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Sex Positions 101: Zero Gravity

Degree of sex position difficulty: Advanced.

Approach this position with caution, but know that the reward for perseverance is the most g-spot friendly alignment you’re likely to get from a sex position. If the chair and precarious nature of this position make you nervous, alter it by performing it with the male partner laying down, female on top, reclining all the way back to almost touching his knees with her shoulder blades.

The male should stand upright with his hands on her hips. Female’s weight should be directed to her shoulders and she can hang onto sides of chair for support. Use short, quick strokes.


Sex Positions 101: The Hitch

This intermediate to advanced sex position takes the missionary sex position to its ultimate boundary! For a real advanced twist, add an anal toy or prostate massage device to give your male partner the most mind-blowing climax of his life!

Male gets on hands and knees with female laying behind him, legs up, buttocks to buttocks. With her legs in the air, the female can open and close her thighs to constrict her vaginal muscles for extra pleasure.


Sex Positions 101: Backdoor Getaway

Type of Sex Position: Side by side.

This side by side sex position is a simple variant on rear entry, offering a great view of your partner while in the act of penetration. In fact, it’s a simple matter of rolling to go from here to doggy style in an instant! The male should be on top and supports his body by placing one hand down. A slight torso twist can create exotic sensations during penetration and a hand on her shoulder helps move into position.


Product Review: Sportsheets Lap Rider Thigh Dildo Harness

Synopsis: A neoprene harness that wraps around one’s thigh, holding a dildo in place for sexual penetration.

Eddy’s Review: The Lap Rider, by Sportsheets, is really a creative tool to enhance your sex life.  It’s an ingeniously designed harness which allows one to utilize a variety of harness-compatible dildos in a very unique way.

The Lap Rider is 20” long with one side black neoprene and the other side being the soft part of  black Velcro.  Added on to the base of the split ends are 3” of the Velcro fasteners.  At the opposite end there is a 1 ½” diameter opening that is 4” in from the edge.  This give you the capabilities for the user to add any of their own toys to their play time.  The width of the Harness is 6 ¼”.

We tried out the Lap Rider with such giddiness.   I started out the evening with performing my first erotic dance for Freddy.  I had taken a previous class of exotic dancing and we thought it would be a great time to try it.  So, wearing my Bracli Thong, I tried to remember my dance moves to some slow groovy tunes as Freddy decided to put on the Lap Rider.  As I hypnotized him with my motions of moving forward and moving back just out of reach he seemed quite enthralled.  As my dancing session came to a slow grind above his lap, I realized how anxious I was to try the Harness with our own Tantus dildo.  Since I was wearing the Bracli Thong, it was so easy to move the pearl strand to one side as I played with the dildo that was thrust out there waiting for me.  The harness kept it in place with such ease as I played with it while I was doing a lap dance on Freddy.  As our session heated up even more, we moved to a different position where I sat up against our couch as Freddy entered me with the Lap Rider at the same time as I gave him oral pleasure.  It was truly fantastic!

In summation, the Lap Rider is a great addition to enhancing play time.  It adds such a unique positioning to the normal run of the mill sex positions.

Freddy Says: This is basically a neoprene cuff that wraps around your thigh and holds any number of compatible dildos, our choice being one from Tantus. Anyway, it looks like this:

One fateful night, we had decided to put a bunch of things to use (lots of gear backed up, you know!) and I requested an erotic striptease from Eddy, set to some cool music from Shpongle. She came out in a long shirt and high heels, slowly worked me into a frenzy with her little hot body (I swear she was a dancer in her former life), and stripped down to reveal her Bracli pearl thong. By now, I was practically ripping through my pants!

The best part was the Lap Rider thingy, which I had strapped to my thigh, a Tantus dildo sticking straight up. To my delight, she mounted the silicone dildo and rode it up and down, side to side, forward and backward, going crazy with delight and providing me with perhaps the greatest sex show I’ve ever witnessed! She then turned away from me and slipped it in from behind and gave me a full view of her incredible ass and came again!

