Video Review: Blacklight Beauty

Synopsis: A series of hard core, hypnotic sex scenes.

Our Review: If the Island Fever series of adult titles is the industry’s ultimate play to the couples audience, Blacklight Beauty will certainly take its place as the ultimate anti-island-fever-anything experience. No tropical paradises found here, thank you; more likely you’ll witness dirty restrooms, back alleys, and seedy strip clubs, featuring performers to match. “Dark” is the operative word here, so beware if you’re looking for something to set a romantic mood or provide attractive background visuals for your tender evening of snuggling under comfy sheets.

Instead, and if you can take your porn raunchy and explicit, “Blacklight Beauty” provides one of the most incredible adult viewing experiences you’re likely to find anywhere, with attention to detail simply not present in any other title we’ve ever seen. Director Jack the Zipper takes us into the depths of depravity; what emerges from this muck is a nightmarish collection of sex scenes meant to disturb, provoke, and ultimately result in sexual encounters of the most voracious kind. This is no masturbation tool made for 5 grand. Think MTV music videos gone amok and you’ll start to get the picture. There’s no idiotic plot, attempt at acting, or desert scenes out past Palmdale, either.

In our case, we sat mesmerized for three sittings getting through it’s 10 sex scenes, which range from a bathroom tryst to a gang bang to clown sex in a strip club, with all manner of debauchery in-between. The participants look like they just attended a Sex Pistols concert (or worse) and there’s not an ounce of silicone found anywhere. In fact, we only recognized ONE performer (Charlie Laine) – male OR female – which in itself made for a refreshing change. No knock on Evan Stone or Randy Spears, but do they have to be in EVERY porn film? The action moves deliberately and often switches effortlessly between different looks (color to black and white and back, for example) and one scene taking place in a freight elevator ranks as one of the most unusual and original we’ve viewed.

Given all this, we still have to mention the most impressive feature of “Blacklight Beauty,” which is the music. Never before have we encountered such attention to an adult soundtrack and were relieved to finally be able to watch sex scenes with music that actually BELONGS. Not only that, but the choices, which range from hard core punk, weird ambient, driving metal, and even Dick Dale-esque slack key guitar (a-la Pulp Fiction) all fit perfectly with the sex scenes they accompany. However, if you’re looking for tunes to set a romantic mood, this is NOT the title to consider.

Our final thought addresses a more intangible concept that Blacklight Beauty forced us to confront. That is, the guilt we felt during and after watching this film. What we mean by this is that, given how raunchy and hardcore Blacklight Beauty gets, we were forced to deal with conflicting feelings of increased sexual tensions (getting turned on, in other words) and at the same time unmistakable revulsion at what was taking place on the screen. The feature piece, for example, is a VERY intense gang-bang with a young woman taking on at least six males, shown only in silhouette with their cocks prominently surrounding her as she takes each and every one of them in just about every way imaginable. Rough stuff like this usually makes us squirm a bit (and often reach for the remote in a hurry) and we try to preach against exploitation of this extreme nature every chance we get. Unfortunately, we were so turned on we fucked like wild beasts. This has been the case each time we pop in the DVD; we don’t want to like it, but we can’t argue with the results, which are that we are unmistakably out of our minds horny.

In summation, WE love this title and have moved it to our top spot. It’s impeccably crafted (even the packaging is top notch), original, and hot. That is NOT to say YOU will like it; but if you’re looking for something different, provocative, and completely different in your adult viewing, “Blacklight Beauty” is one stunning example.

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