videos are, in fact, porn performers peeing their bladders dry after ingesting massive amounts of water. Most women who ejaculate experience a far more subtle orgasm, usually resulting in a soft trickle of fluid (as is the case with us). In our journeys through g-spot orgasms, some sort of clitoral stimulation is usually required along with the pressure inside the vagina to produce the desired result.

In fact, after first achieving female ejaculation three years ago, we’ve practiced sufficiently to reach them using nothing more than a couple of well-placed fingers and basic clit vibe (such as the Layaspot or Pocket Rocket). For solo play, ejaculating is a simple rabbit vibe away (the Thumbelina is the tool of choice here). Basically, anything that can adequately press on the inner vaginal wall where the g-spot resides will do the trick and, since fingers get tired, toys like the Wisteria Breeze are indispensable.

Anyway, the G-Gasm Wisteria Breeze is an inexpensive, attractive, and functional tool that does the job and does it well. The head is about the size of a small egg or golf ball, which can be inserted easily and manipulated to put pressure on the entire area until the g-spot is located. As an added bonus, it contains a small vibrator in the shaft that is surprizingly powerful and it water resistant. In a pinch, the G-Gasm can be put into service as a competent clit stimulator in addition to its intended purpose.

In summation, the G-Gasm is a bargain at 20 bucks and we highly recommend it!

Interested in purchasing a G-Gasm? Click here to visit our online store.

Product Review: The Fukuoku 9000 Finger Vibrator

Synopsis: A tiny vibrator that fits on the end of your finger. Originally invented for headaches, women everywhere quickly discovered its true calling.

Our Review: One must certainly tip their hat when it comes to Japanese ingenuity; our Honda Odyssey was a technological and visual marvel (how else could I talk Alicia into buying a minivan over a Lexus?), as is our television (Sony), stereo (Sony), and electric toothbrush (Fujitsu). It’s no wonder then, that the society responsible for the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Toto Toilet would come up with a sexual wonder toy to tickle the clitoris and soothe headaches at the same time.

The Fukuoku 9000 is a small fingertip vibrator that provides steady, medium power vibrations via two watch batteries (included). Made of sturdy plastic, it comes with three different rubber tips that can be easily changed, a cute leather carrying case, and an extra set of batteries. To use it, one needs only slip it on his/her finger, click the switch to turn it on, and apply vibrations where desired.

We’ve now owned this product for almost 8 years and have used it hundreds of times by our conservative estimates. Not only does our Fukuoku keep going, but we’ve rarely had to replace the batteries during all that use! The toy is great for just about every situation and place and we have used it while driving on long trips (I’m driving, of course) and in every room of our home. It’s very quiet, discreet, and a bargain at under 30 bucks. We especially like to suggest this product for couples new to sex toys (we’ve often given them away to friends) and women new to masturbation, as it offers a very gentle, non-threatening, and flexible way to initiate themselves to the enhancement toys can provide at a very low price point. Of course, veterans of vibrator play will love it as well, although the power hungry may wish to look to something more powerful. As an aside, the product was originally designed to cure migraine headaches.

To purchase a Fukuoku 9000 from our online store, click here.