We finished with me moving the cuff toward my knee, hovering over her, and fucking her with the dildo in missionary position while she blew me as I hovered over her. What an amazing thing and at no point did I stick my cock in her, instead she worked me to climax with her hand and I exploded all over her chest.

Interested in purchasing a Lap Rider? Click here to visit our online store or here to visit Sportsheets for more retail sources.

Product Review: Tantus Little Secret Vibrators

Synopsis: Petite, colorful, platinum-grade silicone vibes.

Freddy and Eddy Says: It’s no secret that we’ve been staunch cheerleaders for Tantus products over the past few years. The fact that they use only the highest grades of silicone in their dildos and other offerings, as well as being completely unique in design and appearance has made us fans for life (which is how long their stuff lasts, incidentally). Top it all off with the fact they do all their manufacturing right here in the United States and we’d feel almost guilty if we looked anywhere else for insert able pleasure. Oh, and the owner happens to be a hot babe in her own right, just sayin’.

Tantus’ latest foray into mini vibrators takes them into territory occupied by some pretty stiff (pun intented) competition. Indeed, it’s a tall order to bump up against the likes of Doc Johnson, California Exotics, and the like, all well entrenched players in this category who have wads of cash to warrant Chinese manufacturing and sufficient marketing campaigns to keep their (mostly) inferior products flying off shelves. Could Tantus really pull it off, we wondered?

The answer is an emphatic YES. The Little Secret line of vibes not only manage to distinguish themselves in the general marketplace, but pull off the twin accomplishments of being consistent with Tantus’ legendary quality as well as delivering powerful sensations to bodyparts both sensual and otherwise. In fact, one particular model, the Tease, has quickly become our “go-to” vibe of choice for a variety of situations, not the least of which is travelling, due to its tiny form factor and versatility during both partner and solo play. A tad small for penetration, perhaps, but not to the point of eliminating the possiblity outright.

But we digress. The Little Secret vibes are approximately 3-3 1/2″ in length depending on the model, of which there are 5, and not counting the bullet vibrator protruding another 3/4″ from the bottom, and 3/4″ in girth. The bullet vibe can be easily removed and swapped out if you prefer a more or less powerful unit of your own; beware the included vibe is quite powerful, which was perfect for our needs but may be a bit much for the more sensitive among you. The whole thing can can be used in water play and we went as far as submerging the Little Secret with no problems whatsoever. As an aside, we’d like to mention that the toy just feels right. We would not be embarassed in the least if it made its way into public view (accidentally leaving it out, going through an airport scanner, etc.) and its got just enough pliability to make it, well, almost cuddly.

In actual use, the Little Secrets perform as expected. Intense orgasms come quickly and easily in a variety of uses, our favorite being during love making, of course. The compact size makes manipulating the device easy no matter who is directing its path and one can utilize it in alternative spaces, if you catch our drift, with a few drops of virtually any lube. Their platinum grade of silicone construction means the Little Secrets, like all Tantus products, can be washed free of all bacteria without worry and we simply toss ours into the dishwasher whenever we’re too lazy to do it by hand. In fact, you can even boil them as they’re practically indestructable.

In summary, this is yet another example of why we have come to rely so much on Tantus as a vital supplier in our sexual toy chest. The Little Secret vibrators continue their legacy of producing the best our industry has to offer and we applaud them for yet another grand slam.

Interested in purchasing a Tantus Little Secret Vibe? Click here to visit the Tantus website!

Sex Positions 101: The Robins Nest

We suggest you possess strong abdominal muscles and that you stretch before attempting this moderate to advanced sex position. Once interlocked, rock back and forth, being careful not to let go of your partner too suddenly.

The male and female should start seated with their legs intertwined, hers out to the side. Both partners should grab each other’s arms and rock back and forth. This position is great for intimacy!



Wisdom: 33 Years of Loving My Wife’s Body, by Hugh O’Neill

Alicia cleaning bathroom floor small

Is this when Alicia is at her most beautiful?

