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Product Review: Tantus Curve Silicone Dildo

Synopsis: The Curve was the first of a  line of Tantus® products to feature a wider base, enabling people to combine the versatility of harness play with the direct G-Spot stimulation all women crave. Better still, the subtle angle of the Curve makes it ideal for anal or vaginal play, and the smooth silicone makes penetration a joy for men or women.

Eddy’s Review: Tantus has introduced their newest dildo called the Curve into their line of products.   Of course Tantus continues with creating new pieces made out of 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone.  The Curve resembles a combination of two of their current products; acute and charmer.  The Curve takes from the previous two products and has evolved into a fantastic new piece.

The Curve is a 6”  dildo, with another 1” for the flare base while the diameter is 1 3/8”.  The tip has a 1” phallic design where then a ripple cascade begins below the tip and runs along the top of the shaft.  The underside is smooth, yet has some indentation length-wise.  If you stand it on its’ base, the dildo does not stand straight, but has an angle.  This is where the end user will find it quite compatible to use whether they play solo or not.

When I first took it out to play, I noticed the ease it felt in my hand.  The flare base is shaped more like a teardrop with it rounded at the base and pointed up at the top for ease of grip.  Once I added some lube, the Curve was perfectly angled for a G-spot massage, while the ripples felt great for clit stimulation.  The girth was a nice average size with density.

Since I am more of a clit girl I found that the ripples on the top part of the shaft added a great appeal for me.  I loved that the ripples felt great for the g-spot area, but that I could also use it to rub outside on the clit for more intensity.  The new design of the flare base let me play with it on my own, but I love that it also lets my partner use it on me with any easy grip.  Of course the design is for adding into Strap-on play, which is very inviting indeed!

Freddy Say: With the literally hundreds of products we’ve tried, it’s quite amazing how few dildos mimic a REAL penis’s upturned nature. Leave it to Tantus to once again see opportunity and seize it with a vengeance. Lest one thinks we’re shills for company founder Metis Black and her merry band of San Diego alchemists, let me just say WE ARE. Heck, how many entrepreneurs – period – buck the temptation to turn over their entire production to China and forgo opportunity here? For that alone, I personally salute her and will continue to highlight worthy wares that spring from their inventories.

To purchase, click here to visit our online store or here to visit the Tantus Silicone website.

Product Review: Toyfriend Double Shorty

toyfriendshortyAlicia’s (Eddy) Review: We are always looking for new and fun accessories to add a little “bump” to our love life, so we have come across the line of products of Toyfriend.  They are bright, colorful and designed to be happy.  Yes, I said “happy”.  They have an entire line of Original (compact), Power, Rocket and Double(Rabbit Style).  I grabbed the Double named “Shorty” and I am sure glad I did!

The Shorty is a rabbit-style vibe that is excellent for clitoral stimulation along with the insert able dildo.  It is designed to look like a mini rabbit with the ears being the clitoral stimulator.  The Toyfriend Shorty is one speed, and requires one 1.5v battery which is included. Toyfriend has updated all their batteries and it gives off a powerful punch when turned on.  The vibration is quite strong but due to the way it was designed, most of the vibration stays within the main housing and pin points it to the tip where the ears are.  The extended dildo part doesn’t really receive much vibration, which I really don’t need from that part of the toy.  The Shorty is 5’5” inches long, so it is compact.

When I first tried the Shorty, it really surprised me how much of vibration it gave off when first turned on.  The design of the Shorty, is just that…short and compact.  I loved that I could use this toy by myself as I love the clitoral stimulation yet, due to its’ design we could use it together without it getting in the way.  It is waterproof also, so I can’t wait to try it out in the bath or shower and I’m really looking forward to trying out the rest of the line of products of Toyfriend!

Ian (Freddy) say: The entire Toyfriend line is a refreshing infusion into a market that’s built on copycat designs and operational sameness. Eschewing complicated control mechanisms and 50-ways-to-confuse-an-orgasm confusion, Toyfriend has instead presented consumers with products that could’ve been lifted right out of Apple Computer’s marketing mantra (minus the high price tags). They just work – and well. Push the button on the Toyfriend Double Shorty, it comes on and you’re ready to play; push it again, it turns off. Period. Visually, the Toyfriend Double Shorty just screams FUN, and with a motor capable of pushing surprisingly powerful vibrations, my wife (a power queen if ever there was one) was startled at how quickly the product sent her soaring. It doesn’t hurt to have a nice little penetration to go along with your clitoral sensations, and here the Double Shorty delivers a reasonably sized appendage to fill the void. All in all, another really solid and effective offering with a bargain price point from Toyfriend, who are quickly becoming one of our favorite manufacturers.

