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Sex In Our 50’s: Still Humping Along?

Still sexy after all these years!

By Ian Denchasy
aka Feddy

Viagra commercials notwithstanding, are couples in their 50’s still having sex and, indeed, still sexy? I’d love to take the advertising route and paint a picture of hot and horny passion, still-optimal sexual function downstairs, and a wife heating up my libido like in our dating days; however, the truth may dismally disappoint. Sorry, dear readers, but sex in our 50’s is nothing like it was 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. Menopause, erectile dysfunction, stress, raising a kid, and financial issues have all conspired to turn our marriage from hot, to… Continue reading

Want A Healthier Sex Life? Start with A Clean Bedroom

Cleaning your bedroom can be the best remedy to a dusty sex life…

2014-01-27 12.11.48 (6)

Our bedroom, post purge…

As we point out frequently on this website, our sex life has taken several interesting directions over the course of a quarter century of marriage, none more concerning than the occasional dips in frequency that visit from time to time. At this point in our life cycles – both of us are in our mid-life age range – we figure sexual slowdowns are simply indicators of getting older and a tad slower. Drops in testosterone levels notwithstanding, stress, busy schedules, work, and just plain life just take priority sometimes. Continue reading