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Fleshbot.com True Sex Story – I Get Fucked For Days


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Last weekend I lay wrapped in the cocoon of my lover’s arms. It was Sunday, the last night I had Peyton with me and my babe slept soundly in the room across the hall. With a warm body beneath me and an orgasm or two under my belt I sighed into the wavy love beams emanating from The Neighbor.

“If you’re ever up for it, I’d really like to cross something off my Sexual Bucket List.”

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True Erotic Stories: I Am Not Broken (via Fleshbot.com)



“Mommy will be right back,” I said and guiltily slipped next door while my child nodded ok, distracted with heavy lids and a movie.

My tomato red and navy striped sundress swirled about my knees as I followed The Neighbor back to his bedroom, his hand warm and tight on mine. It had been 3 days since we’d been able to touch bare skin, out-of-town friends and wedding obligations having conspired against us.

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Fleshbot.com’s True Sex Stories: A Midday Bisexual MMF Quickie


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After having spent the whole day in bed watching homoerotic MMF porn – courtesy of the amazing Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire blog – I had to get some action. Some bisexual MMF threesome action specifically. Although I’ve had quite a few experiences lately involving more than one man (seehere or here), none of them contained any intentional contact between the guys – all guys were very straight, and a few of them had some homophobia issues. So it’d been a very very long time (at least 6 years) since my last bisexual MMF experience and I was really craving it. I was also ovulating, and therefore particularly horny, and my husband was away for the week leaving me all alone in Outdoorsville.

So naturally, I took to Craigslist. Sometimes CL can be a drag, but this time I got really lucky. Right off the bat I saw an ad by a 40-year-old “hot, fit, hung bi guy” looking for an adventurous couple or single women to play with. He claimed he had a buddy he could enlist for single women applicants. Based on the photos, both him and his buddy had really nice, 6-packed bodies and decent size cocks. They were both married and on the DL, so I didn’t get to see any face shots. As is often the case with married men, they could only meet during the day. I would normally refuse, I try to get work done during the day, but I was so horny that day, that I couldn’t get any work done anyway. So we arranged to meet at a gas station in front of the hotel where they would rent a room, do a quick ‘attraction check’, and if we were all into it, head up for some quick fun. Apparently one of them had to go back to work, so we didn’t have much time. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

They were already there when I arrived at the gas station a few minutes late, standing next to each other, between their two cars. They were clearly older than 40, probably in their late 40′s, if not older. They lied about their age, but that’s OK. What mattered most was that they were both fairly good looking. The one I had been emailing with, Ron, was blond with strikingly blue eyes and a 3-day stubble. His buddy Mick was dark haired and clean shaven. Both were nicely tanned, and their t-shirts lay flat on their stomachs. Just to make sure their body shots were real, I slid my hands under each of their shirts and ran my fingers over their stomachs. Definitely flat and hard, with at least a 4-pack each. Perfect.

“So, are we approved? Should we get a room?” asked Mick as soon as introductions were over.

“I think so.” I smiled back.

We started making out in the elevator. As soon as we walked into the room, Ron was instantly naked and his dick was already rock hard. Mick followed suit stripping, and then helped me out of my dress. There was no wasting time with these two. I would normally need a bit more of an intro, but I was already pretty horny, so that was OK.

I took a few seconds to take in their well-preserved bodies, their bulging arms and chest, their visible abs. I really admire men in their 40′s and older who manage to stay that fit. I almost want to fuck them to just to reward them for their hard work. I then dropped down on my knees and got acquainted with their cocks. Both cut, Ron sported a very hard 7” erection of a decent girth, and Mick’s cock was slightly smaller and thinner but just as hard. I held one in each hand, and then pulled them closer together until the tips touched and I could lick both of them at the same time. I took one of them in my mouth at a time, alternating back and forth for a bit, until I realized, wait, they’re bi, I can put both of them in my mouth at the same time, and they won’t freak out. So I pulled the two men even closer together, until most of their shafts were touching parallel to one another, grabbed both cocks with one hand and wrapped my lips around them. They weren’t too thick so I could easily fit them both in my mouth. I started sucking like there was no tomorrow. I was in slut-heaven, there are few things I love more than having two cocks in or around my mouth at the same time. And when Ron reached around and fondled Mick’s balls, I thought I was going to cum right there and then.

