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Fleshbot.com True Erotic Holiday Story: Your Cum Is In My Hair


Thanksgiving and the holiday rush has begun. Shopping, ordering, errands, and attending a Harvest Festival at my son’s school was on the list of things for me do this week on top of the normal stay-at-home-mother duties I have to fulfill. Notably absent from that list is sex. Continue reading

Fleshbot.com’s True Erotic Stories: Morning, Noon, and Night…

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8 a.m. Thanksgiving

He rolls over to me before the alarm goes off. Before we have to get up and get ready for the cooking and the cleaning and the people. Right now it’s just us.

His hand runs over my belly, down to the edge of my pajamas, and his fingers stroke my skin just inside the waistband. I wriggle closer, sliding under the covers. He’s already pulled off his t-shirt and shorts. His hard cock nudges my hip as D pulls the tie open and pushes my pants down. Continue reading

Fleshbot.com’s True Sex Stories: The Drive

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The cab was beautiful. Sarah had told me the story while we ate: Her father had bought the truck so they could drive together, but a stroke had kept him from being able to stay on the road. Now Sara and Bruce were a long-haul team in a rig most young drivers would never have been able to afford. As I hauled myself up the two steps behind Sara, I was amazed by the color-coordinated interior. Orange and black seats. Tufted orange leather upholstery on the ceiling. Retro wood-grain trim. It was gorgeous. Continue reading

True Sex Stories from Fleshbot.com: The Personal Touch


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Yummy Mister X,

Oh you are NAUGHTY. But I’m naughty too! And I love being the object of your teenage boy fantasies. How did you know I like to wear teeny bikinis, you monster? Am I that obvious? I hope so, because that’s the point of a teeny bikini, isn’t it? Since you still insist on being a funny mystery and not just coming over to my place again and seeing how my bikini fits for yourself, I will describe it for you.

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Fleshbot.com True Sex Story – I Get Fucked For Days


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Last weekend I lay wrapped in the cocoon of my lover’s arms. It was Sunday, the last night I had Peyton with me and my babe slept soundly in the room across the hall. With a warm body beneath me and an orgasm or two under my belt I sighed into the wavy love beams emanating from The Neighbor.

“If you’re ever up for it, I’d really like to cross something off my Sexual Bucket List.”

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True Erotic Stories: I Am Not Broken (via Fleshbot.com)



“Mommy will be right back,” I said and guiltily slipped next door while my child nodded ok, distracted with heavy lids and a movie.

My tomato red and navy striped sundress swirled about my knees as I followed The Neighbor back to his bedroom, his hand warm and tight on mine. It had been 3 days since we’d been able to touch bare skin, out-of-town friends and wedding obligations having conspired against us.

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Fleshbot.com’s True Erotic Stories: He Made Me Beg for It


The Neighbor lay across my bed, his arm wrapped around me as I splayed my fingers through his silky chest hair.  I was relaxed, sleepy, sated from a long weekend of adult frolicking on roller coasters and in our beds.  “I want to have sex every day for a week,” he said out of no where.  “Maybe even 8 days, like last time.”

I lifted my head up to look at him.  “Really??” I asked.

“Yeah,” he answered and pulled me back down to him.  “I think it’ll be fun.”  It was a Monday and we had last had sex on Saturday.  “Too bad we didn’t start then!  We’d already be on Day 2!”

I laughed and noticed his enormous erection laying quietly under his basketball shorts.  I gently squeezed it and it pulsed hotly in my hand as he stretched out like a cat beneath me.  I slipped it out and he shimmied out of his shorts and I took the big head in my mouth, tasted the salty drop on top, and thought about how lucky I was to have this man in my life.

The past month and a half have been brutal: Sara’s death, the looming funeral, the funeral itself, and then a  health scare with my mother wherein the possibility of her dying was very real.  And through it all, he was there holding my hand, driving me to the funeral, the hospital, watching my tears fall, soothing my heartaches, and alleviating my fears with hugs, all the right words, and with his magic cock.