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Product Review: Natural Contours Jolie Waterproof Vibrator

Synopsis: Natural Contour’s smallest vibe yet, a waterproof powerhouse that is awesome for external stimulation. The base twists to on, off, closed, and open for replacement of the single battery.

Our Review: In my humble opinion, the Jolie should be renamed the Genie.

The sensations put me in a whole new world! All Aladdin jokes aside, I was amazingly shocked when I turned this vibe on for the first time. I expected a vibe of its size to provide mediocre power at best.

Instead, I found that the awesome power combined with ergonomic styling is a match made in heaven for erotic clit stimulation.

The shape of the Jolie affords easy clit stimulation during sex and is easy to hang on to during solo play as well. The flat tip is so awesome, I can’t even begin to express my love for it. Instead of having a tapered tip that provides direct pinpoint stimulation, the flat tip spreads out the mega vibrations to all the places where I’d otherwise have to move a differently shaped vibe. We both liked how the sensation was so powerful, it could be felt by both partners during intercourse. The angled shape also made the Jolie easy to use while making love and is whisper quiet for those concerned with waking the kids.

Power isn’t the only reason to look into the Jolie, though; it features a versatile compact size and is completely waterproof (it can be submerged) for extra enjoyment in the bath or shower or wherever else you can fit this tiny mover and shaker. The combination of the two make it easy to hide in a towel or even a swimsuit to be brought out by yourself or with a partner in a pool or hot tub or…

If there is one complaint to be had, it is that because of the waterproof seal, the Jolie is fairly difficult to turn on and off. We have yet to take it to any public places for trial because of the difficulty in getting the thing turned on, but we figure with more use it’ll get easier and we can’t wait to see how much fun can be had without others noticing.

Interested in purchasing a Jolie? Click here or on the links above.

Product Review: Jopen Vanity Vr1

Synopsis: Insert able Kegel exercise device and pleasure toy with dual vibrations.

Our Review: Sometimes, even in our jaded world of sex toys, a product comes along (yikes, pardon our pun) that breaks new ground and injects a jolt of excitement – literally – into our busy bedroom. The Jopen Vanity Vr1 is just such an example; a sex toy that manages to accomplish a variety of unexpected uses in innovative ways that simply blows its competition out of the boudoir. In fact, this device is so danged useful, fun, and well designed that it actually threatened to dethrone our stalwart Eroscillator as our number one go-to sex accessory. So what, exactly, makes the Jopen Vanity Vr1 so darned amazing? Read on for all the delicious details and why you need to buy one – now.

The first thing that a Jopen Vr1 owner will love is the packaging. Like all Jopen Vanity offerings, the Vr1 comes in a plain white box, adorned only with the Vanity logo and model number of the device inside. On the back, a list of specifications is embossed, and the dimensions are thankfully compact and waste conscious. You’ll find no excess, gaudy plastic or unnecessary cardboard (are you reading this Lelo?) that will find its way into a landfill or recycle bin, and the Vr1 is neatly tucked inside, its charger, carrying bag, and instructions hidden underneath. It’s a testament to the Jopen design team, who eschewed the temptation to go for a “Look at me!” approach and instead let the product itself do the talking after being purchased.

Once out of its box, we plugged the charging connector into the Vr1, the receptacle located discreetly behind an opening in the larger end. When charging, a red light will glow just above the receptacle, and once fully charged the light will turn off. It takes approximately 4 hours to bring the Vr1 to full capacity, and after approximately 3 hours, the light went out and we unplugged the toy, pressed the button to activate it, and… nothing. No matter how long we held the button down, rapidly pushed on it, and so forth, we could not get the Vr1 to power up. Thinking we had a bad unit, we contacted the friendly folks at Jopen, who directed us to a YouTube video (while also gently reminding us that reading instructions are a good thing), and we discovered that the Vr1 vibrates by applying pressure to the unit itself. The button is only used to lock and unlock the Vr1 for travel, or to lock in whatever intensity you desire upon squeezing it.

With operation issues solved, we started by inserting the Vr1 into the female half of our duo (Alicia) and using them as basic Kegel balls, much as we would any other similar toy, such as Fun Factory Smartballs. Being constructed from medical-grade silicone, they can be worn all day without any problems, and indeed Alicia quickly forgot they were there. Her PC muscles are quite strong, so there was never any issue of the Vr1 finding its way out and she never experienced any discomfort, even after having the unit in for over 24 hours. However, things got interesting once she unlocked the Vr1 and re-inserted it, trying to squeeze her PC muscles with sufficient force to get the Vr1 to vibrate. Indeed, it took almost a week of practice for her to achieve this feat, the workout translating into a vice grip on Freddy’s – i.e. MY – unsuspecting penis. Yes, it was funny at first that Alicia could crush me with the strength of her vagina, but this grew old rather fast and she had to learn to resist the urge to do so as it actually did cause pain.

