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Sex Positions 101: The Eiffel Tower

Type of sex position: Woman on top.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate.

Use this innovative sex position to put the squeeze on his love tool while using his legs for added support.

For this sex position, the male lays back with his legs together, with the female on top, straddling both of his legs. By opening and closing her thighs, the female can add variety to the different sensations.


Sex Positions 101: Madam Butterfly

This female on top sex position can really put the squeeze on the male’s penis by bringing the female partner’s legs together closely, as well as angling for g-spot stimulation. Advanced variant is to do an actual sit up, going back and almost touching the floor and crunching back upright.

As the male rests on his back, he should place his hands on her thighs to bring her in deeper as she penetrates. The female can lean back, using her hands for extra support.



Sex Positions 101: The Kangaroo Shuffle

This position is one of FEMALE empowerment and slight domination! Gentlemen, take a different turn and let yourself assume the bottom missionary position and let her ride you into g-spot bliss.

A GREAT position for g-spot stimulation, the female can control the angle of penetration to suit her needs. By moving up and down, she can direct his penis to hit her g-spot supporting herself with her arms.


Sex Positions 101: The Bermuda Triangle

This intermediate sex position allows for deep penetration and a bit of fantasizing as she faces away from her partner.

The person on the bottom should always have a pillow behind his neck for comfort. The female leans back, her knees facing forward and her feet behind her, supporting her weight on her hands.