That first night of deliberate sex was no less titillating because we agreed on it than any other spontaneous night.  He purred under my ministrations and pounded into me like a colt rounding the last corner on the track.  My pussy squelched its juices, my orgasm bloomed through me, I gripped his arms, his thighs, cried out and hung on again and again as I lay a helpless, humming vessel below him.

Night after night, no matter how exhausted we were or where we were, we connected.  And it being entirely his idea in no small way exacerbated the thrill for me: he wanted this, me, us, it.  I was his slut and he finally had the opportunity to coax me into something.  He was full of bright ideas.

“C’mon, Hy,” he said one night when Peyton was tucked into my bed and I lay on the couch watching Law & Order.  “It’s time.”

I had been dozing when he came over and felt as though every muscle in my body wanted only to melt into the lumpy fibers of the couch.  “Can you just stick it in and count that?” I asked mostly seriously.

“No,” he replied firmly.  “We’re doing this.” And as if to demonstrate he kissed my jaw and trailed his fingers down the lines of my breast and to the dip of my waist.  “Mmm,” he murmured.  “You’re so hot.”

I let him stoke the burn within me mirthfully, willingly.  I wondered what he’d do to me next.

“Get up,” he grunted.

I did.  Slowly.

He pulled my ruffled pajama shorts down to my knees and spread my legs and motioned for me to bend over.  He pulled out his erection and I felt it bob against my bottom then butt against my folds.

I arched my back a little and bore down as we engaged like one of those flying fuel jets and a cargo plane.

He sunk in till he hit my throat, then gripped my hips tightly as he began to move.  My face was pushed into the pillows and my body thrummed the instant we joined like a faking porn-star, only I was for real.   His thighs slapped against the backs of mine and I heard him grunting his satisfaction and pleasure.

“There are people down at the pool,” he said.  I lifted my head to look at the sliding glass door, its long, vertical blinds pulled back half way and creating a sliced reflection where we were, but also a clear view to those below.  I giggled.

My haunch looked round and firm, his big paw laying on it gentle.  I heard laughter and splashing as I watched the man and woman in the reflection move together.  Then I put my head back down and rode the waves of pleasure until he exhausted himself and let me flop back down to Law & Order and a long kiss goodnight.

He almost never cums anymore or even tries.  We used to have a 3 out of 5 rate, but as we’ve grown closer, deeper issues have bubbled to the surface for him.  Not cumming with me, we both realize, though never verbalize, keeps us apart as the rest of us smash up against and into each other.  Sex ends when I am exhausted and pleasured to the point of stupid, not him.  I ache for him, but I don’t blame him.  He gives a lot to me, how could I possibly complain?

On the last day of our sex spell, Day 9, as he pulled aside my black lace panties and sunk back into me I teased him for being so spoiled.  For never having to warm me up, for always having a warm, wet, receptive cunt to slip into with virtually no prep time.  “You don’t have to do anything, but show me your pretty cock,” I panted as he oh-so-slowly ground into me.

“You’re right,” he grinned.  “I am spoiled and lucky.  I used to have to warm up up a woman for a long time to get this thing into her,” and for emphasis he pinned me to the mattress with his appendage buried deep inside of me.

“I can see why,” I stammered and my eyes fluttered to his.  He was looking down at me intently, a slight smile on his bow-shaped lips, his whiskers a light shadow on his boyish face.

He hitched my ankles up to his shoulders, a favorite move of his, and he kept his unbearably slow rhythm.  I started to panic as the pleasure lay out of my reach and I feared its crash upon me, my dependency on his tempo, and my inevitable loss of control.

I felt a trickle of juice spill out of me and run down the crack of my bottom.  I tossed my head from side to side.  “No, no, no, no, no, no,” I blabbered,  “Please…” I didn’t know what I was trying to say.  My hands pushed and pulled at his hips, gripped his broad shoulders, poked at his belly, but his slow, steady pumping, like a dogged Freddie Kreuger stalking his next victim, kept at me and I began to unravel.

“Say, ‘Fuck me,’ and I’ll stop torturing you,” he said calmly.

“No, no, no, no, no, no…”

“Say it.”

I moaned and cried out, my leg twitched by his ear and my pussy gushed involuntarily.  It went on for long, endless moments until I finally whispered, “Fuck me.”