They threw me on the bed. I kept sucking Mick’s cock, while Ron went down on me. “You have such a sweet pussy” he would say again and again. As my long time readers know, I’m not a big fan of receiving oral, but when it’s in combination with something else – like sucking cock – it’s a different story. And then it happened – Ron came up to join me and slid Mick’s cock between his lips. I’ve shared a cock with countless women, but I have rarely had the pleasure of sharing a cock with a man. He couldn’t get it in as deep as I could, but just seeing Ron’s stubbly face slide up and down on a dick was such a turn-on.

Mick couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed a condom to fuck me. I was on my back at the edge of the bed with Mick standing in front of me and Ron kneeling by my head. Ron’s dick entered my mouth at the same time as Mick’s dick entered my now soaking wet pussy. They fucked both my holes slowly and gently at first. Then, as Mick started thrusting harder, Ron got on his knees and started licking and lightly biting my nipples while his fingers started exploring my asshole right underneath Mick’s cock. My first orgasm started to build up, and when Ron stuck two fingers deep in my ass while Mick was hammering my tight pussy, I exploded in screams and grunts, digging my nails into each of their arms. Mick pulled out, and Ron hungrily lapped at the juices flowing out of my swollen cunt.

I laid both of them on the bed next to each other sort of sideways, so their cocks were close enough to blow both at the same time. I held them together with each hand, rubbing them against each other, stuffing both of them in my mouth. I could get them about half way down. Then Ron started fucking my face while his buddy’s cock just sat in my mouth. I could’ve done that for hours, my pussy getting more and more wet.

But Ron had other ideas. He rolled on a Magnum, turned me around, and started fucking me doggy style. Mick stood in front of me and pushed his cock all the way down my throat. I arched my back, so I could feel Ron’s hardness all the way inside me, and opened my throat to let Mick fuck my face deep and hard, taking only occasional breaks to get some air. He really loved getting deepthroated, and I love getting spit roasted, gagging on a cock while getting pounded from behind. It wasn’t long before I started grunting in another orgasm, tightening my pussy muscles around Ron’s cock, my legs shaking and my screams muffled by Mick’s cock shoved down my throat.

That must’ve been too much for Ron, because a second later he pulled out, ripped the condom off and started squirting cum on his way to my mouth. Only the last few bits of cum actually made it into my mouth, the rest landed on my back, the bed, and most notably, Mick’s thigh. I licked both of them clean, slightly disappointed that Ron had already cum.

“Don’t worry, luv,” he reassured me, “I can keep going. You won’t notice the difference.”

And he was right. I didn’t.

Mick was now dying to fuck me again. I was still on my knees, so he took Ron’s place behind me, entering my well-oiled cunt once more. But then Ron, instead of doing what any straight guy in this situation would normally do – just simply shoving his cock in my mouth – he slid his body underneath mine in a 69 position. So he did shove his cock in my mouth, but at the same started licking my clit while his friend was fucking my pussy. OH MY GOD! I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about being eaten out – this was simply mindblowing. It felt so good to have a pair of lips and a tongue lap at my clit while a hard cock was sliding in and out of my cunt and another hard cock was rammed down my throat. I started grinding my crotch into Ron’s face, knowing that at the same time his face was getting slapped by Mick’s balls with each thrust. I lost it. I came again, saturating Ron’s face with my juices and screaming god’s name in vain.

They didn’t stop. They kept fucking and licking, and the stimulation just kept going. Then, just as I was going to have yet another orgasm, Mick stopped and decided to turn me around and fuck me in missionary with my knees up at the edge of the bed with Mick standing. While Mick was putting on a condom, Ron was kneeling above me on the bed, slapping my face with his still hard cock.

“Give your cock to Mick while he’s fucking me.” I playfully ordered Ron. He stood up, moved closer to Mick, and positioned himself right at Mick’s mouth. Ron’s dick entered Mick’s mouth at the same time as Mick’s dick entered my aching pussy. Ah what I view! Mick swallowed Ron’s cock a bit awkwardly, but hungrily as he kept pounding into me. Not long after that, and without much warning, he pulled out, took the condom off, and spurted cum all over my stomach. He then went to the bathroom to clean up, leaving Ron and I alone. Ron got back down on his knees and started licking my nipples, awfully close to where Mick’s cum was.

“You gonna lick his cum off of me?” I asked, thinking – hoping – that that’s what he was going to do.

“Um, I don’t know, maybe next time?” he hesitated.

“Why not?” I was curious.