You’re hot for him, he’s hot for you, but how will he feel three gravity-heavy decades from now? Hotter still! says this husband.

She had just emerged from the shower wearing her trademark terrycloth ensemble – one towel wrapped, if barely, around her torso, another turbaned on her head. Sacked out on the bed, I pretended to watch the Mets game, but my attention was, as always, galvanized by her body. With the play-by-play burbling, I peeked at my partner of 33 years as she bent and stretched, rubbing herself dry in the half light. I dug the come-hither of her curves, the plain beauty of this body that had been the engine of my longing from about the time I had first learned to yearn.

As I lay there, struggling to restrain myself – she’d had a long day – I considered the changed her body had gone through over our years together. In defiance of conventional wisdom, the tick-tock of time and the stress of two pregnancies have only enhanced her. Parts that were merely pert are now graceful and inviting. Though she isn’t happy with what she calls “gravitational effects,” she has, if you ask me, only gotten better with age.

And so I decided to tell her. I waited as she dressed for bed, shimmying into black panties, snapping on some pajama pants and finally slipping on a T-shirt that lingered over her head – showcasing her breasts just a beat longer than she would have if she’d had no audience. When her face popped into view, she took a sort of bow – blowing me a kiss – and scooted toward me on the bed. Maybe she hadn’t had such a long day.

“Your body is more beautiful today than the day I met you,” I said, as she cuddled with purpose next to me.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean,” she barked, bolting upright and, in a flash, out of the mood. “You are comparing my body now with my body then? Why?”

I suddenly realized that I’d stumbled down a rabbit hole, into the land where women assume that when it comes to beauty, younger is always better. More precisely, women assume that men think younger is better. It’s the ground zero of female insecurity, where too many women spend too much time. From where I sit, it looks like one scary place.

That night, we had a long discussion – well, my wife did most of the discussing – that bounced all over the place. She wouldn’t even entertain the possibility that what I had said could be true. Could a middle aged woman be beautiful? Of course, but it was scientifically impossible, she cliamed, for a woman of her age to be sexier than when she was 20 years prior. She could live with what happened to her figure, she said, but she’d be damned if she’d be pitied. When I said something deeply brilliant about how beauty “doesn’t even exist until it’s perceived,” she threw a slipper at me.

It was hard to blame her for not understanding. After all, what could she know about the form she inhabited? She was too close to it to see it clearly. Does the dancer see the dance? I, on the other hand, was the world’s leading expert on her body. I’d had a front row seat for its whole story.

Slinky, stong, and mysterious.

The first time I saw her, she was 18 years old and wearing a miniskirt that the Sisters of the Divine Compassion, from whose high school care I’d just graduated, whould have called an “occasion of sin.” It was made of buckskin, more a wide belt that a skirt really, and it barely covered her assets. My first goal that had nothing to do with baseball was to touch that skirt. No, to grab it. OK, to toss it inot the corner. At first, her body was purely and aspiration to me; it taught me how to dream.

Dateline: Arches National Park, Utah. It was the first trip for two Eastern sea boarders to the vastness of the American west. Throughout a morning hiking up trails, the seat of her shorts was my north star. I ignored the epic vistas, enjoying her geography instead, wondering if a high noon quickie in a national park was a crime and whether I cared. But by the afternoon, lust morphed into an engineer’s admiration. The backs of her legs, her hamstrings, and calves, by then rusted with red-rock dust, seemed less luscious than they did powerful. It was the first time I appreciated her plain physical strength, a strength on which I would depend for years to come, to lug groceries, to lift children, to stay up all night in the emergency room with a croup-stricken four year old so she wouldn’t miss the pediatrician when he made his rounds. I’ve felt grateful for her body. It has lightened my load.

