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Sex Positions 101: The Aussie Awakening

Type of sex position: Seated.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

The position of the penis can make this one awkward. The male starts on his back with his knees bent. The female sites upward with her legs at his side. From here, they grab arms and rock back and forth.



Sex Positions 101: The Radio Flyer

Type of sex position: Rear entry, standing.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

The female should be on a chair with both knees on base. One knee is lifted for male to hold, while other rests on chair. The male will be straddling the leg that is rested on the chair while second leg is held.



Sex Positions 101: Lock and Pose

Type of sex positions: Rear entry (doggy style).

Sex position degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

Here, the female starts with her body against the bed. The male starts above her with his body slightly away from hers. She should lift both legs, tightening her thighs as he penetrates.



Sex Positions 101: Threading the Needle

Type of sex position: Her on top.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

The male starts lying on the ground bringing his knees toward his chest. The female should come in between his legs and position his penis to enter her. By moving his thighs, she can draw him in and out.



Sex Positions 101: Love Fusion

Type of sex position: Spooning.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

Start with woman on her side in spooning position with male behind her. As he enters her, he can also rub and caress the entire length of her body by moving his hand up and down.



Sex Positions 101: Batter’s Up

Type of sex position: Standing

Degree of sex position difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

The female should place both knees on top of the seat of the chair, with both legs together. The male then straddles her legs and places his hands on her waist. The chair back can be used for support.



Sex Positions 101: The Praying Mantis

Type of sex position: Seated cradle.
Degree of sex position difficulty: Advanced.

The female should start on her back. The male should be between her legs and place his hands under her body, bringing her close. By having the male lean up and back, the angle of penetration varies.



Sex Positions 101: Raising the Mast

Type of sex position: Missionary.
Degree of sex position difficulty: Intermediate.


This position starts by placing both her legs on the male’s shoulders. The male should try to vary the angle of penetration by changing the angle of her legs as he enters her. Vary angle for comfort.

Sex Positions 101: The Strumming Mandolin

Type of sex position: Spooning (side by side).
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

This spooning position has the female on her side. The male should approach from
behind and place one leg back and the other one forward. The male places the
back leg between hers.


Sex Positions 101: The Electric Chair

Type of Sex Position: Standing, with chair.
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

Try electrifying your evening with this jolt of sex position creativity! We suggest putting cushions around in case your play gets a little unbalanced (or substitute a stable couch).

The female should be in front of the chair and lean forward with her hands on her knees. The male should be on the chair with his hands on the back and his feet on the corner of the base.