The next phase of our review process, and what elevated the Vanity Vr1 into the upper echelon of sex products, was when we used it for clitoral, anal, and all over body stimulation. As a clitoral vibrator, the Vr1 stands on its own against almost any product in this category. It’s small enough to be used solo or in almost any sex position with a partner, quiet enough to be used with discretion and without worry of waking the kids, and versatile enough to massage away neck and headaches in a pinch. Heck, we even used the small end as an impromptu anal bead and it rewarded us both with mind boggling rear end sensations. Because the Jopen Vr1 uses pressure to operate, we could easily roll it all over each other’s bodies, pressing slightly to add vibrations when desired, locking the unit against vibrations and relieving stress using it simply as a solid ball in between the shoulder blades, across the bottoms of our feet, and into the lower back areas. In fact, we’ve become so attached to the Vr1 that it is in our possession almost everywhere we go – period – and we’ve gone weeks between charges and it’s not failed us a single time. Oh, and did we mention the Vr1 is completely waterproof? Hot tub owners and bath play lovers rejoice!

We could go on and on with praise about the Jopen Vanity Vr1, but will stop with our rave review and simply end with our enthusiastic recommendation that you add this wondrous device to your sexual toy arsenal – and quickly. Its sturdy construction and virtually limitless variety of applications, make this device, so far, our toy of the year in 2013 and beyond.

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Product Review: Purple Acrylic G-Wand

Synopsis: An acrylic wand, approximately 8″ in length, 3/4-1″ in diameter.

Eddy’s Review: The elusive G-spot Orgasm seems to be on the top list for “How To” in the world of sexuality it seems.  So, when the Lavender Acrylic Wave was introduced to us, we thought it would be the perfect solution.  Acrylic is a non-porous material, which is grand in the scheme of things when we are often worried about what materials women are putting into their bodies.  It is quite firm which is needed for the constant pressure one wants to apply to the urethra sponge (otherwise known as the G-spot).  Yet, the weight of the entire wand is quite light, which is nice so that one can play for a lengthy pleasurable time.

The Lavender Acrylic Wave is 7” long.  It starts at one end about ¾” in diameter  then gradually moves up to 1” a third way down, to end about 1 ½ “diameter the last third of the wand.  The name of this acrylic enhancer comes from the shape and design.  The tip is shaped like an up righted finger which then slopes down into 3 raised humps which then flows into the base of the wand.    At the very end at the bottom is a rounded cap design.
When I tried the Lavender Acrylic Wave, I wasn’t putting much hope on it, since I’m such a clit girl, who thrives on vibration.  But I did like the firmness it gives when first penetrating.  The length of the wand makes for easiness of being able to change angles around to find the right spot or area.  After applying pressure to my g-spot area I could feel that I was just about there, when I pulled out the Wave and leaned the ripples rub against my clitoris.  It was the final touch to pure bliss!  
I was quite pleased with the effect that I was able to make myself come to orgasm without vibration, which is my true calling.  But I suppose that is why women amaze themselves daily.  It’s great to learn something new everyday, but more so when it’s about their own bodies.

Freddy Says: My introduction to this item came one evening while asleep. I felt a rustling next to me and awoke to find my wife masturbating with it! Of course, I pretended to sleep through the whole thing until she accidentally ejaculated on to the sheet, prompting us to both get up to quickly change the bedding before the fluid soaked through. I wish I could say we got “busy” after that, but by the time we’d finished putting the new bedding on, the moment was lost and we both konked out. However, we’ve made up for falling asleep with a few fun episodes following and the wand now holds a special place in our bedside arsenal.

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Product Review: Tantus Vamp Silicone Dildo

Synopsis: The Vamp is a realistic, 100% Ultra Premium-grade silicone dildo (6.5″ x 1.55″).

Eddy’s Review: Tis’ the holiday – spooky holiday that is!  A new dildo has arrived and it is called the “Vamp” by Tantus, Inc.  It is an updated version of an oldie but goody model, but with a twist.  

The Vamp is a flare based dildo that is realistic in shape.  It is 6.5” in length with the head of the shaft being 2” long on one side.  It has a diameter of 1.55”.  The main shaft body has soft ridges and grooves to replicate its human inspiration.  Made of Tantus’ own unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, the Vamp has a special finish of pale flesh tone with sparkles throughout. 