“No, say it louder.”

I said it louder.

“Yell it.”

I whispered it again.

“Goddamnit, Hyacinth, yell it!” he said between gritted teeth while I wriggled on his hook like a worm.

I whined a little whine then said with increasing volume, “Fuck me!” Then even louder, “Fuck me! Fuck me!  Fuck me!”

The hurdle of my embarrassment suddenly cleared he leaped out of his self-imposed control and let loose on me.  I burst into sobs immediately, as I knew I would, and came and came and came like my tears were orgasms and my soul a stuffed and pulsing pussy.

I hung onto my laboring steed and watched him watching me as I melted under his care.  Minutes melted into each other as I convulsed and tumbled down the rabbit hole.  More, more, more.  Too much, so much, just right, enough, enough, enough.

He sat up and stopped then and reached for my Hitachi.  He swung around so he lay on his right side and my legs hung over his hip, his cock still inside of me.  “Here.  Now,” he said gently as he flicked the vibrator on.

I placed it gently on my shaved mound and climbed the stairway to motherfucking heaven.  He squeezed my breasts with his free hand and moaned approvingly as he gazed at his favorite thing: me cumming.  I cracked myself open for him and slammed back into my body, the explosion of orgasm curling through me, then waning quietly away.

We lay entwined as we always do, nestled within each other.  It was calm and quiet in the room.  I wondered how many ways over the months I had expressed my love for him and he for me without ever saying the words.  I could only come up with, “countless.”

That last night I stood up to hug him and said, “I hope to some day make you feel even half as good as you do me.  You truly have no idea how amazing this is.”

He looked at me knowingly, orgasm-less for the night as usual, and nodded.  “You’re right.  I don’t.  Maybe we’ll figure it out someday.”  He smiled.  I nodded hopefully, too, my mind whirring with ideas.

“Goodnight,” I said at my front door, my fingers trailed down to his round rear end and gave it a bright, little smack.  “Maybe next time I’ll make you beg for it.”

“Maybe,” he said as he bent to kiss me.  “Goodnight,” and he disappeared next door.

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Fleshbot.com’s True Sex Stories: I Am A Hot Wife


By G

My body sunk further into the extra-soft mattress as I played out the possibilities in my head. I peeled the sheet off and let my legs fall open. The air forced down by the ceiling fan rushed to my exposed pink parts. My fingers moved over my bare mound, and continued exploring every inch back to my ass, all the hair gone and so very smooth. I had prepared for this day. Quietly caressing myself, I was listening to my heart thump out its very own message in Morse code.

Why are you in bed alone? Just go out there and tell them you need to get fucked so you can go to sleep.

Then the door opens, and the footsteps were different, it wasn’t my husband.


After all these years, we thought that this weekend it would really happen. We would have a foursome, I would have sex with Tom and D would have sex with Olivia. D and Tom had joked about it a few times over the years, though nothing was formally discussed about this weekend. The two had been friends for a long time, in fact Tom was the first guy D experimented with. So there was a familiarity. The pictures sent from my husband to him over the past year made it clear we were open to exploring with them. The fun we’ve had in the past when vacationing with them (without kids) led us to believe they were fun, uninhibited, and open to exploring new things (remind me to tell you that story). Now, all of us under the same roof with kids sound asleep, and nothing was happening.

It was important to us to show our good friends a good time. Their drive was sweltering, having kids on a long trip is never fun. Our plan was to treat them to whatever food and drink they desired, keep the temp in the house cool, and do whatever (really whatever) they wanted to do…it was the least we could do.

Even though the first night of their visit nothing happened, D and I were still hopeful that Saturday night was our night. However, free flowing drinks and weed, and a hefty helping of Mexican food added to the wave of tiredness that hit us all hard. Proven by the moment Tom’s wife, Olivia, and I both fell asleep in our husband’s laps (me still holding my drink).


The moment my drink began to fall out of my hand I jerked awake. My movement woke Olivia a bit, but she continued to rest her head on Tom’s shoulder, then closed her eyes again. Embarrassed, and groggy, I got up telling the guys “I’m just going to go to bed now.” And then slightly stumbled down the hall.

