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Sex Positions 101: Pussy Cat Control

Type of sex position: Her on top.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

Use caution as the male’s penis will be in an awkward position. The female is on top on her hands and knees and should place his penis inside her. The male lifts his legs back and around her body.



Sex Positions 101: The Slider

Type of sex position: Missionary.
Degree of sex position difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

The female should lay on her back, legs together. The male enters her and puts his hands behind him for support. The female can place her hands on her legs for extra stimulation.


Sex Positions 101: Doorway to Heaven

Type of sex position: Oral (cunnilingus).
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

Open her doorway to orgasm and send her to Heaven. This oral sex position allows your recipient to view your cunnilingus skills in progress, while also keeping you comfortably in tune with her clitoris.

The female should lay on her side with one leg up. The male then comes in from behind and places one arm under her leg and the other on her body. Use an upward licking motion.



Sex Positions 101: Double Trouble

Type of sex position: Her on top.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

The male should start off by leaning back and using his hands for support. The female can then place her hands on his legs as she straddles his body. Leaning back changes the angle of penetration.


Sex Positions 101: The Eiffel Tower

Type of sex position: Woman on top.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

Use this innovative sex position to put the squeeze on his love tool while using his legs for added support.

For this sex position, the male lays back with his legs together, with the female on top, straddling both of his legs. By opening and closing her thighs, the female can add variety to the different sensations.


Sex Positions 101: Backdoor Getaway

Type of Sex Position: Side by side.

This side by side sex position is a simple variant on rear entry, offering a great view of your partner while in the act of penetration. In fact, it’s a simple matter of rolling to go from here to doggy style in an instant! The male should be on top and supports his body by placing one hand down. A slight torso twist can create exotic sensations during penetration and a hand on her shoulder helps move into position.