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Men Masturbated For Science, And Here’s What Came Of It


New study uses porn to spotlight changes in sperm quality, quantity.

By David Freeman

They say variety is the spice of life, and provocative new research by scientists in Ohio suggests that that holds true in the world of human sex and reproduction.

With the help of 21 men and some porn videos, The College of Wooster researchers showed that guys ejaculate faster and produce more, higher-quality sperm when they masturbate to a “novel female stimulus.”

In other words, they really get off with a hot woman they’ve never previously encountered. Continue reading

Fleshbot.com’s True Erotic Stories: He Masturbated While I Watched

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I was open with him. “I don’t mean to make you feel badly or self-conscious, but I would very much like it if I knew you were getting as much pleasure as me, if you had the occasional orgasm in my presence — I feel guilty, greedy. It’s always about me and my pleasure, never yours.” I paused, thinking about what to say next as he looked at me with softly with his icy blue eyes.

“And you’re not getting the pleasure of giving,” he finished for me.

“Yes,” I breathed with relief. He got it.

His “apathy,” as he calls it, is what he struggles with the most. He appears to be completely unfettered when it comes to social intricacies, connecting, receiving, and giving. He has built himself an iron island and no one may ever let him down. It’s emotionally impossible after 29 years of fortitude.

He doesn’t care about things. What those things are, I couldn’t say, I haven’t poked around too much for fear of hearing I am one of them, but he is working on cracking open enough to the vulnerability that is inherent in caring about something, maybe someone.

Almost as if on cue, I began to feel unwell the days following that conversation. Sex was off the table. So we cuddled and talked and let our words probe each other rather than our body parts, but aching/hungry/ass belly aside, I was still set to drooling last night when my absentminded cock-stroking awoke the beast.

We giggled as it rose stiffly against the elastic of his shorts and I gripped it happily and squeezed.

“I’ve thought about what you said the other day,” he said huskily, close to my ear, “And I’m not going to jerk off until Saturday night.”

“Really??” I asked incredulously

“Yes, really. When you come to La Maison du Voisin, then I’ll cum all over your face, in your mouth, and maybe in your pussy.”

“That’s a lot of cumming!” I said impressed.

I was touched by this grand gesture. La Maison du Voisin night marks the very first time he’s offered to cook for me, hang with me, and tuck me in next door.

It’s not as romantic as you think, however. It was originally a gesture of contrition and remorse. Saturday he let a drunk girl pass out face down in his lap and, panicked and drunk, he stroked her arm and shoulder in a creepy, intimate way while our knees bounced against each other in the back of a bouncing pick up truck. My warning looks served only to heighten his discomfort and feelings of helplessness and rendered me anxiety-ridden and miserable.

That night, he offered me La Maison du Voisin.

The next day he woke me up to say he feels bad that he continues to cross boundaries with other women he considers in distress. It was at that moment I realized he’d tossed me bones: Wanna come over to my house Saturday?? Would you like for me to make you dinner? You can stay the night, too.

“Did you offer all that La Maison du Vosin stuff because you felt bad about the drunk girl?”

He admitted it was true, but that he still really wanted me to come over and do those things for me. So, ok. I’m gonna take it however it may come.

I squeezed the cock hot and thick in my hand and it pulsed a little. I told him I wished I was up for fucking. He hugged me and said it was ok. I wasn’t sure if I should try, but I decided to grab my Hitachi. His eyes lit up.

I put the buzzing head on top of my plaid, pink pj shorts and rode the vibrations to a quick and powerful crescendo. I panted, whimpered, and arched my back, and through fluttering lashes I watched his hand move to his cock and begin to blur.

His hand was fast and fapping and I watched his massive thighs flex and relax again and again.

“Do it again,” he said.

My stomach felt ok, so I decided to oblige him.

Again I flipped the switch and rose swift and high, like a rocket, and his hand continued to be a blur as I watched entranced, his muscles flexing and releasing like a wild animal on the run.

I came hard for a second time and lay limply beside him, his hand idling on his stiff cock. “Could you have cum?” I asked, assuming we were done.

“I’m trying to cum!” he said with a smile.

“But I thought you weren’t cumming till Saturday…” I said confused.

“Yes, but I figured jerking off next to you was totally allowed.” He smiled broadly at me. I agreed it was absolutely allowed. “Cum a third time,” he whispered. I knew he was telling me he needed to watch me for a little longer, that he was close.