After laying down a few minutes, light flooded the room as D walked in and to my side of the bed. “You know, Tom was staring at your tits while you slept and was rubbing his cock through his shorts. I know you were making him hard.” D quietly said, such excitement in his voice.

I perked up a little, sleeping didn’t seem so important all of a sudden. Though I was curious, “do you think Olivia is going to bed, should I go back out there?”

D caressed my stiff nipple through my tank and whispered “No, she’s asleep on the couch right now. I was showing him more pics of you. He was really getting hard you know.”

I smiled a little deviously, knowing that the original plan of a group thing was off the table. I knew it wasn’t going to happen with her. I read it all over my husband’s face that he didn’t think the game was over though. “Would you be okay with us coming in here if he wants to?” D asked, he was breathing so hard.

I contemplated my answer for a few swift seconds and decided that I wanted to see what Tom was packing. I wanted to know how hard I was actually making him. I giggled a little and said, “sure.”

I pulled the sheet over me, and fitfully rested my body and mind a few moments. I heard the TV on in the living room, and I heard them talking and laughing. Then, I began to get really curious if something was going to happen or if they decided to play video games instead. I devised a simple plan to get more information.

I tiptoed out to the living room and when I was noticed by Tom, I said “I need my water bottle.” I ran to the kitchen and back around the corner toward my room. My nipples were so hard that my shirt was stretched thin over them, and of course, my titties bounced. I knew both men had eyes on me, giving me a nice rush. Knowing he saw how visible my nipples were, I returned D’s cute smile as I ran back to the bedroom, then hopped back in bed under my cool sheet.

A minute later, my partner in crime came in. “He said he really loves your nipples, he was amazed” D shared. “I bet he would love to touch them.”

Hearing this made me get very aroused, confused, and tempted. “Tell him to come in and touch them. Tell him I want him to come in so I can touch him.” My chest was heaving with every breath.

I laid still and listened my heart thudding, and waiting for something to happen. Then I threw a leg over the sheet, and drew in a deep breath and invited the air to cool me. As I exhaled the bedroom door opened. The light was blocked by two men, Tom in front, my D behind him.

As they got closer, I could make out Tom’s face, his expression almost looked scared. There was no smile on his face and he walked slowly toward me with his hands on his shorts. His breathing was heavy and fast. D stood behind him and said, “pull your cock out so she can touch it.”

Tom slowly pulled his cock out and stepped closer to the bed, where I lay propped on one elbow. I reached for him with my right hand. Slowly I caressed him, my fingers noting every detail in the dark room. I inhaled his smell, the smell of every man is so different, yet even more arousing if my husband stands near. With a gentle touch I explored this new man before me, up and down, around and below. He was semi-erect at this point but he was getting harder by the stroke. I watched him take in every inch of my body with his gaze, I noted he paused a moment at my hips, then again at my breasts.

“Would you like to touch them Tom?” Of course I knew the answer and pulled down my shirt to release my DD breasts. His caress on my nipples was innocent and experienced at the same time. He let out a nice little moan of appreciation that made me purr. I went back to working his cock up and down, giving it a little tug here and there.

He stepped back from me and put his cock away. For some reason it felt right to me. I could tell we had reached the limits of what his conscience would allow. The moment ended as the men left the room. I was whirring, happy, but yet…I needed an orgasm before I was going to sleep.

I caressed my body, sheets twisted at my side, and began feeling only slightly sleepier now that I was exposed to the air blowing at me. I contemplated walking out naked, and saying, “I’m ready” or some porn-like statement. All these different possibilities stirred my mind, making it impossible to really relax.

But then the door opened, and unfamiliar footsteps entered. One set.

“I just have to put this away,” Tom lied. The darkness had overcome him (because he had closed the door after walking in) and I saw he was not walking toward the light switch. I hopped out of bed and switched the light on for him, then crawled back over to my side of the bed, exposing my ass to him.

“Are you guys going to bed now?” I asked him, wondering where D was.

Tom walked over to my side of the bed. His breathing was different now, faster and higher pitched. “I just want another peek” he managed to say, his voice wavering in nervousness.

