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Sex Positions 101: The Tidal Wave – Variation Two

Type of sex positions: Rear entry (doggy style).

Sex positions degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

Same as in variation 1, but this time the male places his knees INSIDE the knees of the female. This position is less tight and allows slightly deeper penetration than variation 1.



Sex Positions 101: The Close Embrace

Type of sex position: Missionary.
Degree of difficulty: Beginner.

This position limits the female’s movements, since the male’s legs are outside of hers. However, since both bodies are so close together, stimulation of the clitoris is maximized, as is penetration.


Sex Positions 101: The Reverse Wild Stallion

Type of sex position: Her on top, reverse.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

The male is on his back with the female on top in the opposite direction. The female then leans forward over his legs and controls penetration by sliding back and forth during intercourse.



Sex Positions 101: The Slider

Type of sex position: Missionary.
Degree of sex position difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

The female should lay on her back, legs together. The male enters her and puts his hands behind him for support. The female can place her hands on her legs for extra stimulation.


Sex Positions 101: The Pussycat Prowl

Type of sex position: Her on top.
Degree of difficulty: Beginner.

Let your inner pussycat take control and make him meow! Putting one leg forward allows easy back and forth motion and helps position him just right to hit your g-spot.

The female should bring one leg forward and place it outside of his legs. Her second leg should be placed between both his legs. He can then place his hand on her bottom to help guide her.



Sex Positions 101: The Eiffel Tower

Type of sex position: Woman on top.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

Use this innovative sex position to put the squeeze on his love tool while using his legs for added support.

For this sex position, the male lays back with his legs together, with the female on top, straddling both of his legs. By opening and closing her thighs, the female can add variety to the different sensations.


Sex Positions 101: Zero Gravity

Degree of sex position difficulty: Advanced.

Approach this position with caution, but know that the reward for perseverance is the most g-spot friendly alignment you’re likely to get from a sex position. If the chair and precarious nature of this position make you nervous, alter it by performing it with the male partner laying down, female on top, reclining all the way back to almost touching his knees with her shoulder blades.

The male should stand upright with his hands on her hips. Female’s weight should be directed to her shoulders and she can hang onto sides of chair for support. Use short, quick strokes.


Sex Positions 101: The Robins Nest

We suggest you possess strong abdominal muscles and that you stretch before attempting this moderate to advanced sex position. Once interlocked, rock back and forth, being careful not to let go of your partner too suddenly.

The male and female should start seated with their legs intertwined, hers out to the side. Both partners should grab each other’s arms and rock back and forth. This position is great for intimacy!



Sex Positions 101: The Bamboo Split

Get a leg up – literally – on this great sex position. One of the main benefits is a full view of your partner and great depth of penetration!

Leg position is important; male places on leg between both of hers. She should then lift her upper leg above and around his body. As he places one hand on her shoulder for support, she pulls him in.



Sex Positions 101: The Bermuda Triangle

This intermediate sex position allows for deep penetration and a bit of fantasizing as she faces away from her partner.

The person on the bottom should always have a pillow behind his neck for comfort. The female leans back, her knees facing forward and her feet behind her, supporting her weight on her hands.