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Sex Positions 101: Ironing the Cracks

Sex position type: Rear entry (doggy style).

Sex position degree of difficulty: Intermediate.


Use a chair or table of some kind to mimic this common position from adult films. The male should kneel behind the female between her knees. Keep her knees together for a tighter thrust!



Sex Positions 101: The Russian Ballerina

Type of sex position: Standing.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Beginner to intermediate.

Female reaches back to caress male’s neck as he enters her. The female can also caress her own breasts, nipples, and clitoris for added stimulation. Male can get extra support grabbing her hips.



Sex Positions 101: Batter’s Up

Type of sex position: Standing

Degree of sex position difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

The female should place both knees on top of the seat of the chair, with both legs together. The male then straddles her legs and places his hands on her waist. The chair back can be used for support.



Sex Positons 101: The Betty Rocker

Type of sex position: Her on top.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate (but be careful).

The male should be on his back as the female straddles his legs. She can lean forward all the way, exposing her rear for anal stimulation or caressing of her cheeks and thighs.



Sex Positions 101: The Close Embrace

Type of sex position: Missionary.
Degree of difficulty: Beginner.

This position limits the female’s movements, since the male’s legs are outside of hers. However, since both bodies are so close together, stimulation of the clitoris is maximized, as is penetration.


Sex Positions 101: Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T.)

Type of sex position: Missionary.
Degree of difficulty: Beginner.

Use this coital alignment technique to get a good squeeze on your member and hit her clitoris at the same time.

This technique has gained a well-deserved reputation for its amazing clitoral stimulation. Keep your bodies close and enter her in an UP and DOWN motion to concentrate on her clitoris, NOT in and out.



Sex Positions 101: The Electric Chair

Type of Sex Position: Standing, with chair.
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

Try electrifying your evening with this jolt of sex position creativity! We suggest putting cushions around in case your play gets a little unbalanced (or substitute a stable couch).

The female should be in front of the chair and lean forward with her hands on her knees. The male should be on the chair with his hands on the back and his feet on the corner of the base.



Sex Positions 101: Superhero’s Delight

Type of sex position: Standing
Degree of difficulty: Advanced

Take the Supported Doggy Stretch sex position to the extreme with this slight modification and soar to super human orgasms! Be VERY careful to select the right chair and give yourselves plenty of space in case you come crashing back to earth. For the really adventurous (and abdominally strong), see if you can perform this position without the aid of the chair by letting go and flying into sexual bliss!

First, the woman should approach the chair and grab the sides. From there, the male should lean down and place his hands under her waist as he lifts her off the ground, using her legs for extra support.



Sex Positions 101: The Smooth Operator

Type of sex position: Standing
Degree of difficulty: Easy to intermediate.

Embrace in this standing sex position and dance your way to love. Some couples may have difficulty achieving proper penetration due to height differences (us, for example), but it’s never a bad idea to get naked and hold each other closely, right?

Clasp your hands tightly together behind his neck. Grip her bottom to bring her closer. Height differences can affect love making while standing. Raising up on toes can make it easier for shorter person.





Sex Positions 101: The Nose Dive

Type of sex position: Oral.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

This fun oral sex position gives the male partner the opportunity for serious ass groping, with a great view of her body as she writhes under his tongue skills. Beware of strain on your backs – especially the male’s as he supports her legs over his shoulders (careful not to hunch too far over).

It is recommended that you place pillows under your partner’s shoulders to relieve stress. Male places hands under her bottom for added support and places her legs over his shoulders.

The nose dive oral sex position.

The nose dive oral sex position.