“Where is D?” I asked, expecting that he had sent Tom in.

“Outside smoking. I just wanted another quick peek, to make the pictures more real.”

“So is he okay with this?” I was a bit curious, because it didn’t seem like D was in on this. “Does he know you are here?”

Tom barely lets a “no” cross his lips, and I sigh from sheer excitement. I hate that being secretive turned me on, but it did.

“Mmmm. Okay.” I whispered as I watched him stroking his cock, “I don’t have any pics of that, but letting me touch it makes it more real” (sexy humor is my defense mechanism when I’m nervous).

I scooted over to the middle of the bed and patted the mattress where my warmth lingered, flashing my needy eyes, and using my sweet voice to ask, “can you sit down here?” Without hesitation he slid in close to me. I pulled my top down and his hands were immediately on me. As he circled my nipple with a finger I put my hand on his leg. He gasped audibly, overcome by just a touch from me.

He bent down to kiss my nipple quickly. No sucking or licking, just a sweet innocent kiss. I noticed that he was much harder than before, his member standing at attention so close to my face. I needed to touch it again, I needed to do more than that, but I wasn’t going to do it without his permission. “Can I touch you again?”

He moaned out what sounded like “yes”, and I reached for him, feeling just how aroused he was. He felt so good in my hand.

As I began to stroke Tom, D swung the door open and said with a smile, “what’s going on in here?” I could sense his excitement, “fuck yeah dude!”

“Nothing,” I smiled and laughed, because I knew I wasn’t in trouble. I know D wanted to fuck Olivia, but if he couldn’t have that this is what he wanted. He wanted to see his wife play with another man. He loves his hotwife. D walked over to us to watch.

I continued stroking Tom’s hard dick, pulling him slightly closer to my mouth. The moment where I taste him began to feel inevitable. His eyes moved fast over my body, back and forth, the curve and fall of my hips, my legs, my feet, my face; I felt him internalizing this, I knew forever I’m in his spank bank.

D walked closer to us, pulling off his pants, now standing close enough that his body is touching Tom’s. “Can she suck you?” D asked.

“That costs extra!” Tom quipped as he put his cock away again. “You two have fun now” he said quietly and walked out of the room.

D held me as I expressed every detail; the way Tom came in the room, what was said, and the order of the action. I was honest that it was a huge turn-on to have him walk in on me in action, it felt so good to be so naughty. This was a safe naughty, I knew I wouldn’t be in trouble, this time. He showed me how much he enjoyed it by pulling my legs up to his shoulders and jerking my ass down the sheets to meet his glistening crown, then plunging himself into my dripping pussy.

He pounded me hard, so hard. I muffled my moans by biting my hand as he fucked me through three orgasms. He pulled out and told me to stand at the side of the bed. As he pressed into me, I felt opened in a new way, stretched so tight around him. I raced quickly to the top of the peak; but having no way of muffling my moans, and D’s sexy voice in my ear saying things like, “you like showing off for my best friend, my best man, you like touching his cock” put me over the edge at light speed.

Yes, I said Best Man.

I fell forward onto the bed, then lifted to doggy style position. I felt my juices flowing down my leg. D entered me again, fucking me so hard that I couldn’t contain my moans, nor could I breath. For what felt like days he fucked me in this vulnerable position, making me his again.

“Please, honey, I need to rest.” I begged, “can I lay down for a minute?”

As I laid back and composed myself, I saw little sparkly white lights dance in my field of vision. I closed my eyes. I felt my heart. I smiled.

I felt the bed jolt as D returned to my side, and opened my eyes to find him holding the dildo. “We are going to have Tom’s stand-in finish the job.”

I was propelled into an oblivion with the dildo pushing away at my insides, flying high on orgasms. And I reveled in the way juices were splashing back at us upon each deep thrust. I took over thrusting the dildo into myself, and watched D quickly jerking himself until he erupted all over my chin and titties.

Satiated, I cleaned up in the bathroom, brushed my teeth, put on some pajamas, and laid back down in my wet spot.