By our wedding day, after a decade together, her style had evolved from Joni Mitchell to Katharine Hepburn, and our marriage was our own Philadelphia story. I remember two things about her body from that celebration; how her dress, blue with a black pattern and a kicky thirties cut, whispered, silky and promising around her southern hemisphere as she turned to kiss and talk with the members of our tribe; and the energy of her face. As we danced, she beamed at everybody she loved, working her most critical muscles – the ones that help her smile.

When my wife was pregnant, she was sick to her stomach virtually every day. And though my hands-on access to her body was limited by the fact that she was usually about to the throw up, she shared herself in a quiet new way, bu sitting on my lap. Before then, she hadn’t been much for cuddling, but when she was carrying the kids, she would nestle into me. I enjoyed the fullness of her shape as her breasts and belly swelled. During the actual ordeal of childbirth, I was a stand-up-by-her-head husband, avoiding to the best of my ability glimpses of actual blood and gore. I got the message nonetheless and understood the toughness at the heart of motherhood. Since then, her body, which had been a playground pre-kids, has seemed intriguing, as though it had a superhero secret to go with all the obvious bells and whistles. I knew what her body had been through and loved it the way a man loves a comrade who has taken a bullet on his behalf.

Last summer, my wife sunbathed while I went for a run down a New Jersey beach. Staying fit was my cover, but as I ran, huffing and puffing, I drank in women of every shape, every color, every age, and every taste in bathing suits. I actually thanked God for his work. When I got close to our spot on the beach, I saw a woman emerging from the surf. She tipped her had back, slicking her hair smooth with her hands, revealing her armpits and tilting her breasts upward into the setting sun, and I felt obliged to slow down to admire this stranger. It was only when she started to jog through the shallows that I recognized my wife’s unmistakable gait. I loved her body then as an object, the way a man loves anything beautiful.

It’s about character, not collagen.

Women are often critical of male lust. They resent that it’s undiscriminating, that a well-married guy can appreciate the new secretary in the office or even the third dancer from the left in the latest music video, that lust may have nothing too do with love. But when it comes to aging, that’s not bad news. We’re not subtle. We don’t even notice most of the incremental changes in you to which you’re so finely attuned. And the shape-shifting we do notice rarely throws us off our sexual game. You may think you’re less appealing because you’ve gained weight or a few wrinkles, but we don’t think that. We want you – in all shapes and sizes. Wanting is what we do best.

Sometimes I find myself giving my wife an appraising once-over, as though I’m examining a used car. She has sustained a couple of dings over the years: two small burn marks on her leg, plus a slightly bent pinkie thanks to an icy path her husband should have done a better job of clearing. And I know that as time goes by, I will have to love her body in a brand-new way. As her bones get more brittle and her balance a little less sure, I will have an ever growing obligation to watch over her body, to love it the way a curator cherishes a work of art.

I reflected on this all as she ripped into me that night for my failed attempt at flattery, and finally got fed up with listening to her. I felt as though somebody had to stand up for the body that had stood by me through it all. I gestured for silence and claimed the floor.

“My dear wife,” I began. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I do think you’re beautiful because of everything I know about you. Maybe it’s because when I look at you naked, I see your courage, not just your caboose. Maybe you’re actually an old hag and you just look beautiful to me because of the 10 million laughs we’ve shared. Maybe it’s because your body carried my dazzling DNA forward into the world. Maybe it’s just because I’m addicted to your scent, your lips, your hips. but guess what: I don’t care. We don’t have to agree. I’m entitled to think what I think. If you want to swallow the cultural propaganda that judges women by the collagen in their skin and not the content of their character, feel free. go right ahead. But I’ve got no interest in it. Zero. Zip. Nada.”

Normally, my “Zero. Zip. Nada” line is gasoline on any fire. But not this time. She just sat there, and the room got deeply quiet.

“If you want every time you look in the mirror to be a damage assessment, that’s your choice,” I said. “But I just don’t see what you see. If you ask me, life is too damn short, and I’ve got no time to be mourning, especially when a celebration is in order. My God, look at you.” The catch in my voice surprised even me.

