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Sex Positions 101: Lock and Load (legs out)

Type of sex position: Rear entry.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

The male should start on top as he straddles her legs. As the female rests on her stomach, the male can thrust. By bending his elbows, the male can bring himself closer to his partner to kiss and whisper.



Sex Positions 101: On the Prowl

Type of sex position: Missionary.
Sex Position degree of difficulty: Beginner to intermediate.

The female should be on the bed with the male on top. As the man enters from above, he can reach back to caress her clitoris. He should keep his legs outside hers, bringing one knee forward.



Sex Positions 101: The Pussycat Prowl

Type of sex position: Her on top.
Degree of difficulty: Beginner.

Let your inner pussycat take control and make him meow! Putting one leg forward allows easy back and forth motion and helps position him just right to hit your g-spot.

The female should bring one leg forward and place it outside of his legs. Her second leg should be placed between both his legs. He can then place his hand on her bottom to help guide her.