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Sex Positions 101: The Eiffel Tower

Type of sex position: Woman on top.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

Use this innovative sex position to put the squeeze on his love tool while using his legs for added support.

For this sex position, the male lays back with his legs together, with the female on top, straddling both of his legs. By opening and closing her thighs, the female can add variety to the different sensations.


Sex Positions 101: The Bike Pump

Yes, we tried it – once. Even then, we propped the chair up against a wall to avoid injury and further took safety precautions by surrounding the area with couch cushions. But heck, we were ten years younger and eager to mix things up!

The female straddles the chair and hold the back for support. The male is directly behind her with his legs to the side to allow him to enter. Use her waist or top of chair for extra support.



Sex Positions 101: Batter’s Up

A bit on the advanced side, we admit, but this sex position is great for dining room play…

The female should place both knees on top of the seat of the chair, with both legs together. The male then straddles her legs and places his hands on her waist. The chair back can be used for support.