When we first tried the Vamp, we used it to add some fun in combination to cunnilingus.  The combination of stimulating the g-spot area together with the clitoris from your lovers’ tongue is always a win/win situation, and I reached a great climax with my husband doing his usual “thing” while using the Vamp for penetration.  The Vamp is flared, so should also be a great addition for partners using a strapon harness or as an added insertion device in conjunction with a clitoral vibrator (such as a Fun Factory Layaspot or Eroscillator).  The head of the Vamp has sufficient girth whereby the initial penetration definitely gets noticed and should satisfy most women outside “size queens.”  

The Vamp also gives other options while playing; one could also add to the sensory stimulation by adding heat, or cool it down by putting it in either a bowl of water with ice cubes.  The possibilities are endless with the Vamp and I recommend it highly!

Freddy Say: My wife is a curious lady, to be sure. She loves rabbit vibrators for their dual action on both penetration and clitoral stimulation, and she loves simple penetration via my penis. However, it’s not her normal self-pleasure routine to integrate a dildo for the sole purpose of enjoying penetrative sex. The Tantus Vamp seems to have changed that stance a bit as it is slightly softer than most silicone dildos she’s tried, more like a real penis. The 6″ version is just about the perfect size (almost exactly MY dimension, in fact), so it makes a great augmentation to pleasuring her orally as it’s almost as if she’s getting intercourse from me at the same time. All in all, a winner on all counts.

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Product Review: The Screaming O-Joy

Synopsis: A robust cock ring with a pressure applicable clitoris stimulator.

Eddy’s Review: The enhancement of a cock-ring is usually marketed to men. But as time trudges forward, so does the creativity of sex enhancers. The company Screaming O, known for their cock-rings which usually vibrate, has introduced the O-Joy.

The O-Joy is a cock-ring made of gel which is very pliable and stretches to encompass the male shaft. It is 3 ½” long in length with an opening of 1”, that can be stretched to 6”. The purpose of the cock-ring is to hold the blood in the shaft after the male has become erect to enhance the length of time and hardness for an erection. The little jewel of the O-Joy is that the top 2” of the cock-ring has a bulbous design with various nubbins on one underside and a finger indentation on the top side. This part of the O-Joy is for receiving partner. It enables the either partner to push down on the extended bulbous part to lay and rub against the clitoris as the wearer of the O-Joy thrusts in and out. It really lets the couple play with a different style of stimulation instead of the normal vibration of a “bullet”. The vibration from the “bullet” style cock-rings sometimes it too strong for the couples involved, which may make it uncomfortable.

When we first tried the O-Joy, we almost thought it would not be a good enhancer to our play since we are both so used to vibration. But as we tried it, we found that as we slowed down and really took our time to find our groove to get our own rhythm. I really liked using the extended piece to place it just where I needed it to be to enhance my own clitoral stimulation. I think it is a useful piece, especially if partners aren’t used to or do not want any vibration stimulation.

Freddy’s Review: Posting shortly…

In summary, we really like this little toy. It’s nicely priced, allows one to control the amount of stimulation, and provides the benefits of cock rings in general.

To learn more about or purchase The Screaming O-Joy, click here to visit our online store or visit their website here.


Product Review: iVibe Pocket Rocket

Synopsis: Our first sex toy ever is still going strong. A must have for all couples toy chests.

Our Review: How does one introduce themselves to the world of adult toys? In our case, after being married 10 years and welcoming our first child, the answer came via a seemingly trivial joke many years prior. At the time, in the early 1990’s, we were a young couple barely together a year. Happily, we were living a beach style existence in Venice, CA that saw us as care-free as life permitted within the boundaries of the law. Among our friends, however, we were ‘that’ couple, meaning the first pair in our social group to commit to living together and sticking with a long term relationship. As such, we were both the stable household among a constantly changing dating scene; an apartment where a meal could be had, advice dispensed, and laughs shared.

One fateful X-mas, we hosted our usual large gathering to celebrate, exchanged gifts, and expected to open the requisite gag gift thoughtfully picked out by our close friends. And tearing away the wrapping didn’t disappoint; there, inside, was a package containing a sex toy! Now, call us curmudgeons, but up until that point we’d enjoyed a really robust sex life and had never considered using such a thing. It was a small vibrator, called a Pocket Rocket, and we both blushed and quickly shoved it back into the box to never see the light of day (or the dark of our bedroom) again.