“I don’t know, I’m still working up to some things…”

“Oh come on, just a little bit,” I said as I scooped up a tiny drop of Mick’s cum with my finger and brought it to Ron’s lips. He took my finger in his mouth and licked it clean. Mmmm… I did the same with some more of Mick’s cum. Baby steps…

He then stood up and got in front of me, taking a few good licks at my pussy that his friend had just fucked so well, and then took his place and started fucking me in the same missionary position with my knees up right at the edge of the bed. Mick walked back in the room and started getting dressed – he had to get back to work. But I wasn’t ready to let him go yet. I wanted at least one more orgasm involving both of them.

“I was promised two cocks,” I complained. “This is not fair. Mick, come over here just for a little bit more before you go.”

He approached the other edge of the bed where my head was and let me play with his now mostly limp cock that still some residual hardness to it. I wrapped my lips around it, licking and sucking on it while Ron was fucking my pussy and I was rubbing my clit. That in and of itself is usually enough to make me cum hard, but then, without any incentives from me, Ron leaned over and started sucking Mick’s cock together with me. He was so passionate about it and totally into it, kissing me through his buddy’s dick, passing it back and forth between our mouths, licking it along one side while I was licking it along the other. It was beyond words. At one point, Ron took all of Mick’s cock in his mouth, and that view of this handsome man with a sexy blond stubble enthusiastically taking his friend’s cock between his lips put me over the edge. I screamed in yet another orgasm bucking my hips against Ron’s and squeezing his cock inside my pussy for all it was worth.

“You can go now,” I told Mick smiling. He gave me a kiss, got dressed and left.

Ron wasn’t done yet, and I could certainly have another orgasm after all that sexiness, so we just kept fucking. He got on the bed and started thrusting into me sideways, which slowly turned into doggy style, which then led to me sliding lower and lower until I was in my favorite position – with my ass only slightly up in the air and my right hand on my clit. This position seemed to work for Ron quite well too, because each time I would get close to coming, he would as well, and would pull out trying to make it last longer. He kept teasing me like that for a while until I couldn’t take it any more. The next time I felt my climax building up, I begged him to keep fucking and not stop. We both came at the same time.

We fell on the bed, all sweaty and spent. I said I couldn’t believe my luck.

“Oh no, no, I can’t believe our luck!” he objected. “You are such a hot, sexy woman, my God! It’s so hard to find women to play with. I’ve always said that one day I’m gonna stop cheating on my wife, but I’m so glad that didn’t happen before I met you.”

We chatted for a while. It turned out Ron was lying about a couple of things. They were definitely not 40 – Ron was 51, and Mick was 53. I was impressed. They looked really good for their age. For any age for that matter. Mick wasn’t married – Ron was just using that as an excuse to not send face pix. But most fascinating of it all – they had never done anything with each other before. They had been in group sex situations two or three times before, but they acted completely straight, never touched each other or sucked each other’s cocks. Apparently, they didn’t even talk about doing something like this with each other beforehand, Ron was simply assuming – hoping – that Mick would be OK with it, since he knew Mick had had a bisexual experience with some other guy in the past. I was a little taken aback by that. I wish I’d known it was their first time together, I would’ve played it a little differently, allowed them to savor it some more! Either way, that was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

I’ve been thinking about it ever since and my pussy is still wet three days later…

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Fleshbot’s True Sex Stories: I Shave My Privates Bare for Him


By Hyacinth Jones

He played my body like an aged rock star, the strings of my body a part of his own, my notes his own voice and my reverberations deep in his bones.

I lay on my back and my lashes fluttered, the ceiling fan silently whirred.  I briefly thought, “I need to dust,” and then was jerked back by his soft tongue lapping at my pussy.  My newly shaved bare pussy.

I have resisted the trend to make myself look prepubescent for years.  I’ve ranted and raved about it, been stubbornly against it, but The Neighbor’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to do something special for him.  Something he’d never ask for and something I knew he quietly wanted.

“I’ve never been with anyone who’s entirely shaved,” he mentioned to me once.  “I know you think it’s nasty, but I think it’s kinda hot.  Forbidden.”  I’d listened patiently, snug in his nook, and played with his chest hair.

Lina was all shaved,” I said quietly.

“Ugh.  Don’t remind me!”

And that was the moment I made my decision.  I wanted to erase her from his memory banks and replace her with visions of my creamy, smooth cunt, shaved just for him.

I was surprised to realize that the decision felt good.  There was no pressure to conform or to “look like that.”  This was a gift for the man I love.

