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Hot Sex With Menopausal Women: One Man Shares His Experience


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After reading a recent HuffPost article about post-menopausal sex that struck me as somewhat depressing, I started to wonder how sex as I knew it would evolve once I crossed over to “the other side.” Was the reality for most women really as grim as what the media tells us is true? Or can sex after menopause morph into a richer and more nuanced experience? And if it does, why aren’t we reading those stories? L

iam is a 65-year-old man who wrote to share his experiences with steady sex partners from ages 50 – 68. If his sampling is an accurate gauge of the range of post-menopausal sexual response, then many of us perimenopausal ladies can look forward to enjoying robust sex lives, possibly in more creative ways than we’d ever imagined — especially for those of us fortunate enough to have a lover as sensitive as Liam.

I had a lover who began menopause at 51 with no other symptoms than the hot flashes/end of menses.

Her very strong libido was unaffected. We did not center intercourse in our practices, so I can’t recall if there was any effect on that. She was accustomed to having endless and sometimes ejaculatory orgasms from non-genital stimulation of various sorts, so we mostly didn’t notice menopause’s effects. Continue reading

8 Ways to Keep Sex Hot After 40!


Living post-40’s life to its fullest at Burning Man 2007.

Sexual passion in long term relationships can be difficult enough to sustain. We’ve been together over a quarter century and have certainly experienced a range of issues over this long period, chief among them the simple fact that we’ve aged into midlife along the way. Our 3-4 times sex per day dating days have given way to a more modest 1-3 times per week as we approach our 50 year birthdays, respectively, and try as we might neither of us is immune to financial pressures, fatigue, or general malaise from time to time. Still, there’s no lack of intimacy in our everyday relationship as we continue to treasure each other’s company, touch, and all that comes with such a deep commitment, even if it does take a bit more effort. Sex for us is a process, and whether or not it leads to intercourse we find passion in the moment, regardless of our age, physical condition, or financial situation. Getting older, though, does present its own set of challenges and here are some helpful pointers to keep things steamy – or at least foggy – in the bedroom into your mature years.

1. Understand the facts… Testosterone and Sex

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