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Sex Positions 101: Plowing the Field

Type of sex position: Standing rear entry.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

Start off with the female placing her feet on the base of the chair. She should then place her hands on the ground for support. The male then straddles her body and brings her body close to align with her vagina.



Sex Positions 101: The Richter Scale

Type of sex position: Her on top.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.

Male should sit on chair with shoulders against the back and butt on end of base. Female can then climb on top and lift both legs onto his shoulders and rest both of her hands on his knees and lean back.



Sex Positions 101: Pussy Cat Control

Type of sex position: Her on top.

Sex position degree of difficulty: Advanced.

Use caution as the male’s penis will be in an awkward position. The female is on top on her hands and knees and should place his penis inside her. The male lifts his legs back and around her body.



Sex Positions 101: Under the Hood

Type of position: Oral.
Position difficulty level: Beginner.

This please-her cunnilingus position gets you deep between her thighs for mind blowing oral action.


In this position, the male approaches her from below and uses and upward licking technique. The female’s legs should be up in the air or resting on his shoulders for easy access for her partner.

Sex Positions 101: The Tidal Wave – Variation One

Type of Sex Position: Rear entry sex position.
Degree of difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate.

This rear entry sex position is great for both vaginal AND anal sex! As she brings her legs toward toward his buttocks, put the squeeze on his lucky member.

In this rear entry sex positions, the female is on her stomach and a pillow can be used to elevate her pelvis. Changing the angle of her thighs allows deeper penetration and her knees should be in between his legs.


Product Review: Trinity Love Swing

Alicia’s review: After letting it languish in its box for weeks in our closet, we finally decided to put up our Trinity Love Swing and give it a test.  Honestly, if your home doesn’t have open beam ceilings, installation can be quite tricky, requiring a stud finder to locate a proper joist into which you can screw the eye hook to hold the  swing (and the weight of up to 250 pounds). An alternative method is to use a door frame, but this will limit your options when using your swing.  Luckily, we have an open beam ceiling in one room of our home – the bedroom – so putting in our swing was a five minute affair.  Hmmmm!  We wondered if this was meant to be?

Well, in a quick flash, Freddy was up on a ladder to affix the eyelet screw, chain and the “mega” metal spring that holds up to 200 pounds.  If the weight of one person exceeds the 200 lbs., all you have to do is remove the spring (which enables you to only facilitate the up-and-down motion).  The last part is to add the single-unit constructed swing itself, which is designed with four supports to comfortably hold the back, butt and both legs.  The supports are covered with very soft neoprene and the straps are made of heavy-duty nylon that is fastened securely to the Torque Support Bar that provides balance to the swing for even distribution of weight. 

We were both chomping at the bit for this product review, especially my husband. We were going to have a good ole’ time, I imagined, so I dressed up in my newest sexy outfit (thanks to the kind people of Trashy Lingerie in Hollywood), while he lit the bedroom with romantic and sensual candles.  He lifted me gently up onto the padded butt support, which I quickly slipped and fell out of!  With a little practice I was sitting pretty and swinging all around and it was really comfortable, almost like sitting in one of those swinging hammocks.  Well, the little book that comes with the Trinity Love Swing gives you a couple of pages of different positions that you can try to attain for Oral Sex and for Intercourse.  So, of course we had to try them all.

Oral sex was first and it was quite heavenly.  Just lay back and let yourself go.  Really!  It was really relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.  We then added our toys to the scenario. We used our Fun Factory Patchy Paul and moved on to our other toys like the Fukuoku 9000 and the Eroscillator.  It was great swinging and having the use of my hands to use our accessories.  When we finally moved onto trying the swing for intercourse we found out how great an asset it is for couples to use.  Being that I’m only 5’2’’ and my husband 6’2” this was a treat.   There was no possibility of having hubby strain his lower back trying to bump and grind. He was in total heaven while I was in total ecstasy!

Reviewing this device was wonderful. At no time did I ever feel that I was not safe or secure.  It is an apparatus that is very useful in the way that it adds new depth to having sex in total comfort and virtual weightlessness. When the swing is not in use, you just need to unhook the assembly, except the eyelet hook, and no one would ever know that you were swinging from the ceiling.  Use it as a couple or by yourself.  It definitely deserves the room.  Move over bed, the swing needs to hang!

Interested in purchasing a Trinity Love Swing? Click here or on the links above to visit our online store!

Sex Positions 101: Madam Butterfly

This female on top sex position can really put the squeeze on the male’s penis by bringing the female partner’s legs together closely, as well as angling for g-spot stimulation. Advanced variant is to do an actual sit up, going back and almost touching the floor and crunching back upright.

As the male rests on his back, he should place his hands on her thighs to bring her in deeper as she penetrates. The female can lean back, using her hands for extra support.



Sex Positions 101: The Bike Pump

Yes, we tried it – once. Even then, we propped the chair up against a wall to avoid injury and further took safety precautions by surrounding the area with couch cushions. But heck, we were ten years younger and eager to mix things up!

The female straddles the chair and hold the back for support. The male is directly behind her with his legs to the side to allow him to enter. Use her waist or top of chair for extra support.



Sex Positions 101: Moon Over Miami

Are you feeling really adventurous today? Grab a chair or appropriate support device and see if you can conquer this decidedly advanced sex position. You’ll never look at a bag of pretzels the same way again!

This position requires a bit of doing; the male should rest on the chair with his legs by the female’s side while she rests her feet on the top of the chair. She can then grip his buttocks and caress his legs.


Sex Positions 101: The Robins Nest

We suggest you possess strong abdominal muscles and that you stretch before attempting this moderate to advanced sex position. Once interlocked, rock back and forth, being careful not to let go of your partner too suddenly.

The male and female should start seated with their legs intertwined, hers out to the side. Both partners should grab each other’s arms and rock back and forth. This position is great for intimacy!