The night before his birthday I stood under scorching hot water and let the heat soak into my bones.  I filled my hand with cream and spread it on my little patch of hair.  My 5-blade razor made quick work on the top and I pulled and stretched the folds of my vulva to get all the little hairs hiding in the crevices.

Then, despite Dumb Dommes’ misgivings about shaving your own asshole, I bent forward, spread my cheeks, slathered on shaving cream, and carefully lay the razor in my crack and dragged outward until the blades came out hair-free.  I was smooth as a petal now.

As I toweled off I peeked at my handiwork and quickly covered back up.  It looked foreign, weird, exceptionally naughty.  I blushed and got dressed for bed, excited to see him later.  It was a good night, that first reveal.

But now his birthday had long since passed as I lay with my legs splayed as his wicked tongue stroked me.  The bristles of his beard — which he was growing just for me — were soft and scruffy on my inner thighs and plump vulva.  I was in motherfucking heaven.

He sneaked his right hand under my bottom and slipped a curved finger inside of me and my face sparkled with pleasure, my teeth chattered.  I gasped and bucked and writhed, his face clung to my center like a cowboy wearing the biggest belt buckle around.

“I need a break!” I whispered suddenly.  “Oh my God, I need a break!”  I was overloaded, on the brink of total torture, not release.  “Please, holy shit, you’re so good at that, I need a break,” I panted again as he stopped and slowly slipped his finger out.

His face was plastered with a grin and a sheen.

I closed my eyes and prepared to get a grip when I felt his finger slide back into me, only this time it was multiple fingers.  “No,” I squeaked weakly, “I can’t handle it!”  I felt both his hands on my knees spread me apart.  I opened my eyes and saw him standing between my legs, looking down at me like a hungry cat, his cock buried in my pussy to the hilt.  His dark pubic hair looked stark against my bare mound.

I imagined what he saw then: my bare body, white, with no interruptions, large breasts slightly flattened that jiggled with my giggles as I realized he’d done a switch on me.

“I thought that was your finger!” I laughed.

“I’m insulted!” he said as he thrust into me and smiled broadly.

“Multiple fingers!” I corrected myself.

He gripped my knees from underneath and hauled me closer to him.  My bottom hung off the edge of the bed.  He pushed deeply into me and the tingling from my face, which his talented mouth had begun, ebbed and traveled down to my center.  I moaned and floated away on more blooming orgasms  — pink and bright, soft, long, and cloudy — as he increased the tempo.  I let go and bounced along like a leaf on a rapid.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and locked my ankles pulling him closer.  He rammed into me and his giant cock slid up through my belly to my goddamned throat.

My hands twisted in the sheets and arched my back against him when he suddenly stopped and quietly stared at me.  I was confused.

He stooped to pick something up and held up my Hitachi triumphantly.

I shook my head No.  He nodded Yes then added, “You are going to cum with me inside of you.”

He flicked the wand on and handed it to me.  Defeated I draped my crotch with a sheet for a small buffer and pressed the head against me.  I jumped and began the climb and he started to move.

I lost myself then.  I couldn’t tell where he ended and the vibrator began.  He was my everything then.  My pleasure, my pain, my torture, my release.  He thrust again and again and I burst at the seams, light split me apart, my cells detached and I screamed and rolled my eyes like a wild mare as I was obliterated in darkness and light; his cock my anchor to Earth and to love and to life.  I was split apart like Neo with the Matrix and I began to sob uncontrollably as it went on and on and on.

Finally, I fell back into my shell.  It had released me.

He scooped me up and held me as tears spilled from my eyes.  I felt so, so small.  Eternally small.

I cried because I only ever felt this way with this man and it was always slipping away.  I cried because I didn’t deserve the pleasure.  I cried because I did.

He kissed and crooned to me and I buried my face in his chest and inhaled his sweet, clean scent.  I rolled to my back and he stroked my naked mound.  His fingers felt warm, honest.  My silly shaved pussy was worth every blush and every moment of post-feminist guilt I’d been experiencing.   A passport to 45 minutes of losing my mind will always be worth it.

He told me he would be leaving soon and I squeezed him tightly.  Happy to have made him so happy.  He loved it and I loved that he loved it.

And I felt motherfucking lucky.

It’s not every day I have someone for whom to shave my pussy bare.  He’s one lucky motherfucker.