Our little sex toy joke gift would remain in hiding in the back of a drawer for almost 10 years before the birth of our son reduced our sex life to shambles and we were looking for any excuse to regain our collective mojo. Shyly, we took the toy out, added the AA battery, and gave it a twist. It vibrated to life and we began exploring. As the Pocket Rocket made its way to its intended target, i.e. Alicia’s clitoris, her body began its journey into orgasm, her shuddering violently once the single speed, rather intense vibrations hit their target. In fact, after witnessing the results, we concluded that after ten years of being together, she had indeed experienced her VERY FIRST CLITORAL ORGASM. You read that correctly.

Rather than shrink from the obvious blow to my ego, we decided to experiment further and embrace the realm of orgasms – simultaneously as much as possible – until our Pocket Rocket finally died from overuse a few months later. This loss led us to our first foray into an adult store and we eventually began this website once this Pandora’s box was opened fully. Since that fateful gift received its first use, we’ve gone through hundreds of other products; however, when the mood strikes just right, we continue to pull out a Pocket Rocket to relive that nostalgic first experience.

In terms of practical description, the Pocket Rocket is a small, very discreet and powerful single-speed vibrator approximately the size of a tiny flashlight or large lipstick, depending on your point of reference. But whoa – does it ever deliver! Not only is it good for going solo, but it’s small enough to hit the right spots while riding your honey without getting in the way.  It’s not too terribly noisy and ours came with three different head attachments, suitable for penetration and more clit stimulation. This sex aid is powerful, lovely, and built to last.

Note: We are STILL using the same pocket rocket we bought over 13 years ago.

Interested in purchasing a Pocket Rocket? Click here or on the links above.

Product Review: Fun Factory Flexi Felix Silicone Anal Beads

Synopsis: Soft silicone anal beads with a cute head on the end.

Our Review: Take these anal beads and experience the wonderful sensations of anal stimulation, while at the same time smiling at their fun and colorful design. The folks at Fun Factory have produced Flexi Felix with beginners in mind and they are extra soft and flexible for maximum comfort. They are made from medical grade silicone and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or thrown into your dishwasher without a second thought. The handle (which looks like a cute toy) is large and comfortable to easily remove the beads at exactly the right time and pace. The first time we used them, Eddy just about leaped off the couch in ecstasy. Over the years, we’ve come to rely on these little beads as they are flexible, rightly sized, and great for mild beginner anal play.

Eddy says: Va va va VOOM! I’ve always liked limited anal play, but I never tried anything like this. Having them pulled slowly out while having sex with Freddy is the BEST!

If you are interested in purchasing a Flexi Felix, click to go to our online store or type “Flexi Felix” into Google or other search engine for many purchasing options.

Product Review: Hustler Twice the Love Ring

Synopsis: A stretchy, waterproof, two-vibe cock ring.

Freddy Says: We’ve never been shy about expressing our love for cock rings. No matter what material or design, adorning our erection with one of these devices has provided simple, yet effective pleasures for both of us for years on end. Could Hustler’s entry into the category yield positive results?

In a word, absolutely! The Twice the Love ring is a cute purple wonder that not only enhances staying power, but adds two powerful vibrators to double the fun.

The ring is made of very stretchy elastomer (a combination of silicone and plastic) and can be worn with traditionally behind the testicles and over the shaft, or on the shaft alone. The elasticity is higher than most rings of similar materials, so there’s less constriction as it is fitted into place, and the two ends holding the vibrators make it easy to install the Twice the Love. Speaking of the vibrators, each is held into place by different shaped ends, one meant for stimulating the back of the testicles (pereneum) and the other for clitoral contact. Both vibes operate independently, so you can turn one or both on at your leisure by flicking easy to reach switches. The units provide decent vibrations, though if you are one who likes lots of power you may be disappointed. There’s only so much “oomph” a vibrator of this size can churn out. The upside, of course, is that the toy is perfect for couples new to such devices. We use it to add a nice little bump to our fun.

Quality-wise, the Twice the Love is built quite well. The ring itself has lasted well over 6 months with only slight cracking and the vibrators can be removed easily for battery changing (small watch batteries). The vibes are also waterproof, which makes this product ideal for shower and hot tub play. Cleanup is a snap – just remove the vibes and wash with warm water and soap and the Twice the Love is ready to go. We recommend storing elastomer toys of any type in cool, dry places as sunlight can degrade the materials over time.

In short, the Twice the Love is another solid entry from Hustler, who is quickly rising beyond its porn roots to produce couples-friendly toys that please both anatomy and your pocketbook (indeed, the Twice the Love is only ten bucks). A winner, in our book.

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