She got up from the chair and crossed toward me, reaching down and slowly pulling her T-shirt back over head, dropping it to the floor. I marveled at the evolution of her body, its ascent over the years from naive to womanish, from brand-new to burnished by everything she knew, enriched by her ability to pay attention, to inhabit the moment with a lucky man. When she put her arms around me and kissed me, she felt like all a fella could handle, completely at home in the body in which we’d both been blessed.

Morning Erotica: Caffeine Kisses, by Thomas Roche

coffeeby Thomas Roche

My eyes roved wildly over the apartment as I paced back and forth.

“That definitely wasn’t decaf,” I said.

“You don’t say,” Sherry yawned. She had stripped down to her sleeping clothes: a white tank top and soft cotton shorts. She was curled up with a woolen blanket covering her legs and Che Guevarra delicately washing his paws in her lap.

“I told them three times,” I growled. “Decaf! Decaf! Decaf!”

“Maybe they couldn’t hear you. You should have said it a fourth time.”

Che regarded me with even less interest than my girlfriend. Sherry flicked the remote control from channel to channel as I walked a six-foot elipse around the living room.

“I’m just about ready for bed,” she told me.

“Not me,” I snapped, and continued my pacing while she channel surfed.

“I think I’d better go to the gym,” I finally said.

“They close at ten on Sundays,” she told me.

“Shit! God damn it!”

Sherry looked at me with a faint smile on her lips. “You’re sure that wasn’t decaf?”

“Very funny.”

She turned off the TV. “Come over here,” she said, patting the sofa next to her. Che Guevarra issued a fervent hiss and meowed discontentedly, then ran for the hills, darting across the living room toward the cat tree.

I looked at her with mixed suspicion and paranoia. “Why?” I asked.

“I’m going to hit you over the head with a flower vase and knock you cold,” she said.

“Please,” I said, sitting next to Sherry on the sofa.

She was on me in an instant, bearing me back onto the sofa, crawling on top of me. She kissed me, recoiling just a bit when she tasted my tongue. Sherry hates coffee. She threw caution to the wind and kissed me harder, her tongue sliding against mine as she reached her hands down my sweat pants.

“I know what’ll calm you down,” she said.

“I doubt it,” I told her bitterly.

“But it certainly can’t hurt,” she said, pulling my sweats down. “Besides, your lips say no no but your caffeinated cock says make it a double.”

She took my cock in her hand as it hardened, then bent forward and wrapped her lips around it. I sighed softly as her mouth began to slide up and down on my shaft. I was painfully hard in an instant, and as Sherry’s tongue swirled around my balls she stroked the tip of my cock with her thumb, caressing me in exactly the way she knows will make me come faster than fast. Her mouth worked around my head, her lips closed tight around it, and when she pulled back she moaned, her breath warm on my glistening prick.

“Come on,” she cooed. “Let it all out. All that naughty caffeine into your cock. I want you to come French Roast, baby. Come on, I can take it.”

Then her mouth was on my cock again, and my fingers were tangled in her hair as her head bobbed up and down. Long, low moans escaped my lips and I heard Sherry whimpering softly in the base of her throat. Her lips worked the head while her tongue lapped at the underside. Her hand began to pump the base.

Che was sitting at the top of the cat tree blinking in bemusement. He made eye contact with me and pawed the air. I would have sworn the little bugger was shooting me the feline version of a high-five.

Sherry’s mouth rose off of me for just an instant. “Come on,” she said. “Let it all out.” Her mouth came down over my cock again and she hungrily pumped it, sucking me harder than before.

I moaned, my hips lifting, and let go. Pleasure washed over me as I came in Sherry’s mouth, listening to her tiny whimpers as she swallowed and hungrily sucked for more. A big sigh came out of me as I finished coming.

Sherry snuggled up on top of me, cuddling close. She whispered softly in my ear.

“You’re right,” she said, licking her lips. “It definitely wasn’t decaf.”

I smiled ruefully.

“So now you’ll be up all night?” I said.