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True Sex Stories, “Instructions for the Weekend,” via The Naughty Spot

Instructions For The Weekend

x-art_kiera_seth_late_for_work-6-smlThe past few weekends seem to have involved things to do or people to see that weren’t each other. We’ve been together, but haven’t had any really significant time to be dirty with each other. This last weekend we knew we’d have some time and my head(s) were full of ideas. The plan was we’d start our games Saturday morning and she could put my cock into it’s cock cage early on, to keep me well motivated for quite a few hours, until she unlocked it. Everything else was up to me.

I was lying next to SexFairy in bed this last Friday evening, around 8 pm. We had already eaten dinner and she was talking on the phone to a friend. So I sent her the following email:

Subject: Instructions for the weekend.

Agree without hesitation.
Don’t argue.
Yes sir or yes daddy.
Always say thank you. Even if you aren’t sure you want it. Especially because you are going to receive it anyway.
If you don’t know what’s next, just kneel at my feet and wait.
Should you need something, like a bathroom break, kiss my feet and ask, but do not look me in the eyes.
The only thing you control is when to unlock my cock.
Always have on something sexy and change often.
Wear slutty makeup.
Smell nice.
You are my whore. Show constantly you know that.
And finally, I may decide to punish you, just because. Don’t ask why.

Be my good girl.

She woke up so horny, she was sitting on top of my hard cock before I was even fully awake. It was a very very good morning.

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Fleshbot True Sex Stories: “Pull,” by Dark Gracie.


x-art_baby_tyler_afternoon_snack-13-smlMy phone chirped when I was about to pull off the freeway to his place, “Home now. Door is unlocked.”

I had been waiting for this moment all week. Due to the nature of the beast I hadn’t come since the last time with him. I was clawing at everything.

Carefully I walked up the stairs. My right side was still tender from acupuncture and I’m pretty sure the Dr. told me to take it easy the rest of the day. Pfft. I can’t seem to stop nor slow down unless I’m really sick or post surgery. The thought escaped my mind when I opened the familiar door, leading to the familiar entryway, to the familiar hallway and to the familiar bedroom. He was in bed wearing just boxers and I smiled shyly at him.

I pushed off the flip-flops, put my bag down, stood up, turned around and he was right behind me. I was scared and let out a low whimper as I looked up at him. His hand reached up and tangled into my hair and pulled my head back. My mouth fell open and my eyes were heavy. I thought he was going to kiss me but his pull yanked me downward and I fell to my knees where his hard cock greeted my mouth. His right hand joined his left hand in my messy hair; he shoved himself all the way into my throat and held me there. My hands found their way to his thighs as I swallowed the full length. He let out a sigh. He controlled my mouth on his cock. Sometimes he would yank me back and forth but he would shove and hold more often. My eyes watered and I would gag lightly at the intrusion. Usually I had this control but not now. I felt his body start to tense and I thought he was going to come in my mouth. I felt my panties getting wet as he fucked my mouth.

His hands pulled my hair upward; I hesitated and still felt attached to his cock. He turned my body towards the foot of the bed and he bent me forward. His hands reached around, unfastened my jeans and he tugged everything down. I felt the cold, black iron frame dig into my thighs as my right hand grabbed the metal bar while my left hand gripped the sheets. I started to breathe heavy as he pulled my hips back on to his cock. I let out a loud groan as he pushed the full length inside me. He started to pound and the whole bed moved to his rhythm. The bar dug into my thighs and I loved it. My head was buried into the mattress and I felt like I was being used. I couldn’t have been happier.

Abruptly he pulled out of me.

“Get on the bed.”

All I could see was a blanket of my hair as I pushed off my jeans off to the floor, walked around to my side of the bed and lay on my back. He wasn’t in his spot but sat at the foot of the bed. I spread my legs and his head fell between them. His tongue found my hard clit and I started to speak loudly in tongues. I felt a cold bite push against my cunt and it was the Njoy Eleven making its way inside me. I started to pant at the coldness and the excitement. His tongue swirled as the metal inched inside causing me to stop breathing and my body convulsed. I gripped at a bar in the headboard. I was holding on for dear life. My body violently erupted with orgasm after orgasm. My cunt bucked at the metal dick, every so often my hand would find his head and thrust against his face. I was hardly breathing the whole time his head was between my legs. My skin grew hot and wet. It was a beautiful chaos that felt out of body.

Slowly the invasion stopped. The metal bulge was removed and his face backed away. He found his spot in the bed and I curled into him. His arms wrapped all around me and for as much as I want this man to abuse me, I always find safety in his arms.

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