I flicked the switch back on and gasped the second it hit my clit. The rise was fast, but I was spent. I knew this was for him. I turned my head to the side, let the little row-boat of my orgasm bump against the dock, and watched his hand become an arc of Caucasian skin.

His eyes were tightly closed, his chest knots of muscles. He grunted and gasped and began to buck into his hand even as it slammed down into his lap. His stomach clenched and he crunched up a little, his hand slowed and spurts of milky white choked out of the abused head. A little glob landed on the silky nest of his chest hair.

He laid back down with a sigh and squeezed out more semen, slowly milking himself.

“Fuck, that was hot,” I said, the vibrator forgotten and turned off.

He leaned over and kissed me and I kept my eyes on the glistening tip of his cock.

He rose then and walked around to the other side of the bed, my side, and his still rock hard cock bobbed by my face. He leaned towards my face and I opened my mouth and gently drew him in. He tasted salty and clean.

Then he pulled away and smiled. “I just wanted you to taste it.”

“Thanks,” I said. “It tastes delicious.”

He came back around and we cuddled some more until my lids were heavy and my smile left an imprint in his chest hair. He rolled out from under me and pulled up my covers, leaned over and kissed me goodnight with soft, long strokes.

I’m looking forward to Saturday and lots more of this cum-flavored contrition.

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Product Review: Bathmate Hydro Penis Pump

Synopsis: An innovative pump that uses water pressure to increase the overall size of one’s penis (both flaccid and erect).

Our Review: I’ve always hesitated when it comes to penis enlargement. It’s not that having a porn star sized cock doesn’t appeal in some way to that long lost Maxim/teen part of my brain; it’s just that, after 20 years of marriage and countless women before my wife entered the scene, I simply haven’t had any complaints about the size of Mr. Happy. True, I’ve spent most of my sexually active years with petite Asian women; however, when I’ve ventured into other territories I’ve managed to avoid the stigma of coming up short. I’m not BIG, mind you, but average, and average seems to get the job done.

So when yet another penis pump manufacturer contacted us to get on our review schedule, I sighed and tried to convey that I didn’t normally try these devices anymore, figuring they all work on the same principle of “hypermia,” which stretches the main ligament running along the shaft and enlarges the three chambers that fill with blood by pulling more blood through pumping. True enough, the gentleman agreed, but he threw one into the mail anyway, whereby it sat on a shelf for a few weeks before I decided to give it a look. That decision was rewarded, as I’ll explain over the next few paragraphs.

The Bathmate is a penis pump, similar in looks to others on the market, but with a twist. Instead of sucking air into its main chamber, it instead uses water. To operate the Bathmate, you fill the device with warm water (in either a bath or while taking a shower) and insert your penis. A seal is created when you push down on the pump while holding it against your pevis, displacing some of the water and pulling blood into your penis, causing it to grow. The instructions recommend using it for 20 minutes per day for 30 consecutive days and results are supposed to range in the neighborhood of an extra inch or two in length, with a half to full inch in girth. Because the Bathmate uses water pressure and only gentle suction, there is practically no discomfort and, more importantly, less risk of damage to the penis due to over pumping.

My main hesitation in going forward with a review of the Bathmate was, believe it or not, out of concern for the environment. Living in Southern California, we often deal with droughts and the thought of wasting all that water – 20 minute showers – felt like I was betraying my conservationist roots. To get around this problem, I simply filled the Bathmate while taking my morning showers, held the device in place with one hand (it’s quite simple to operate the pump in this manner) and conducting my shower with the other (not so easy). In some cases, I was able to form a tight enough seal to go hands-free; however, I don’t recommend it as in a few cases the seal was broken and it hit the tub with a thud loud enough to bring my nosy wife into my experimentation.

In actual use, I must admit I did enjoy the sight of my cock growing ridiculously large inside the Bathmate chamber. After about 20 days, the regular pumping finally took hold and “shrinkage” issues disappeared. My penis hung nice and low and I venture to say I’d have had no problem hitting a nudist retreat in full display. By day 30 I had gained approximately 1.75″ in length, with a noticable increase in girth. I’ve since dropped down to using the Bathmate 2-3 times per week, which seems to work to keep me at the present size level. As advertised, the Bathmate caused no discomfort during use, in fact performing better than any pump I’ve tried to date. If you’re particularly small and considering a pump to help you, the Bathmate is definitely a great option.