As our breathing slows and the quiet returns we heard the sound of Tom laying down on his bed. Soon after I sensed a rhythm to the sounds, and said, “I think they’re fucking!” Laying quiet to pick up any sounds we can, D and I snuggle as we drift off to sleep.

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Fleshbot’s True Sex Stories: I Shave My Privates Bare for Him


By Hyacinth Jones

He played my body like an aged rock star, the strings of my body a part of his own, my notes his own voice and my reverberations deep in his bones.

I lay on my back and my lashes fluttered, the ceiling fan silently whirred.  I briefly thought, “I need to dust,” and then was jerked back by his soft tongue lapping at my pussy.  My newly shaved bare pussy.

I have resisted the trend to make myself look prepubescent for years.  I’ve ranted and raved about it, been stubbornly against it, but The Neighbor’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to do something special for him.  Something he’d never ask for and something I knew he quietly wanted.

“I’ve never been with anyone who’s entirely shaved,” he mentioned to me once.  “I know you think it’s nasty, but I think it’s kinda hot.  Forbidden.”  I’d listened patiently, snug in his nook, and played with his chest hair.

Lina was all shaved,” I said quietly.

“Ugh.  Don’t remind me!”

And that was the moment I made my decision.  I wanted to erase her from his memory banks and replace her with visions of my creamy, smooth cunt, shaved just for him.

I was surprised to realize that the decision felt good.  There was no pressure to conform or to “look like that.”  This was a gift for the man I love.

The night before his birthday I stood under scorching hot water and let the heat soak into my bones.  I filled my hand with cream and spread it on my little patch of hair.  My 5-blade razor made quick work on the top and I pulled and stretched the folds of my vulva to get all the little hairs hiding in the crevices.

Then, despite Dumb Dommes’ misgivings about shaving your own asshole, I bent forward, spread my cheeks, slathered on shaving cream, and carefully lay the razor in my crack and dragged outward until the blades came out hair-free.  I was smooth as a petal now.

As I toweled off I peeked at my handiwork and quickly covered back up.  It looked foreign, weird, exceptionally naughty.  I blushed and got dressed for bed, excited to see him later.  It was a good night, that first reveal.

But now his birthday had long since passed as I lay with my legs splayed as his wicked tongue stroked me.  The bristles of his beard — which he was growing just for me — were soft and scruffy on my inner thighs and plump vulva.  I was in motherfucking heaven.

He sneaked his right hand under my bottom and slipped a curved finger inside of me and my face sparkled with pleasure, my teeth chattered.  I gasped and bucked and writhed, his face clung to my center like a cowboy wearing the biggest belt buckle around.

“I need a break!” I whispered suddenly.  “Oh my God, I need a break!”  I was overloaded, on the brink of total torture, not release.  “Please, holy shit, you’re so good at that, I need a break,” I panted again as he stopped and slowly slipped his finger out.

His face was plastered with a grin and a sheen.

I closed my eyes and prepared to get a grip when I felt his finger slide back into me, only this time it was multiple fingers.  “No,” I squeaked weakly, “I can’t handle it!”  I felt both his hands on my knees spread me apart.  I opened my eyes and saw him standing between my legs, looking down at me like a hungry cat, his cock buried in my pussy to the hilt.  His dark pubic hair looked stark against my bare mound.

I imagined what he saw then: my bare body, white, with no interruptions, large breasts slightly flattened that jiggled with my giggles as I realized he’d done a switch on me.

“I thought that was your finger!” I laughed.

“I’m insulted!” he said as he thrust into me and smiled broadly.

“Multiple fingers!” I corrected myself.

He gripped my knees from underneath and hauled me closer to him.  My bottom hung off the edge of the bed.  He pushed deeply into me and the tingling from my face, which his talented mouth had begun, ebbed and traveled down to my center.  I moaned and floated away on more blooming orgasms  — pink and bright, soft, long, and cloudy — as he increased the tempo.  I let go and bounced along like a leaf on a rapid.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and locked my ankles pulling him closer.  He rammed into me and his giant cock slid up through my belly to my goddamned throat.

My hands twisted in the sheets and arched my back against him when he suddenly stopped and quietly stared at me.  I was confused.