She giggled and kissed me on the neck.

“Yeah,” she told me, her fingers spidering up my stomach underneath my sweatshirt to tease my nipple. “But it’s not a problem, baby. Not a problem at all.”

Che jumped on top of us and began to knead Sherry’s hip.

Sex Positions 101: The Kangaroo Shuffle

This position is one of FEMALE empowerment and slight domination! Gentlemen, take a different turn and let yourself assume the bottom missionary position and let her ride you into g-spot bliss.

A GREAT position for g-spot stimulation, the female can control the angle of penetration to suit her needs. By moving up and down, she can direct his penis to hit her g-spot supporting herself with her arms.


Product Review: Lipstick Vibrator

lipstickvibratorSynopsis: A lipstick replica that houses a tiny, yet powerful vibrator.

First Impressions

For a toy that measures a mere 2 3/4″ this sure comes in a large box. I have to admit though it did look seductive as I eyed the sleek silver case through the see through packaging part that allows to view the vibe before I finally couldn’t resist any longer and gave into the urge and ripped open the packet. What greeted me was a chic looking silver case that would easily pass as part of my make up kit once the top was in place. The lipstick vibe only requires one AA size battery and I did find myself wondering just how powerful it would prove. I soon found the answer to my question was more than I actually gave it credit for I’m happy to report. I couldn’t help but notice despite the powerful vibration, it was really quiet when running, my Hubby who was in the bedroom with me didn’t even notice I had it switched on. I did discover if I left it on my desk switched on and stood on it’s end it rotated and danced around so be warned if you decide to play with this in the office that you switch it off before putting it on the desk, should you get interrupted -)) Explaining why your lipstick is cavorting noisily around your desk might not be so easy!

Solo Play:

The size of this vibe is actually a plus as it allows for easy maneuverability but be warned as I mentioned earlier it does pack a pretty good punch for it’s size. If like me your not keen on direct clitoral clitoral stimulation then this is a toy you might really enjoy. Due to it’s sloped end I found I was able to easily position it between my inner and outer lips and tease the nerve that runs along the clitoral shaft, something I personally enjoy. This was a lot easier to slip and slide where I actually wanted it to be than it’s nearest counterpart the Rocket Pocket. Another advantage is this toy is actually pretty quiet when in use. There is no such thing as a silent vibe but this came pretty darn close even when I applied plenty of pressure. The vibrations are really intense for something so small and I quickly discovered adding it to anal play can add a whole new dimension to this toy . One word of warning, this is not a toy I would actually insert as it doesn’t have a flared base but the vibrations when just held at the anal opening are exquisite.

Partner Play:

Research partner at hand we began to explore this toy as we made love. He did comment on the fact that he found the fact that we had taken in effect a tube of lipstick to bed a little strange but he wasn’t complaining for long, moaning, maybe but complaining no -))Like many of the smaller vibes we soon discovered this made a perfect accompliment to intercourse. He also enjoyed the same type of anal stimulation I mentioned above with this toy. Like me he liked the fact that it was quiet although after a while the powerful vibrations in your hand can become a little uncomfortable. We found that by simply asking each other when and where it felt best we got the most pleasure for it. His comment before falling asleep was if real lipstick was this much fun every guy would want to wear it.

What’s it all add up to?

Who needs plastic surgery when you can get one of these for a little over $20? You sure won’t have pouted lips after you’ve tried this little gem that’s for sure. This is one of those rarer toys that actually lives up to the hype that surrounds it. You can get away with throwing it in your purse/makeup bag and passing it off as lipstick. Whether you chose to use it at home, in the office or when traveling, it’s discreet, packs a punch for it’s size and is a great shape. Couple that with the fact it’s quiet, looks stylish and girlie and you’re onto a winner for sure. Although this is a toy I generally use for solo play we still occasionally add it the repertoire when we make love as it makes for a nice change. Now everyone can and should look pretty in pink, even if it’s not really your shade!

To purchase a Lipstick Vibe, click here.