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Why The New Sex Drive Pill For Women Is Not The ‘Female Viagra’


Both drugs treat sexual issues, but that’s where the similarities end.

News editor, The Huffington Post

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first prescription drug aimed at boosting women’s libido, but don’t go calling the new pink pill the “female Viagra.” Continue reading

When SHE Wants Sex More Than HE

Increasingly, it’s the female whose sexual needs aren’t being met in the relationship.


By Freddy and Eddy

In our 12 years running this website, along with 8 of those years owning and operating a “brick-and-mortar” adult boutique for couples, we’ve encountered thousands of individuals – most in relationships – and have noticed an evolving trend now firmly taking hold; that is the ever increasing occurrences of partnerships where the female is sexually dissatisfied with both the number of sexual encounters, as well as the quality of the sex, in general. In contrast to the prevailing belief that men are horny all the time while their significant others have to suffer with their overactive libidos, more and more women are speaking up about their desires and challenging the notion that sex is primarily male driven.

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