He stooped to pick something up and held up my Hitachi triumphantly.

I shook my head No.  He nodded Yes then added, “You are going to cum with me inside of you.”

He flicked the wand on and handed it to me.  Defeated I draped my crotch with a sheet for a small buffer and pressed the head against me.  I jumped and began the climb and he started to move.

I lost myself then.  I couldn’t tell where he ended and the vibrator began.  He was my everything then.  My pleasure, my pain, my torture, my release.  He thrust again and again and I burst at the seams, light split me apart, my cells detached and I screamed and rolled my eyes like a wild mare as I was obliterated in darkness and light; his cock my anchor to Earth and to love and to life.  I was split apart like Neo with the Matrix and I began to sob uncontrollably as it went on and on and on.

Finally, I fell back into my shell.  It had released me.

He scooped me up and held me as tears spilled from my eyes.  I felt so, so small.  Eternally small.

I cried because I only ever felt this way with this man and it was always slipping away.  I cried because I didn’t deserve the pleasure.  I cried because I did.

He kissed and crooned to me and I buried my face in his chest and inhaled his sweet, clean scent.  I rolled to my back and he stroked my naked mound.  His fingers felt warm, honest.  My silly shaved pussy was worth every blush and every moment of post-feminist guilt I’d been experiencing.   A passport to 45 minutes of losing my mind will always be worth it.

He told me he would be leaving soon and I squeezed him tightly.  Happy to have made him so happy.  He loved it and I loved that he loved it.

And I felt motherfucking lucky.

It’s not every day I have someone for whom to shave my pussy bare.  He’s one lucky motherfucker.

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Thursdays Are for Threesomes


I stayed at John’s place and did a bit of writing in the morning. I had invited missie to a show, but didn’t quite believe she was going to join me. John had band practice till midnight. At home, I cleaned up my room with more élan than usual, but left a bit of a mess, out of superstition. When it was time to go out, I wore an over the top billowy dress made of silk, with fishnets, ridiculously high-heeled boots, and long feathered earrings. I got there early and exchanged pleasantries with a friend. I confessed how stupidly nervous I was.

And then she appeared, short of breath, dressed like an elf,  with leggings and a top sliding off her white shoulder, her hair braided to one side. We smiled big smiles and leaned against each other. We went round the room to explore it and found a retro photo booth. We posed and sat very still for one minute, staring into each other’s eyes, her fingers almost touching my lips. My pussy juices drenched my panties. She couldn’t stop touching my dress. We ran into each other in the bathroom and she embraced me in the mirror, from behind. She said I looked like a dark fairy, ruling over a kingdom of birds. I liked that. We sat down. I put my arm around her and tried to kiss her, but she turned away. Fine, I said to myself. You want to be in charge. I don’t care. I’ll be the girl.

The show was sexy, funny, and messy. Sheeba was there. So was Glam Boy. Suzanne laughed and joked with them as if they’d known each other for years. She liked the mess. At the interval, we found some seats up front. ‘Do you mind that everyone is going to see me stroking you now?’, she asked. ‘Not at all’. I was aware of what a striking couple we were, attracting longing looks from ladies and gentlemen alike. Everyone in the room could sense the attraction between us, making the colours more vivid. She and I hugged, nibbled on each other’s ears, her soft small hand in mine.

John texted to tell me that practice was over and he was on his way. I texted directions. For whatever reason, he mistakenly understood that I was there alone and confessed later he wouldn’t have joined me had he known Suzanne was there too. He sat on a chair behind us for the rest of the show and must have felt a bit weird. We walked out together, the three of us, laughing and joking till it was time to say goodbye. ‘Should we go to mine?’, I offered. She nodded enthusiastically. ‘I want to see where you live’. On the train, she regaled us with stories of threesomes and other sexual exploits.

At home, in the kitchen, I poured us wine. She and I started kissing. Finally. Her lips were soft. I brought her closer to the sofa, where John sat, at a distance away. I kissed her. He enjoyed the spectacle. I grabbed him and drew him closer and smiled a smile of pride at making things happen. They kissed while I watched them closely and straddled them both. That was incredibly hot. There I was, watching my own private porn with two of the sexiest people on the planet. I’m so fucking lucky. I said, ‘you two continue without me’ and went to the bathroom. When I came back, I saw her straddling John and telling him what a good boy he was, because he had such good taste in women. Amen to that.