Of course, while I didn’t mind a couple extra inches here and there, my wife could barely tell the difference during love making (though she did like the appearance in flaccid state). Likewise, during oral sex. Like most pumps I’ve tried, the Bathmate didn’t make me HUGE like a porn star, instead it enhanced my already respectable anatomy. Not to downplay the confidence aspect, I DO feel better about public nudity – which I’ve shied away from in the past – but as for the increased penis size greatly impacting my sex life, I’d have to say it was negligible. The Bathmate also claims to help with a host of other sexual issues, including stamina, orgasm intensity, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. Since I don’t have any of those issues (currently, at least) I can’t speak to those claims directly.

In the end, while that last statement may seem laizez faire, I do have to give praise to the device itself. In my experience, the Bathmate is simply the best penis pump I’ve yet encountered. It’s ridiculously easy to use, comfortable, and performs as it claims. I continue to use it as I do feel a bit better about my self with a larger non-erect penis and it’s downright fun to watch my member grow in the chamber during showers. It is for these reasons I give the Bathmate my highest recommendation.

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Product Review: Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Synopsis: A waterproof male pleasure device that concentrates stimulation at the most sensitive area of the penis.

Freddy’s Review: I find it curious how long it has taken for a product like the Cobra Libre to surface. Certainly, there’s no dearth in male masturbation options currently on the market; however, aside from the variety of shapes and materials available, the actual procedure of self pleasure for males has remained unchanged for the past 50 years (forever, if you take out products). That is to say, our hands, sleeves, pads, love dolls, and simulated vaginas all work by one main principle; mimicking the act of sexual intercourse (creating friction and by extension pleasure to get one to climax).

This is curiously short sighted, as a better path has been right in front of our penises since the first back massager made its way to a woman’s clitoris in the 1950’s. Meaning, of course, the direct stimulation of the main nerves through vibration instead of friction. I liken this to a woman stimulating her clitoris via her fingers, which involves a rubbing action to induce orgasm, over a vibrator, which hammers the nerve endings at high speed, intensifying the stimulation and subsequent orgasm (the main exception being the Eroscillator, which imitates the finger method, but at impossibly high speeds). Being that the main pleasure area of the penis – the frenulum, located near the head – is very similar to a woman’s clitoris, how is it possible no one has brought a male vibrator to market that concentrates on that specific penile region?

I’m happy to report that the summer of 2010 finally saw such a product make it into the adult product channel and, luckily, the company who rolled the dice and developed the first male vibrator (to my knowledge, anyway) was none other than uber sex product manufacturer Fun Factory. Known for their meticulous attention to quality and design, the German engineers at Fun Factory have scored a grand slam with their Cobra Libre male pleasure device. In fact, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre is a male masturbation toy so revolutionary and groundbreaking that I’m not entering the realm of hyperbole when I say this single product will revolutionize the male sex product market, no doubt spawning an entire market of imitators rushing to capitalize on their innovation.

So what, exactly, is the Cobra Libre? Aside from its vague name, the Cobra Libre is a vibrator for men, which for the first time gives us a chance to experience almost exactly what our females have been enjoying for decades – a clitoral type orgasm. Insert the upper end of your penis into the opening, activate, lose your mind. Repeat. The housing is made from hard plastic, with a silicone entry for your manhood toward the front. The Cobra Libre features Fun Factory’s proprietary “click ‘n charge” charging process (attach a small magnetic prong to the designated area on the Cobra Libre to charge it up), and the unit is completely sealed and water tight. Indeed, I used the device repeatedly in the shower (and continue to do so!) and its continued to function perfectly after a mere pat with my towel. The controls consist of three buttons located conveniently toward on top of the unit, and you simply need to softly stroke your finger across any one of them to engage.

In use, I started with a favorite porn clip (ah Tia Tanaka, is there any more porn star so perfect as you?) and did as instructed in the handy manual, inserting in flaccid state with a tiny amount of lube. After turning the unit on, I became erect within seconds and climaxed almost immediately. So quickly did the Cobra Libre bring me to orgasm that it caught me off guard and I was disconcerted to say the least. The feeling was completely unique and unlike anything I’d experienced sexually before. It wasn’t like sex – oral or intercourse – and it wasn’t like masturbating. This was something different, in my mind probably like what my wife must feel when using a clitoral vibrator. Imagine going from nothing and not erect to waves of increasing pleasure, then to the point of being unable to control your own climax, losing your mind briefly in the process. It was that incredible. I can only say I almost became addicted to the Cobra Libre for a week after first trying it. Since then, I’ve learned patiently to orgasm multiple times before decided whether or not to finish, so to speak, and my love making skills (I believe) have improved as a result.