I took their hands and dragged them to the bedroom. The rest of our clothes slipped away. When Suzanne saw the mirror, she stopped, transfixed, wrapped the feather boa around her and looked longingly at herself. ‘Hey, we’re here too’, John laughed. We collapsed on the bed. I found her clit under a tuft of wiry hair. She and I kissed and fingered each other. John fingered her. He went down on her while we kissed, then he went down on me while he fingered her. This was going well. I longed for his cock, so I drew him closer and unwrapped his package like a gift on Christmas morning. I took his cock in my mouth. Suzanne brought her mouth closer and we took turns kissing and teasing his cock. We moaned loud.

He fucked me from behind while I kissed Suzanne’s narrow pussy. It tasted metallic. She writhed with pleasure under my touch. I proposed to switch sides. ‘Lie down’, I said to John, and unrolled a condom with my mouth. I sat on his face and kissed her while she bounced on his cock. This required more coordination than we could muster, so we collapsed in a giggling pile, our limbs intertwined. I then went on top while Suzanne lay besides him. For a few happy minutes, I fingerfucked her and fucked him, controlling our rhythm with my hips. I loved it. I sucked on his cock while he kissed her. I stretched my arm to put a hand between her legs but there was John’s hand, already fingering her. ‘Good boy’, I thought, teamwork. He came in my mouth forcefully, bitter. I kissed him. I kissed her. Minutes later, she teased his cock with her mouth again. He wriggled with pleasure under her new skilful touches and bit his lip, but he didn’t come again. I made her come with a finger inside her, while she rubbed her clit to a frenzy. She writhed and moaned. It went on like this for a while and it was great. It felt so natural. There was no weirdness, no jealousy. We all thought we were so very hot. From time to time, John and I exchanged glances, to make sure we were all all right.

He lay down between us, Suzanne and I perched on his strong, slender shoulders. She and I looked at each other lovingly. I then looked at John. Now he smiled the smug smile of boys who can hardly believe their luck. We laughed. I got sleepy first. She wore me out, the little devil, or maybe I was just exhausted with the week’s emotional ups and downs. I lay down between them, spooned by him, spooning her. I didn’t rest very well. It was hot and my pussy got sweaty. When one of us woke up for a second, we kissed and squeezed each other happily.


In the morning, he whispered ‘I love you’. I whispered ‘I love you’ back. I rubbed my bum against him and stayed still, feeling the waves of desire raising and filling us to the brim. I kissed her shoulder. She opened her eyes and her mouth looked for mine. I slid one hand between her legs. With the other hand I reached John’s cock and pushed it inside me. It slid effortlessly. All of us moaned.

He took me from behind. I filled my mouth with her pussy and opened it wide with my fingers. My tongue relaxed to welcome her metallic, tobacco-like smell. I sucked on her clit and came hard under the pounding of John’s long, hard cock. John pulled out and made me come again and again with his dexterous fingers. He hopped in the shower, happy to be a part of it, sorry to leave. Suzanne’s pussy billowed around my fingers. ‘Did you come?’, ‘Not yet. Curve your fingers. Like that. Yes, yes, yes!!!’ She moaned like crazy and her pussy walls clenched. She barely rested for a moment, then grabbed my pussy lips with her fingers and squeezed. I swooned. She then started to rub my clit a little too roughly. I tried to wriggle out of her grip. ‘But my fingers are cold’, she pleaded. John laughed:  ’You might have found your match’.

She and I spent the day in bed, kissing, stroking each other’s bellies and thighs, touching our nipples. We slipped in and out of sleep. We talked. We confessed how obsessed we had been with each other, how we kept talking about each other, how we experienced ‘a sexual tingling’ (her words) when we first met, how rare it is to feel such desire. She said she sensed I was very sexual and kind of dark. We kissed and hugged and looked at each other in the mirror. It felt like she was my, our girlfriend.

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