In summation, I can only say that the $149.00 retail price tag puts the Cobra Libre right in line with the best female vibrators on the market today and is a fair price to pay for something as unique and pleasurable as the orgasms it provides. A winner on all counts.

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Product Review: Verspanken for Men

Synopsis: A stroking masturbation device perfect for solo and couples play.

Freddy’s Review: It’s been quite some time since a product has come along that impressed me to the point of openly admitting to resuming masturbating, but there you have it – the Verspanken has accomplished such a miracle.

First, however, I have to explain what the Verspanken IS and how it came to BE in our possession. The Verspanken is a clambshell masturbation device, containing liquid filled inserts that mimic the lower female anatomy and provides sensations similar to actual intercourse/penetration. The plastic housing, which easily comes apart and allows simple removal of the inserts for cleaning or changing, feels solid and built for years of use. The liquid inserts, called Water Weiners, are of similar quality construction, and after multiple uses I’ve never felt any threat of them leaking. They can also be interchanged for different sensation. The Verspanken is packaged in a fun, attractive box that is thankfully vague and playful, making it a great gift for a male partner or friend.

How the Verspanken came to reach us was via friend, let’s call her “Dawn,” who works for Big Teaze Toys (the Verspanken manufacturer) and thought we might like to try a masturbation product that could be used in unison. Dawn has known us for years and was aware we normally shy away from this product category, but she has always been a trusted friend and highly complimentary of our relationship and what we like. She actually used to produce an amazing sex toy storage box – the ToiBocks – that sadly suffered production difficulties and is no longer available, so she knows our industry as well as anyone and we trust her implicitly. She now has moved on to Big Teaze Toys, who also make the infamous vibrating I Rub My Duckie, which may be the most personable sex toy ever made. Her word is pretty much gold with us, so we ventured back into male masturbation territory based solely on her recommendation and the results only strengthened her standing in our world.

In use, the Verspanken is straightforward and effective. Lube it up (any lube can be used), insert your member, and twist and turn its sultry, squishy goodness to desired effect. The amount of pressure can be adjusted by squeezing on both sides of the housing and a handy instruction booklet – in several languages – uses stick figure illustrations to show suggestions for maximizing your stoking fun (click here for Big Teaze’s fun video on the Verspanken). This is a point that should be emphasized: the instruction booklet is NON-explicit, which is of great importance sometimes when presenting a sex product to someone shy. Indeed, this is proof that a little bit of modesty can go a long way and we tried several of the booklet’s tips and each time resulted in lots of laughter, pleasure, and quite intense orgasms at their conclusion. Luckily, we were entrusted with their complete collection of Water Wieners and still haven’t yet explored all the combinations. Though I can attest to the product’s effectiveness solo, it was the seamless integration into partner play where the Verspanken really shined. In fact, this just may be the best and most versatile male pleasure toy I’ve ever owned.

Eddy’s Review: When our good friend Dawn asked us to try this crazy fun toy, I wondered where I played into the picture. After all, we are a couples site, so my hubby doesn’t usually do reviews of masturbation toys as most of them aren’t all that great to play with together. Sure, sleeves can be fun sometimes, but quite frankly I’d rather use my own body to pleasure my man than a fake replica of some porn star’s privates. The Verspanken is just so irresistable, though! It truly looks and “plays” like an adult “toy.” The box, instructions, and design is off the hook FUN and the little booklet was really helpful in getting the most enjoyment out of it. In fact, I can imagine this would be a GREAT way to help train male partners to last longer as it can be adjusted so easily and is so non-intimidating. Unlike some sex toys that get reviewed and tossed into our toy chest, this one stays close by for some impromptu spankin’ of my MAN-ken!

In summary, this is one of the most FUN devices we’ve ever tried and the fact it can be used both solo and together make the Verspanken an unqualified hit.

To learn more about or purchase The Verspanken, click here to visit our online store or visit their website here.